Choose Faith over Fear

Choose Faith over Fear

by Olga Hermans

You know, images of fear are all around us and there is a fear of failure that is trying to get a grip on the hearts of many people. Especially a fear of financial failure with this economy and all the foreclosures that we hear about on the news. People are asking themselves: “what am I going to do?”

We must aggressively take our stand against financial fear and believe that everything is going to be all right. There was a prophetic word that had come forth through Kenneth Copeland in August 2010 that told us that: “Everything is going to be all right in the household of faith”. Don’t feed fear and trouble into your life and into your mouth. No! Quit living in that house. Get back over here in the household of faith. Feed on my Word and not on the bread of sorrow.

“Have no fear of this world. I have overcome it,” saith the Lord. “I left nothing, absolutely nothing, that faith won’t overcome. I left it no power. I left it no strength. It has NO-THING over you.”

Fear and faith are both expectations; faith expects the best and fear expects the worst. What are you expecting? Are you expecting the very best or are you expecting the worst?

Fear is nothing more than a feeling that causes certain manifestations. It may cause us to tremble, turn red or sweat or have shaky knees.

My brother almost always turned as red as a tomato when there was just a little bit of fear in him, when he started to turn red and then he feared that people would see it of course and guess what? He would turn more red and sometimes even sweat. He always felt sooo embarrassed and it really was embarrassing for him. He overcame it though; right now he is a teacher, which means he is standing in front of people and looking them in the eyes and keeping the cool.

Fear is a tactic that the devil uses to hinder your faith and keep you from accomplishing God’s will for your life, but you don’t have to give in. You are delivered from fear. Many people struggle with fear and insecurity. The first step to overcoming fear is to recognize where it comes from.

There are so many references in the Bible that tell us to “fear not”. One particular scripture that stands out is 2Tim. 1:7. If your financial situation worries you, you could say: “I have not been given the spirit of fear over my finances – but of power and love and of a sound mind”.

Faith and fear are magnets; faith is a magnet that draws provision and fear is a magnet that draws lack. That is how it works! I want to encourage you to make the right choice today. Don’t let fear keep you from moving forward in the plan of God for your life. Choose to exhibit faith and boldness and start enjoying the liberating freedom from fear. God has given you freedom to choose.

What would your life look like if you were free from all fear? In Who Switched Off My Brain? Dr. Caroline Leaf says that fear triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses, and activates more than 30 different hormones and neurotransmitters” and that fear is at the root of all stress.

The fear of failure prevents us from ever trying new things or stretching ourselves to do more than we feel comfortable doing. The fear of the future can cause us not to enjoy today. My sister in law has a fear of flying which prohibits her to discover and enjoy the beautiful places all over the world.

Fear always tells you what you’re not, what you don’t have, what you can’t do, and what you never will be. Remember that Jesus overcame that fear; He left it no power and no strength. It has NO-THING over you. You have to make a choice to be confident and to feel secure; God is on your side!

The devil hates it when we are confident that God is with us, and enabling us to do whatever we need to do in life. Say it out loud: “I will not live in fear”. It really helps when you keep thinking about it before you have to face fear. Make up your mind that you will not bow down to fear. You have already made the decision that you will not be afraid.

Fear is the opposite of faith. We receive from the enemy through fear, and we receive from God though faith. Fear is the enemy’s method of faith; it is his counterfeit. We do God’s will through faith in Him and we work together with the devil through fear. When we are afraid we fail to do what God wants us to do and end up doing what the devil wants us to do.

The enemy is the author of fear, not God. Fear and faith cannot coexist; where you have one, you cannot have the other. You need to choose. Deut.30:19 You have to develop a “zero-tolerance policy” toward any form of fear.

Here is something that you and I can do together; we are going to confess these confessions as long we need them. Here we go!

I refuse to fear.
I am not moved by what I see.
I am not fearful over my financial future.
God is the source of my provision.
He provides cars to drive, food to eat, clothes to wear, places to live and everything else I need in liberal supply.
I am not subject to the times.
I live in the household of faith, not the dungeon of fear.
My household is flourishing and not failing.
Every bill is paid, every need is met and every debt is wiped out.
I walk by faith and not by fear, in the name of Jesus.

I truly believe you will begin to feel different and more confident than ever before. You only have one life to live, so live it boldly and never let fear steal God’s best for you!

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Joy versus Happiness; How Does That Work?


Joy versus Happiness; How Does That Work?

by Olga Hermans

  A prerequisite for life is that you have to go through a few things and I can tell you that my husband and I have gone through a few things. The key is that you have gone through it and that you don’t get stuck in the middle. In this life, you do not have time to have a pity party.

Jesus told us that we would have tribulations in this life, but we should be of good cheer, because Jesus has overcome everything that we will face in our life and that makes us more than overcomers, right?

Jesus didn’t promise us a rosegarden without any of the thorns, but what He does promise us is that He would enable us to rise above it and become victorious.

You do not have to stay in victimhood from what you have gone through. When you are supposed to be focussing on one thing, the enemy will throw something in your path to distract you from what you are supposed to be doing. But when you are sold out to Jesus and He is the one that you have submitted your life to; you and God become a majority.

God is not a respecter of persons, what He has done for others, He will do for you.The difference is what are you willing to let Him do through you? That is the difference. All these things that we go through can cause a lot of stress. In order to slam the door on stress, we have to cultivate a fruit of the spirit and that is the fruit of joy.

When you cultivate the fruit of joy, you will slam the door on all stress. The devil is not mainly after your family or your finances or even your health, because he knows that if he can steal your joy; he is going to steal your health, many times your family and your finances.

Most of us as Christians don’t have the light of joy; they have no joy in their speech and no joy in their mannerisms and as a result, the world is looking at us and saying: “you are not any different than us.”

You are attracting people to you with your joy, or you are repelling people away from you. Joy is a fruit of the spirit. You need to know how to apply and grow and plant the seeds that will bring forth a harvest of joy. You see, everything comes forth through a seed-faith principle.

