A Daughter Delivered and Predators Unmasked


Today  I feel so honored to introduce you to a mother of 10; I know her from the time I was attending VBI and lived in Tulsa. Her husband was one of my teachers. My daughter used to babysit her children.

I was very touched by the story that had happened to them as a family, which is one of the stories of many households these days…

I know you will be blessed today by their testimonial; I hope you will enjoy their own blog as well.

Enjoy: Olga

A Daughter Delivered and Predators Unmasked

By Lisa Cherry



We were considered a model pastor’s family. Close, connected, hardworking, fun.

That was the community picture until that revealing day in October when we opened an $800 cell phone bill. A billing error. That’s what my protective Mama’s mind preferred to believe.

But when all phone calls were traced, the full reality of our horrifying discovery became apparent. They all led to the cell phone of a 46 year old man from our church and the hotel rooms he frequented while traveling on business.

Our precious Sunday school teaching, 15 year old daughter, Kalyn, had been lured into a secret relationship with this trusted family “friend.” Instantly our beautiful family’s world exploded.

With her innocence shattered and her soul traumatized, Kalyn became an impossible teen—like the ones our family had previously helped other parents minister to. Depression, rebellion, anger, cutting, wrong relationships and eating disorders became our daily enemies.

I remember those days as if looking back on a bad movie script. Loud, angry confrontations. Runaway chases. Odd cars showing up in our driveway. Golf balls thrown through windows and glass used to cut arms.

Truly the enemy worked every one of his tricks to terrorize and destroy our home. Our pain threatened to drive us from the path of our Lord’s service. But God had another plan!

What happened to our daughter took us years to truly understand. Sexual abuse had ushered her into a world of deception. She had become one of this generation’s statistics. We did not know back then that one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused by the age of 18.

We naively thought we were immune to predators since we had taught her about dangerous strangers. Sadly, we did not understand the crazy allure of grooming strategies practiced by those who would deceive.

Beyond the obvious sexual damages, she was tricked to abandon the truth planted in her heart. She joined—for a season—the throngs of young people shifting their view of God to accommodate the sexual filth of our day.

But Jesus and His word did not return void in her life! She was rescued out of her deception and pain by our loving heavenly Father.

That same girl encountered the power of her Savior who delivered her from the deceiver’s grip. Today she is a happily married mama of a beautiful baby girl who shares her testimony with all the parents and young people who will give her an ear!

Our family’s story is not unique in its pain. It is, however, rare in its outcome.
I often think if I had one day of my life to live over, it would be that day in October those several years ago when we discovered our daughter’s secret. How I wish I could walk through that day with my current level of understanding and wisdom.

However, that day has passed, and today, I am given an opportunity to influence my other kids who are still passing through our home, and the many others who have been assigned to our ministry. I must help them to grow a heart of wisdom that will protect them and equip them to live a powerful life with their Savior.

Perhaps as you are reading our story today you can relate to some of our family’s pain. Maybe your life has been touched by the predators of this age. Maybe you are a parent or grandparent helplessly watching your children spiral out of reach as they have left your protective cover.

Maybe you are carrying secrets that have polluted your own inner world. Sexual abuses and sins that are not dealt with are buried alive and able to control our lives.

Our kids are living in a sex-saturated culture gone mad. Sexual predators, both in human form and in ideological form, threaten to destroy young lives from within.

We hear the stories every week as we encounter families and their pain. Sexual abuse, homosexuality, cohabitation, pornography and lewdness have invaded our Christian circle by storm.

Are we prepared, body of Christ, for our day of battle? Will our children survive the veritable flood of dissipation? Only if we awaken to our King’s voice and heed His words of instruction! Parents, grandparents, and leaders, we must awaken. Denial or wishful thinking will not deliver this generation from the enemy’s plan of destruction.


Lisa and her daughter, Kalyn, share their full story in Unmask the Predators: The Battle to Protect Your Child. Doug and Lisa Cherry are founders of Frontline Family Ministries, and POTTS (Parents of Teens and Tweens.)  Together with their children they travel and speak to parents and teens. Their videos, books and blogs are equipping a new generation of parents to lead their kids through a hostile culture. You can contact them and find their Unmask book, workbook and video curriculum at Frontlinfamilies.org. Lisa blogs at Frontlinemoms.com.







  1. Wow, what a powerful story and testament to God’s power. Thanks for standing up and sharing a very painful time in your family’s life to help other parents and teens who are going through this. Blessings on your ministry!
    Sue Glashower recently posted..Guatemalan Adoption Story – Celebrating 7 YearsMy Profile

  2. Penny LeClair says:

    What a powerful message. Having two children it is my concern of the saturated world of Sex too! I thank you for sharing such an intimate story. It will help many and thank God for our Savior! He makes all things new!