There are certain seeds of joy that you have to learn, practice, cultivate and grow in order to receive the fruit of the spirit of joy. You see, gifts are given, but fruit is grown by making the right choices, but most people don’t know what the seeds are. Once you grow this fruit, you are going to be insulated from the effects of stress.

The definition of joy is “a feeling of contentment and it comes from within. It is not based on external circumstances. It comes from within, from an inner sense of fulfillment. Happiness is different. Happiness is a feeling of pleasure based on external circumstances and what other people say and do.

The longer I live, the more convinced I become that life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it. ~Dr. Charles Swindoll

You have to learn and practice reacting with joy. Once you learn how to plant these seeds, then you are learning how to grow this fruit of joy that is going to insulate you from stress.

Happiness is also important. Happiness is many times an entry way to joy, but it is based on external circumstances. There are many things that can make you happy.

Anything that appeals to your five senses can make you happy. Anything that feels good or tastes good such as a delicious piece of chocolate cake if that is one of your favourite foods or if you like watching a game. A good massage could bring you happiness as well. But what happens if we let happiness have its way, it can lead to overindulgence, sin and addiction.

One piece of chocolate cake might be great, but two pieces or a whole cake is dangerous to your health. Sex within the marriage is good, but if you turn to affairs, or turn to pornography; it becomes a sexual addiction and then it leads to sin and that leads to a stronghold. Happiness is good, but if you take happiness too far; it is going to get you in trouble.

That’s why there are happiness traps. Happiness traps are simply money, materialism, power, prestige, careers, affairs, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling. All these are happiness traps. Yes, they will produce happiness for a season, but in the end they will lead to stress and then you lose your joy, you lose your peace, you lose you sleep and you lose your health and eventually you lose your life because of it.

You have to identify your happiness traps: they go like this: “if I only had more money, I would be happy”. “If I only had a better job, I would be happy,” “If I could only lose 40 pounds, I would be happy,” “If I only would live in that beautiful home.” All those “only’s: a better husband or a better wife or…if I only had a relationship.”

These are happiness traps. Research shows, that possessions, things and circumstances at the most will only produce 10% of happiness; at the most! Isn’t that amazing? When you look at rock stars, star athletes, musicians and movie stars. These people have mansions, they have boats, they have jewellery and so forth, but you know what?

Most of them don’t have happiness, so they turn to drugs or they turn to alcohol. They turn to prescription drugs because at the most, these things produce only 10% of your happiness.

Most people don’t understand that people are chasing these things. They keep chasing and when they get to the very top of that ladder, they see that they wasted all of that time chasing all of those things and end up ignoring the very things that could have been producing their happiness.

Realize that your personality, your temperament, your genetics and your disposition account for about 50% of your happiness. 40% of our happiness comes from things that we think, our actions, our behaviour, our reactions, and it is simply things that we have control over according to some happiness research that was done.

Most people are going for that 10% happiness, not realizing that things, circumstances, careers, ambitions, materialism and money produce at the most only 10% of your happiness. Well, you have to come back for part 2, where we will talk some more about Happiness versus Joy. I hope you will!

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How to Walk in The Favor of God

How to Walk in The Favor of God

by Olga Hermans

What does it mean when we talk about the favor of God? I can presume that we all have experienced favor one way or another in our life, right? What is that, favor? What does that look like?
And let the beauty and delightfulness and favor of the Lord our God be upon us; confirm and establish the work of our hands–yes, the work of our hands, confirm and establish it. Psalm 90:17 Ampl.

When the Father laid out the plan for your life, He lined up the right people, the right circumstances, and the right breaks. He has already released His favor in your life, supernatural opportunities and divine connections. The breaks you need have already been predestined to come across your path.

You need to stay in faith and go out each day and be a person of excellence and you will experience the many blessings that the Father has for you.

In 1993 we left Canada for economic reasons to go and live in The Netherlands. It had always been my husband’s dream to live Canada, so we didn’t take moving away very lightly. But we always kept thinking back to our time in Canada and started to think about going back to Canada again in the beginning of 2000.

When my son was 21 or 22; he came to us and told us that he wanted to go and study in Canada to live there. At that moment there was not much that was keeping us in The Netherlands. Both our parents had died; our daughter was living in England at that time and had plans to live in Australia.

But because we hadn’t been back to Canada for so long, we knew it would be very difficult to reinstate our residency.

So, we flew into Seattle in September 2004 and drove to the border at Peace Arch. As we stopped at the custom’s booth; the officer asked us how we would like to enter Canada. They gave us the option between entering as a visitor or as a returning resident.

This totally flabbergasted us and we said; is it still possible to enter as a resident? Then we had to go into the office where we stood in line to wait for our turn.  Then, another booth opened and that officer called us out of the back of the line and insisted we come to him.

We handed him our paperwork and after a few minutes he came back with our paperwork and said: I’m going to waive all the requirements! He stamped our passports with the required stamps and said: “Welcome back to Canada”! 

That was the favor of God; His approval and His goodness for sure. It was a great experience, which made us feel very special. He loves to bestow favour on His children.

When God gives favor; people favor us, and often for no reason they can even explain. Favor is actually a part of grace. In the English New testament, the Word ‘grace’ and the word ‘favor’ are both translated from the same word ‘charis’. So the grace of God is the favor of God.

And the favor of God is the grace of God; that which causes things to happen in our lives that need to happen through the channel of faith. His power is doing something for us that we can neither earn nor deserve.

Think about that! God wants to give you special privileges. His favor will cause people to go out of their way to bless you without even knowing why they’re doing it.

How does favor work? Things just fall into place. Obstacles disappeared. What happened? You just walked into the blessings of the Lord. They were already lined up. You just walked into them. Just like when we arrived at the Canadian border, God had it all lined up already and we just walked into that blessing. It was a marvellous thing.

Esther, Daniel and the Hebrew children, Ruth and even Jesus received favor from God that caused them to be accepted instead of being rejected in specific situations. They may have been rejected in some areas, but they were accepted regarding the things He had sent them to do.

Esther needed favor with the King. She was selected to bring deliverance to her people, who were in danger. She stepped out in faith and went into a place that was hard for her in the natural. He gave her the favor she was believing for, and she fulfilled His call on her life.

Ruth was a Moabite, so there was no way for her to be accepted by the Israelites without favor from God, because the Moabites were idolaters. But God gave her that favor because she loved and trusted Him. She did nothing special to deserve it, but her heart was right.

Ruth had gone though heartache and pain as a young woman. Her husband was killed in a battle. When her mother-in-law Naomi was moving to a different city, Ruth decided to go with her and help take care of her. There was a great famine in the land. Food was scarce. Ruth went out in the fields every morning to glean wheat left by the reapers. That is how she and Naomi survived.

One day, Boaz, the owner of that field, came to visit. His workers told him about the young widow Ruth who picked up what the harvesters had missed. Boaz told his workers to drop handfuls of wheat on purpose for Ruth.

When you walk into one of your favor moments, people will go out of their way to be good to you. Many times they don’t realize why they’re doing it. It’s simply because you stepped into a time of favor that God released into your life.

You see Ruth was just minding her own business, doing her very best and being faithful. All of a sudden she started seeing all this wheat lying in front of her. Think about it. She didn’t have to struggle any more. She didn’t have to search the field trying to find a little here and a little there. All she had to do was picking up the wheat piles left for her.

Extraordinary things began to happen for Ruth. She received blessings that she did not have to work for. That’s the way our Father is. All of a sudden you get breaks that you didn’t deserve.

Due to His favor, she married Boaz, “a man of great wealth”

Ruth 2:1, and their ancestral line brought forth David from whom Jesus was descended. Ruth no longer worked in the field. She and her husband (Boaz) owned it.

God’s supernatural favor flowing in your life is not based on your background, looks or personality. His favor is based on the Word of God and believing what it says about you. Favor can break through barriers set before you, and it is available to every believer.

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Consider 15 Ways Of The Ant

Consider 15 Ways Of the Ant

by Olga Hermans

Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise; Which having no chief, overseer, or ruler, Provides her food in the summer, and gathers her supplies in the harvest. How long will you sleep, 0 sluggard? When will you arise out of your sleep? Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to lie down and sleep; So will your poverty come like a robber or one who travels [with slow but surely approaching steps] and your want like an armed man [making you helpless]. (Prov. 6:6-11) Ampl.


There are 15 ways of the ant for us to consider:

1.  The ant is one of the most laborious insects that exists, which means that the ant is a hard working little animal. It gives more effort than any other animal or insect in existence.

Success never happens by accident. No, it happens because a person has made a choice to do what it takes to succeed. What is true in the natural is also true in the world of the spirit. Do you know a hard working person? My coach Sandi Krakowski is such a person; she trains every day, lifting weights and all that good stuff.

This also works in the world of the spirit; you reap what you sow. If you spend time with God, you gain more wisdom and understanding of things. Ants are successful because they are diligent in all they do.

2.  Ants are the most developed of all of the insects. They work very well in teams; they do not go off on their own. They always work together; you could say they are company-oriented. They go and search for food, so that everybody will benefit from their hard work.

3.  Ants gather food at the right time in the right season. When it is time to take care of business, you will see the ant do just that. They are like farmers, they harvest their hay in summer to have enough until the next summer. Ants have a commitment, they just love hard work.

You know, most people love to live in their own comfort zone. When you want to discover the life you were born to live, you have to get up and do something. Not waiting until a crisis arises and then get up and do something. Not only work when the heat is on. They pray when tests and trials come their way. They exercise when the doctor tells them to or else they might have a heart attack.

4.  Ants love their own young; they always protect them. They are very fond of them. If there is a younger ant, the older ant is going to look out for him. The young are important.

5.  Ants are caretakers so to speak; they look ahead, they have keen foresight for others. They are always taking care of others in the community and looking to see if there is another ant that might need help.

6.  Ants do not need to have all the attention; they work quietly without show. They do not need the  encouragement of others; they just work. They don’t depend a pat on the shoulder and tell them they did a good job. They are able to motivate themselves.

7.  Ants don’t give up before the job is done; they don’t get tired, they just keep going.

The time to believe for your healing and your finances is while everything is going good. The time to walk in love is when everything is ok, so that you have all the reserve you need when you need it.

8. Ants are organized; they work for the good of all. They have these astonishing systems of organization.

God is very organized. If He wasn’t; everything would be lopsided isn’t it? The sun and the moon are in the proper place, if the sun would get to close we all would burn, if it would get too far away, this planet would be too cold for anything to live on it.

9.  Ants are ingenious carpenters and masons, building their own systems of homes and underground tunnels. They wouldn’t wait for a welfare check from the government, no way. If they need something done, they do it themselves.

10.  Ants keep their homes meticulously clean. Being clean in your own home is more important than you think. How can you be given more responsibility for something if you cannot take responsibility of your own home or your own car for that matter.

11.  Every ant has a definite job and an assignment. They don’t sit around watching others do the work. If you don’t have a job that’s one thing. But if you aren’t looking for a job, that’s another thing. No ant is sitting down just watching other folks work. The other ants kill an ant that watches others work, because it is a burden to the community. There is destiny waiting for you!

12. Ants are very protective; they fight to the death to protect their homes and young from enemies. You need to protect your own home and not be tearing down your own household. They are your loved one; talk good things about them or don’t say anything at all!

13.  The ant is a very social being; they do things like we humans do them. They will be with all the other ants and do all the other things. If you don’t want to do that; they kick you out.