    • Penny, I am indeed concerned as I continue to mother my younger kids. Sexual messages are flooding our kids like a deluge! You might be interested in some of my other articles on this issue at Frontlinemoms.com. Love to stay connected as we stand together for our kids’ purity.
      Lisa Cherry recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  3. This hit home for me too. I have two teen-age boys. And while I’d like to think we raised them well and educated them about the dangers, traps and snares of life, your story illustrates just how easily ANYONE can find themselves in a situation they never thought they’d be in. That’s why we should all be careful how quickly we look down our noses at other people who are going through trials with their children. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Ron recently posted..Why you should NEVER sing entire songs with your eyes closed (2 part series)My Profile

    • You are so right about training your boys! What we learned the hard way is teenagers by very definition are vulnerable to being tricked. God bless you as you lead them safely to maturity.

  4. This is an important story that will help many parents – thanks for sharing it Olga.
    Dawn Lanier recently posted..4 Steps to Getting Verified by PinterestMy Profile

  5. Thank you for sharing this powerful story on a subject that is so very important!
    denny hagel recently posted..Parents Do You React or Respond? It Makes a Difference!My Profile

  6. Thanks for sharing such a powerful story, Olga. I know this will help many parents reading this! God bless you.
    Alexandra McAllister recently posted..What Are Your Sales Conversion Numbers?My Profile

  7. Unfortunately, many predators are in the churches. They hang out where kids are. I have personally experienced a divide in a church due to half of the members believing the words of a child and the other half saying it couldn’t possibly be so. Children don’t lie. I was forever changed by this experience. Luckily, your daughter had proof. Many other accusers aren’t so lucky.
    Martha Giffen recently posted..Why Your Speedy Social Media Marketing Doesn’t WorkMy Profile

    • Martha, you are bringing up a critical issue we have been shocked to observe first hand! We in the church are I’ll prepared to respond to sexual abuse. And until it happened to me, I would not have believed it! Grooming is soooo difficult to detect even for experts. What your church experienced is a common response. I know I had trouble believing this trusted friend was a predator. I hope you have a chance to check out our book. We are available at major retailers as well as our website. We in the church must get prepared as well as be ready to help the wounded.
      Lisa Cherry recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  8. BarbaraJPeters says:

    Thank you for sharing such a private and powerful story. It is sad that so much of this is happening to our children today. Thanks you for bringing attention to this and making us more aware of our surroundings.

  9. What a powerful story and what great work that Lisa and Kalyn are doing by sharing it…so that others may learn and hopefully be spared from this type of horrific experience.
    Sherie recently posted..Are Your Assumptions Undermining Your Relationship?My Profile

  10. That is brave of you to share such a personal story, but I know by doing so you will be helping many other young women and their families. So glad to hear that your story has a happy ending. When it feels like our children are of control, it can be devastating and as you say, a huge learning curve. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Cathy | Treatment Talk recently posted..Marijuana: The Pros and Cons of LegalizationMy Profile

  11. What an amazing testimonial and such courage to take a horrific event and help others. Powerful.
    Anita recently posted..Think Like a Powerful WomanMy Profile

  12. Wow, I am so glad that your daughter came out of it. I too have step-daughters and a nephew that are going through (and have gone through big challenges) and pray that they come out as well.

  13. What an incredible story. Out of the darkness came light. I will definitely be sharing this with others!
    Alicia Jay recently posted..My Guest Post: Explaining How To Make Your Audio Work For YouMy Profile

  14. Thank you for sharing their story. It’s heartbreaking to read about, but this stuff does happen.
    Jamie recently posted..Thanksgiving Traditions with #cbias and #choosesmart #sponMy Profile

  15. Wow – such a powerful, powerful story, and how marvelous is their willingness to share in order to help others. Thanks, Olga, for passing it along.
    Lisa Frederiksen – BreakingTheCycles.com recently posted..National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention MonthMy Profile

    • Lisa….thank you so much for your work to “break the cycle!” We encounter so many who have been injured by sexual abuse that passes down family lines. Many of these cycles of pain are interrelated! Need God to heal.
      Lisa Cherry recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  16. Charles Allen says:

    Very good story people really don’t know who they are dealing with anymore wolf in sheep clothing,my own opion is that ant body that’s in posaition in church as over children should go threw a police background check before they are put in that position.it is leagle to do that because child molester are in church aiso.

  17. Angie Grooms says:

    Great testimony
    I can’t even imagine
    I used to think that Gods people were exempt from evil
    His Grace is sufficent
    God bless

  18. Today i read the encouraging story of lisa,s daughter and i can imagine what a hard time it was , we should never give up on praying for our loved ones right? thanks for sharing this , i was almost giving up on praying for my husband to change since i felt i kept praying and he kept going from bad to worse, now i know i need to keep thiss for my chidren, my friends too God bless

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