14.  Ants always want to learn; they are intelligent and wise. They are eager to find out how things work; they learned their lessons. If they face a problem, they want to make sure it will not happen again. Some people fall into the same sin over and over again, because they don’t consider their ways.

15.  Ants know how to motivate themselves; they don’t need somebody else. They don’t need a boss or the pastor looking over their shoulder, or anybody else. Ants know what is required of them and they do just that. They have drive.

That’s why there are millions of ants. You can rub out an anthill, come back tomorrow and they will be right back. That hill will be going right back up. They are going to do just what they need to do to win because they have self-motivation. They don’t need a queen ant. They don’t need anybody else. On their own, they have drive.

People don’t do things because they don’t realize the value of it. If you would be like the ant, you would win. Consider her ways! They are intelligent, the Bible says. And if you do it, do it God’s way, and you are going to get results.

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Finding Your Passion – How to Get Motivated in Life


Finding Your Passion – How to Get Motivated in Life

by Olga Hermans



Everyone today seems to be busy. Ask just about anyone how they are and they will respond, “Busy.” And it’s no wonder. Roughly 78 percent of women with children aged between six and seventeen work outside the home. Many people spend their lives trying to climb the ladder of success only to find when they reach the top; their ladder was leaned against the wrong building all the time.

In other words, people are passionate, but passionate about the wrong things. God never told us to be busy. He told us to be fruitful. We are making a big mistake if we associate being busy with being successful. Many marriages have been destroyed because one or both partners are too busy to spend time with each other.

Many people lose their health because they are addicted to life in the fast lane. They don’t rest properly and eventually their body breaks down under the strain of nonstop activity. I have believed that lie at one time. I thought the busier I was, the less time I had to even hear from God concerning what His will was for me. I had a plan and I was working my plan. I was diligent and passionate, but my passion was in the wrong place.

Just being busy doesn’t mean anything; it definitely doesn’t mean that you are successful. It means that you are busy, that’s it!! Have you heard this little story about the woodcutter? He was very strong and asked for a job with a timber merchant and got it. The pay was really good and so were the work conditions. For that reason the woodcutter was determined to do his best. He wanted to be a success on his new job.

His boss gave him an ax and showed him the area where he was supposed to work. The first day the woodcutter brought 18 trees back. “Congratulations,” the boss said. “Go on that way!” Very motivated by the boss’ words, the woodcutter tried harder the next day, but he could only bring back 15 trees. The third day he tried even harder, but he only brought back 10 trees. Day after day, no matter how hard he tried, he was bringing back fewer trees.

I must be losing my strength, the woodcutter thought. He went to the boss and apologized, saying he could not understand what was going on. “When was the last time you sharpened your ax?” the boss asked. “Sharpen? I had no time to sharpen my ax. I have been very busy trying to cut trees.”

You might have heard this story before, but it is a very good reminder for us to not make the mistake of being too busy to do the things we need to do in order to be a genuine success. This is also a good place to check our motives again. You see, we cannot impress God with how much we do or with what we do. He is interested in our motives; why we have done it and it must be very good, Godly reasons.

We shouldn’t do things to impress people and to be admired. These are not good motives. Doing things just to please people is not always the right thing either. We are told to strive to please others, but not to live to please others. Rom. 15:2-3 That’s a big difference!

Let me tell you this: If you don’t learn to follow your heart and the spirit of God, you will always live under pressure. I just wrote an eBook on prayer where I describe how that works. I think it is one of the most important things that we have to learn, to follow the Holy Spirit in our lives. That is the very reason why God sent him to us. John 16:13

If God says “no”, then you must say “no,” no matter how much you are pressured by others to say “yes.” Likewise, if God is saying “yes,” then we must say “yes,” even if the world is saying “no!” The devil is a thief and a liar and one of the things he thoroughly enjoys is stealing our time. Time is a precious resource God has given us. Each of us have a certain amount of time allotted to us, and once we have used up any portion of it, we can never get it back.

Do you find yourself complaining a lot about everything you have to do? If so, you should inspect the fruit of each thing you are putting your time into. I can guarantee you will find a lot of your activities are not helping you fulfill your destiny.

The devil can make you feel guilty about not doing something you have been asked to do. The should’s and ought’s in life can be very domineering. Everybody wants you to do their thing. They have plans and want you to to help them fulfill them, but they are probably not concerned about whether or not you are fulfilling your purpose. Make a decision today about whether you are going to live for people or for God.

The next time you feel really tired, ask yourself what is the cause. If you’re tired from putting forth effort that is helping you fulfill your God-ordained purpose, then be happy. If you are tired from running around in circles being busy, but going nowhere, then repent and make some changes in your schedule so you don’t keep repeating the same wasteful cycle. You make your schedule and you are the only one who can change it.

People are frustrated when they are not fulfilling their purpose. If you are not able to focus your passion, you will have no energy; it will drain you. We all can get caught up in an emotional hype that has absolutely nothing to do with our purpose in life. Don’t make the mistake of wasting your life and having nothing but regrets to look back on.

Tell us how and where do you find your passion? How do you know you are on the right track?

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From My Heart to Your Heart

From My Heart to Your Heart

by Olga Hermans


Do you remember I told you that you as my subscriber mean a lot to me? I am constantly thinking how to connect with you better and trying to find more than one way. People need each other in good times and in bad times. Today I just want to talk to you from my heart; I don’t want to teach something or promote something. Just to share my heart and I hope you will share yours.

These last years have been a little bit of a rollercoaster for me. 7 Years ago we came to Vancouver with 6 suitcases; we had left everything behind us. That is a whole story in itself, and I don’t want to get into that right now.

But it was a drastic change for us, because we had started a bibleschool in The Netherlands which had been very successful; we had great testimonies and God had done amazing things during those years. It was a wonderful thing to get to know God that way. So, we had given the bibleschool to a Dutch couple who are still running the bibleschool and are doing a great job. Actually, it had been our vision to start the school and then give it to one of the nationals and then move on to our next assignment.

Everything was prepared and then all of a sudden, doors closed with a smack right in our face. The situation went sour and there was not much left to do then just to move forward. God showed Himself strong on our behalf and opened the door to Canada for us, which was a supernatural miracle in itself.

So, my question is; have you been in situations that made you just numb for a while. The only thing you knew to do was let one of your feet make one more step forward. Some of you might have been in situations that your house was burned down, or one of your family members just died unexpectedy. I know that some of our readers have experienced the hurricane in Joplin. How do we cope with these situations? What do we do next? People like you and I go through hard times; Jesus warned us that there would be storms in our life.

The bible says that our life is just a vapour, but to us it is the most important thing that we have. What are we supposed to do? What does your life look like? If I look at my own life right now, I see that many things still have to come to pass and I believe they will, because our God is faithful.

But there is one thing that we have to do and that is to take action. How long do we keep tolerating our way of living as we do? If we are frustrated about things why don’t we stop right there and look at what we are doing and stop doing all those mindless insignificant things and start new things to build our life up again.

When I look at my own life, I have been sabotaging myself for way too long. What about you?  Wanting my life to look a certain way, but doing another. Just doing things that didn’t line up with the desires in my heart. Crazy eh? That is a destructive behaviour, wouldn’t you say? The moment I realized that I was doing that, I made some quality changes and at this moment I’ve started to see the fruit of it.

I want to encourage you my friends. If you are frustrated and weary of all your “well” doing, have a look at your life and see if your life would look the same within a year from now. If that is the case, you gotta make some changes, because you probably know the saying that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insane.

I want you to know that I am here to help you; we need accountability in our life. You and I need to love our life and be confident. We need to envision ourselves bigger than our fear that is holding us back to step out. Tell yourself that you are strong and that you are talented, and able. See yourself moving forward in whatever you want to accomplish.

Victory starts in our mind. When you know that God is for you and that He has a good plan for you, you will see yourself as He sees you, capable of overcoming that fear that blocks your way. I have heard it said that the road to success is paved with failures. Remove anything that creates a picture of failure in your thoughts and choose to see yourself succeeding.

There is no way to get through life without experiencing pain. But it does not have to be wasted. We wonder sometimes why God waits so long to come to our rescue or why He allows certain things to take place. We cannot always figure out what God is doing, or why He is doing it, but if we trust Him, He will make something wonderful from it.

Do you believe that? I do believe that.

I’d like to finish with some great quotes from Joyce Meyer, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

“Courage is fear that has said its prayers and decided to go forward anyway.”

“Put your expectations on God, not on people.”

“Our joy does not have to be based on our circumstances.”

“Strive for excellence, not perfection, because we don’t live in a perfect world.”

“God doesn’t tell you to do hard things so He can stand back and laugh and watch you struggle. He tells you to do the things that He knows are gonna work out to your good in the end.”

Let’s hold each other accountable. Share your comments of the 1 or 2 new things you plan to put into action to bring change in your life. Thank you for doing that!

Step Up To The Plate, It’s Your Destiny to Hit a Homerun



Step Up To The Plate, It’s Your Destiny to Hit a Homerun

by Olga Hermans


Do you know what it takes to make a homerun? One thing is sure, you need to be in good physical condition. Winners will lift weights and work out to be at their best for the regular season games. This kind of physical conditioning is a part of spring training, but it continues throughout the rest of the year. Even during the off season, a ball player must continue physical conditioning for top performance.

We all know what most people do in off season; the pressure is off and temptation hits us. We even might get into some bad habits like getting lazy, eating too much junk food and things like that. Christians have off seasons too; the seasons that come after great victories. Maybe you finally got out of debt or your business rose to that level that you have been waiting for.

The thing is though that we cannot stop training in off seasons, because we cannot afford to be out of shape when a curve ball comes blasting our way. The most devastating injuries occur when we become complacent about the things of God because the pressures of life are off for awhile.

When we experience sickness in our bodies, we can end up on the sidelines and if the devil has his way, he will do his best to put us out of the game completely. When we are critically sick we can use the scriptures and release our faith of course and that is all good. But if your life is going in the wrong direction, without a life change you will be sick again.

God has put within us an immune system to fight off enemy particles in our bodies. This system is designed to destroy destructive germs and negative cells, such as those that cause cancer. The immune system sends out chemicals and positive cells to fight and destroy bad ones. When the immune system is worn down, diseases (enhanced through anger, strife, fear, unforgiveness, bitterness, depression, loneliness and similar negative emotions) gain access into the body. Taken from “The 7 Pillars of Health” by Dr. Don Colbert

So, here are several life changes you can make to bring your spirit, soul and body back into alignment in order to step up to the plate to hit that homerun again!

1.   Reset Your Priorities

You can make a decision to have your priorities right. The Bible says clearly that we shouldn’t lean on our own understanding but acknowledge God and He will direct our path! Prov.3:5-6 Let’s face it: God is much smarter than us 🙂

2.   Adjust Your Schedule

You can decide, “The Kingdom of God is going to be first in my life”. Start the day with giving God your very first moments of the new day. When you do that, you prayers are so much more effective and they will cause you to soar like an eagle in God’s plans for you.

3.   Relax in Faith

We are told to cast all our care upon Him, for He cares for us 1Peter 5:7. The God of Israel never slumbers nor sleeps, why then should we stay awake all night worrying? Psalm 121:3-4. Cast your cares upon the Lord and relax in faith. Once you have given something to Him, do not take it back again. He is well able to handle anything that comes your way.

4.   Rest in the Lord

Some people are so uptight they make coffee nervous! You can decide, “Lord, I will rest in You and lean on Your everlasting arms.” Hebr.4:9-10. We shouldn’t overlook the need for natural rest. God made our bodies that way. A good night’s sleep can go a long way toward relieving stress, increasing mental alertness and giving you physical stamina for all the tasks of your day.

5.   Laugh

Many people are standing up on the outside, but they are lying down on the inside. Depression will cause you to lie down on the inside and it will hinder the proper functioning of your immune system. Learn to laugh at your own mistakes and do not be afraid to share the humor with others in a light-hearted way.

6.   Eat the right foods

Replace fried foods (those heavy in fat and high in cholesterol) with fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Drink plenty of water and ease up on sugary soft drinks. We cannot make a “god” out of eating. It is all right to enjoy food, but we ought to have enough sense to eat things that will not cause health problems.

7.   Exercise

In Bible days, Jesus and his disciples did not hop in a chariot when they wanted to go somewhere. They walked everywhere they went. What we call exercise today was their normal way of life. Find exercises you like and stay with them. Schedule them into your day just like you would an appointment.

8.   Forgive

This is a biggie; many people think it is hard to forgive their abusers or their enemies, but the truth is that it is much harder on you NOT to forgive. You are binding yourself up to the enjoyment and fulfillment of your life. Unforgiveness will block the power of God from working in you. It is time to repent and get all that negative stuff totally out of your spirit, soul and body.

When you make a choice to do what is necessary to get into a good physical condition and staying that way even in off-seasons, you will be prepared at any time to step up to the plate and hit a home run. You will be alert, ready, and strong enough for the circumstances.

My Question to you is: Are you willing to take these steps serious? Tell me and the other readers what you are going to do about it and which step is it that you have under your belt already? Thank you for doing so.

How To Soar Into Your Dreams Like The Eagles


How To Soar Into Your Dreams Like The Eagles

by Olga Hermans

One of the things that all of us know about an eagle is, that they are always up in the air or sitting somewhere on the top of a tree in the mountains. But we never have to stop our car for an eagle, because it wants to cross the road. Eagles are born to fly; they force themselves to soar to great heights and glide on currents of wind; this is placed within them by their Creator.

You know, in a way, we are like that. When God created us; He planted a dream on the inside of us or a goal that would push us to go to heights of achievement. But for many, that dream remains just that, a dream. That soaring vision seems utterly out of reach.

Some people dream of having a business or a witty idea; a new invention. Others dream of raising a great family or great relationships. It doesn’t really matter what kind of a vision you have for your life. One thing is for sure, that God didn’t place that dream there to frustrate you. He had put it there for you to fulfill it and to live right in the middle of it.

We can learn many things from the eagle. Nature shows us that God exists and it shows us His character. Romans 1:19-20. The Amplified tells us:

“For ever since the creation of the world His invisible nature and attributes, that is, His eternal power and divinity, have been made intelligible and clearly discernible in and through the things that have been made (His handiwork). So [men] are without excuse [altogether without any defence or justification].”

The Bible uses the eagle frequently. Deuteronomy 32:11-12 is a metaphor for explaining the ways of God.

Let’s see what we can learn from the eagle.

Eagles are very fascinating, isn’t it? They have symbolized majesty, strength and power; the Bald Eagle is the national symbol of the United States. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks revered the eagle. The eagle was the primary symbol of the Roman Empire, as well. In fact, every Roman soldier had an eagle inscribed on his shield.

Ok, we are talking about your dream and mine . When the Bible talks about an eagle, it refers to the Golden Eagle. They mate for life, and when the time comes to build a nest, they typically do that high up in a mountain cliff. They start with large pieces of wood and branches of sometimes 8-9 feet long. These large branches are usually placed upon a sturdy rock ledge or in a cleft in the rock.

This reminds us of what Jesus told us that those that hear His words and act upon them are like a man who builds his house upon a rock (Matthew 7:24). And God hid Moses in a cleft of a rock in order to protect Him from the awesome power of God’s glory (Exodus 33:22).

The most important key to the fulfillment of your dream is to make sure that your life is built on the right foundation and that is Jesus. Nothing else will ever matter or be right until you surrender everything that you are and have to Him.
When the gathering of the large branches out of the valley is done, the eagle pair will look for smaller sticks and bring those to the nest-under-construction. When that is done the branches will be covered with leaves to make it soft.

When the nest is done and the couple is finished, the nest weighs between one and two tons and will be able to withstand frequent winds up to 100 miles per hour.

This is the moment to start the family. You will see that the way the male eagles deal with the baby eagles shows us a lot about how God deals with us.

The female eagle lays one or two eggs in the spring and after a few weeks the baby chicks come out. That is the moment that the male turns into a very skilled provider; he does whatever it takes to provide for all the needs of the family.

This is exactly what God does for us when we get born-again. All our needs get met, Phil. 4:19
The father eagle does much more than just provide the basic necessities, however. He literally showers his young ones with gifts.

Scientists still don’t know why, but the male eagle brings “gifts” before the baby eagles arrive; gifts that have no meaning and above and beyond the necessities of life. Things like an old shoe or some tin can and things like that. And then something funny happens; the mother eagle inspects everything and throws most of it out. 😉

This is something that shows us how much God cares for us. The bible tells us that He wants to do so much more for us than just filling our needs. It says that He wants to “bless” and “prosper” us. He “crowns” us with loving-kindness and good things. God enjoys it to bring good things into our life, just because we are His children and He loves us.

We can compare Baby Eagles w/ Baby Christians

When the baby eagle arrives, mom and dad do everything they can to please and support the baby eagle. All the baby eagles need to do is to sit in their nice comfy nest and wait for the food. Isn’t that what we do as a baby Christians? I remember the first months that I was born again; it seemed that all my prayers got answered right away. I saw many miracles happening in my life right and left.

But we all know those days don’t last forever. In the first season God makes a lot of grace available to us because we lack so much knowledge and there is absolutely no maturity.

But then slowly God is going to hold us responsible for the truth that we have heard and we have to start using our faith to get our needs met.

These eaglets have to do the same thing. The day comes that the mother eagle comes back to the nest not to provide comfort and provision as she always did before. No, she begins to flap her wings and walk around in the nest for the eaglets to get up and start moving. The mother makes the nest as uncomfortable as possible by even taking the leaves out which leaves the eaglets no choice than to get up and walk around. They are forced to strengthen their weak and unstable legs. Do you remember the verse in Deut.32:11?

We truly can get too comfortable as Christians, and there is a danger in being too comfortable for too long. That way you will never grow or develop the strength to achieve your dreams if God keeps giving you everything that you want the moment you ask for it.

Do you want to know what happens next? The mother eagle moves her babies to the very edge of the nest, which is 10,000 foot high above the ground. Whatever these eaglets are thinking or feeling at that moment is nothing compared what is coming up next.

The parent is going to do something that we would find shocking in our natural mind, because the momma eagle pushes her young out of the nest at that time. The eaglet has seen the parents fly and tries to imitate them by flapping his wings frantically with not much success.

And then, just before the eaglet touches the ground, the father comes to rescue and catches him and carries him back to safety. Wow! This is repeated over and over again; this is how the young eagle gets more and more confident and then after a while it flies with the same majesty of its parents.

Do you remember the post on procrastination where we talked about the fact that people keep waiting on God instead of taking some action? They don’t want to leave the nest. They cling tenaciously to the security and comfort of the familiar and the safe. As a result, they never step out into the realm of faith. And it is only in stepping out in faith that they can ever soar on eagle’s wings into their dreams.

Just as God has placed in every eaglet the desire to fly, He’s placed in every believer a vision or dream. A dream that is tightly connected to God’s high calling for your life. A desire to reach toward the lofty things He’s called you to do. So, when will you stop tolerating your unfulifilled life a start to discover the life you were born to live?

Far too few people ever take flight in those dreams because they’re afraid to leave the nest. They’re afraid to risk rejection. Afraid to fail.

Once you get a general idea of what that dream is, you need to let God refine it for you. Then, the only thing that stands between you and the realization of that dream is the comfort of your nest.

If you’re seeking God with all your heart, He’ll not let you fall to your destruction, even if you make a mistake. Psalm 91:11,12 says: “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.”

There is no other way; when you want to live your dreams, you have to step out in faith. Never be afraid to dream. People who don’t dream, never will develop the motivation to step out of the nest.

Spend time with your God and let Him show you the dreams that He has for you.Then, when He’s refined that dream, step out of the nest with the confidence that comes from knowing He’s there to catch you if you fall.

Just remember, the only thing that limits God in this earth is how big you’re willing to dream and how willing you are to step out of the nest.

Do these things and you’ll ultimately find yourself soaring into your dreams.

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Question: Are you willing to get out of your comfy nest and go for your God-given dreams? Please share and start a discussion; every reader will like you for it 😉

How to Simplify Complicated Lifestyle Choices

Learn to Make Good Choices


How to Simplify Complicated Lifestyle Choices

by Olga Hermans


We can make life so complicated that we try to learn how to deal with the complexities of life, but don’t realize that our life is getting really cluttered.We get stressed because of it, don’t know why and don’t see the answers that we need for the issues that come up. I personally don’t think that, that is the will of God for our lives. God wants us to come to Him for answers and when life is too tough for us to handle.

Everything you could ever want or need can be found in the presence of the Lord. God has a benefit plan for us that is greater than any plan offered by any organization in the world. The God of the universe, Who spoke the world into existence, is giving you the opportunity to walk boldly into His throneroom to fellowship with Him at any given time. Every good thing you could possibly desire is waiting for you in His presence, everything you need to know is right there.

It is so simple. Yet so many believers miss this powerful truth. Think about it. Each day believers say no to God; He is waiting on us to come to Him to have a good time with Him and have all our questions answered. Instead they choose to spend their time filling their minds with garbage on television, with gossip or just mindless things.

Let’s have a look at a passage where we can see how 2 sisters handled this in their own life.

As they (Jesus and the disciples) continued their travel, Jesus entered a village. A woman by the name of Martha welcomed him and made him feel quite at home.  She had a sister, Mary, who sat before the Master, hanging on every word he said. But Martha was pulled away by all she had to do in the kitchen. Later, she stepped in, interrupting them. “Master, don’t you care that my sister has abandoned the kitchen to me? Tell her to lend me a hand.” The Master said, “Martha, dear Martha, you’re fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. One thing only is essential, and Mary has chosen it–it’s the main course, and won’t be taken from her.” Luk 10:38-42 Msg

This passage reveals a lot about how complex our life can be some time. If you think about it, how many people had the opportunity to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn from Him directly? Not many, but Martha had that chance, and yet she didn’t take that opportunity.

Things are much the same for us today. Many people work hard, are dedicated, and are committed servers in church. They receive the Lord, they love Him and they serve Him, but they don’t experience the benefit of being in His presence.

Those things were all true for Martha; she obviously loved Jesus, eager to serve Him all the way and she was in His presence, right? But there is something else that was true for her that is also true for many of us today. The bible calls it being cumbered, being distracted, being upset or like the Msg. Translation says being pulled away.

In other words, Martha made things so complicated in her life that she couldn’t get to the feet of Jesus to hear His Word. Martha was a servant in the presence of the Lord, but she wasn’t choosing the best thing in life. She wasn’t being changed by the presence of the Lord.

When we want to be changed and experience the transforming power of Jesus, we have to be able to put things aside, even though they may be good things. If we want to experience His presence and His power, we must simplify our lives and come to that place of stillness and choose needful things.

Mary did that, instead of simply doing what would seem good or right to the natural mind; she took the time to be with Jesus to listen and receive answers for her own life directly from Him, how cool is that? When we choose to complicate our life by doing a lot of things that don’t make any sense, there will always be cares and anxiety in your life. Luke 10:41

Actually almost always when you start to be bothered, fretful, uneasy, worried or fearful about the very thing that you are doing, that may be the very sign that you are doing something that is not needful. The things that we do, don’t have to be necessarily bad; they can be very good things, but they are able to complicate our life.

There is another thing that when we choose something that is not needful, we become critical. You can see how Martha complained to Jesus. Luke 10:40.

Those that are distracted by life’s complications have a tendency to get critical towards others.

Martha loved Jesus, but she started to complain to Him about Mary. Here you can see the proof what a complicated lifestyle does. Getting critical towards others is a warning sign to us; it’s a red light that goes off.

The very fact that a critical spirit began to rise up in her against her sister was a warning sign that there were too many complications in her life. When there is criticism along with anxiety in your life, you should get on the alert to simplify your life.

The moment we recognize these signs of a complicated life, we have to turn our heart back to the Lord and find that place of stillness and begin to simplify our life. When you do that, then and only then will you find the answers and solutions you are looking for. It is then that you will begin to enjoy the benefits of God’s presence.

Obviously we have responsibilities we can’t ignore. Getting in that secret place with the Lord, where we get still before Him will simplify our life but that doesn’t mean that we lay down our responsibilities at work.

And of course, we do have our responsibilities as a spouse or a parent. In fact, we shouldn’t make any drastic changes out of the blue. When we seek the Lord for direction, He will show us how to make changes in our behaviour that will set us on the course to simplify our life.

“Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her” (Luke 10:42). Jesus indicates that although Martha’s choices were okay, they weren’t the best. She could have made better choices that would have benefited her more and simplified her life. But notice, Jesus didn’t make her choose differently.

Nobody can override your choices. Neither God nor satan will make you choose something. You are responsible to choose things for yourself.

Since you have the responsibility for choosing, how do you choose the good part? The best way to make good choices is to measure your options against what God created you to be. Make choices that will help you fulfill your purpose and reject those choices that would encumber you and hinder you from reaching your destiny.

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What Does It Mean To Be Unbeatable?

When We Realize We Have That Unbeatable Spirit Living On The Inside Of Us, Boldness Takes Over


What Does It Mean To Be Unbeatable?

by Olga Hermans


Do you know some unbeatable people? Unbeatable people are people that expect great things to happen in their life and see them come to pass. It takes somebody with faith and somebody who will believe that God will come through. We have to make a choice to believe God’s truth and not the devil’s lie; we choose to recognize that we depend on God.

I live in Vancouver BC Canada and we had a lot of rain the last few weeks; this year it felt like it would never stop. Sometimes it feels like that in our life isn’t it? The rain just keeps coming and coming and it will never stop, but you know what? April showers will bring May flowers. There is always a bright side to every situation.

What does it mean to be unbeatable?
1. Not capable of being defeated.

2. Possessing unsurpassable qualities.
3. Overcoming thoughts like: “we have to suffer for Christ, we need to experience defeat”.
No, no, no!! Jesus went through the sufferings on the cross so that we are able to live victorious, because of Him we are unbeatable!

Jesus did not go through all the sufferings so that you could have a jacked up marriage, jacked up kids, jacked up finances, messed up families and all that. No, Jesus suffered so that we can have a victorious family and kids that do great things in life for God. He didn’t create us so that we could live on accident and that we would make our life an insignificant amount of time on this earth.

God didn’t give us a gift of just breathing; He gave us a gift much bigger than that. He has put an unbeatable spirit on the inside of us. Are you excited about this? This is a great time right after resurrection Sunday to recognize this in our life. Some of you who are reading this are in the middle of a storm, for some of you the storm just ended and for the rest of us a storm will come soon and some of you will rebuke the storm in the name of Jesus, right?

Here is the truth, just like I said we weren’t created to live just a defeated life; on the other hand Jesus said that there will be storms!

You know, I believe that when we realize that we have that unbeatable spirit living on the inside of us boldness takes over. It is no longer our words, but God’s words. It is no longer our spirit, but it is the spirit of God coming out of the inside of us  overflowing into our own life and in the lives of others.

Mat 7:24 -27 says: “So everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts upon them [obeying them] will be like a sensible (prudent, practical, wise) man who built his house upon the rock. And the rain fell and the floods came and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. And everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not do them will be like a stupid (foolish) man who built his house upon the sand. And the rain fell and the floods came and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell–and great and complete was the fall of it”.

Jesus is saying here that the storm comes against the righteous AND the wicked. Just because you are a christian doesn’t mean that the wind is not going to blow and the streams won’t rise and the rain won’t fall and it won’t beat against your house. Just because you are a christian doesn’t exempt you from storms in your life. But there is good news and the news is that we are more than conquerors and we are made unbeatable in Jesus. He always causes us to triumph no matter what is happening or no matter how painful the situation is.

I think that all of us know that but I just wanted to make sure that we have a clear understanding of the Christian life. Jesus said that the storms come against both houses, but only ONE house will stand. Which house will you be? Will you be the house that builds on the sand or the house that builds on the rock? Because when we are on the rock, we are unbeatable.

When we are on the sand, we get defeated every time. Do you want to be unbeatable? Do you really, really want that? Then there is some work you need to do. You need to take some action, because action will change your life. What do you do when the storms come into your life?

When things rise up in the family or you find out that one of your kids got pregnant out of wedlock, that your daughter thinks she is a lesbian, there are bills that are stacking up high, all kinds of crazy news that is coming around. You can get anxious and worried and try to take matters into your own hands and try to play the part of God OR you could say: “God, I don’t understand, I don’t get it but I surrender to Your will for our lives. God, I pray that You will take care of it.”

You see, people won’t surrender to God unless they know God actually loves them. We won’t make a choice to surrender to God if we think God doesn’t take care of our problems. We have to believe that God is big enough to change any heart, to change any lifestyle, change any situation that we are going through, any financial difficulty.

When we really make that choice, our life will change drastically and we see the will of God manifesting in our lives. We will experience how much God loves us and that we are unbeatable.