The Most Important Asset in Prayer



The Most Important Asset in Prayer


It is all too human that when we do something repeatedly, it can lose its significance and meaning. Familiar acts become part of our habit and we don’t give them much thought – we just do them automatically. God’s Word instructs us to pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus. So we conclude our prayers with the phrase “In the Name of Jesus” – sometimes without truly considering what we are saying. The name Jesus has significance and is weighty with meaning. Did you ever wonder how Jesus got His name?

How Did Jesus Get His Name?

Then name of Jesus and the authority of Jesus are one and the same. Have you ever thought about that? His name represents His authority and Jesus is worthy of His name through inheritance, obedience, and resurrection.

1. Jesus was given His name and the power in His name through inheritance. (Hebrews 1:4). Jesus inherited His name, a royal name, from His Father, just as your parents named you. It was the Father’s will for the name of Jesus to be superior to any angel, human being, or demon spirit.

2. Jesus received His name and the power in it by His obedience (Philippians 2:5-11). Every tongue will confess Jesus Christ as Lord, whether in this life or in the next, whether in heaven or in hell. The best time to do it is in this life through salvation; accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

3. Jesus proved His name and the power in it by His resurrection from the dead (Ephesians 1:19-23). The name of Jesus is more powerful than anything named. It is above sickness and disease, poverty, lack and anything else.

Understanding how Jesus received His name opens up new awareness of the One to whom we entrust our prayers. Jesus is not just a name – it is THE NAME. And it is a privilege to call on Jesus’ name – a privilege that comes from our relationship with Him.

Privilege Through Relationship

The privilege of access to the Father comes through our relationship with Jesus. When we pray in the name of Jesus, we pray in His power and authority, asking the Father to act upon our prayers because we come to Him in the name of His son, Jesus – our Savior.

Jesus states in John 14:13-14, “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.”

It’s not so much the words that we speak at the end of a prayer, that make calling on His name powerful. Instead it is how our relationship with Jesus motivates us to honor and glorify Him.

However, many believe that concluding a prayer with the name of Jesus assures that God will grant what was requested. In essence, they treat the name of Jesus as if it were a magical formula.

Prayers that are contrary to God’s will neither honor, nor glorify Jesus and are meaningless. In order to pray according to God’s will we must be aware of His will. Such awareness comes from abiding in His Word.

Abide in the Word

John 15:7 clearly states that when we abide in Jesus Christ, his words abide in us. It is from this position that believers ask and receive answers to their prayers. In order to relate to the name of Jesus, we must be identified with the Word of God. This means we abide in it, dwell in it, walk in it, submit to it and make a commitment to obey all of it- not just the parts that we choose.

Abiding occurs progressively. Submit to what you now understand of the Lord. As you grow, you will be able to ever more fully submit yourself to His authority.

Submit To Authority And See Authority Released On Your Behalf

Acts 19:13-16 tells us about the seven sons of Sceva; how they heard of the miracles that took place by using the name of Jesus and wanted to try it themselves with a man who had an evil spirit.

The sons of Sceva used the right formula and they even used the right words; they believed in the name of Jesus but didn’t believe in the person of Jesus. They had not placed themselves under Jesus’ authority. To them, the name of Jesus was merely a curiosity – something to be tried and laid down.

The devil knew that the sons of Sceva didn’t have the same authority that Paul had in the name of Jesus. The Bible says that the evil spirit they were attempting to exorcise “leaped upon them, mastering two of them…” In contrast, Paul was under the authority of Jesus. Jesus’ authority released through Paul was based on Paul’s being under the authority of Jesus. Under that authority, Paul brought forth much fruit – fruit that is still productive today. We are also to be fruitful.

Bring Forth Fruit That Will Remain

In John 15:16 Jesus states “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” There is authority in His name to ask and receive from the Father. We are to bear fruit that remains because it is fruit birthed by prayer in the name of Jesus.

You and I have been given the power of attorney in Jesus’ name; we have been given authority to act for Jesus Christ by using His name. In essence, Mark 16:17-18 says, “Everything I have been doing, you will do.” You can say that we are called to carry out Jesus’ business in His name.

Through the authority of His name we can heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out devils. We are called to demonstrate His authority, which means that God will use His power to bring to pass that which we speak when we are operating in His will in accordance with His Word in the name of Jesus.

To Sum It Up

The name of Jesus is our most important asset in prayer. It is a privilege to be in relationship with Jesus and to grow ever more intimate with him through abiding in His Word. As we come to know Him better, we more fully submit to His authority, which releases the power of His authority in our prayers. With the authority of Jesus we can bring forth much fruit that will remain.



  1. I live in Australia & have been blessed by your ministry. It is amazing how timely it has been. A true encouragement. Thank you for your dedication to the Kingdom of God.


  2. Another powerful post Olga! It’s reminded me to take authority over my life in Jesus’ name.
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..Love you forever.My Profile

  3. Great post, Olga. I am constantly reminding myself not to just go through the motions of prayer… even when it comes to blessing food – something you do many times a day. God has also shown me that “Jesus” is not an accurate translation of “Yeshua” – I have changed to pray in Yeshua’s name instead and have taught my kids about His original birth name. I have felt the hairs on my arms stand on end when praying in Yeshua’s name. Talk about power! Thanks for the reminder of how important HIS name is!!
    Jessica Stone recently posted..Social Media – The Illusion of ConnectionMy Profile

  4. Powerful post about the name of Jesus and prayer and the importance of not just going through the motions. Good reminder!

  5. Penny LeClair says:

    great great post, how powerful the name of Jesus is, thank you for reminding me! 😉

  6. What you said about the things we say in prayer and the way we say Jesus’ name at the end out of habit is so real, and so true! I love it when something or someone calls to my attention something that I’ve been doing on “auto-pilot”, so-to-speak. And as usual you are so on point with the scriptural proof!
    Ron recently posted..5 Christmas Carols that sound great A CappellaMy Profile

  7. I remember as a child being taught to end each prayer with ‘in Jesus name we pray, the Lord’s will be done.” I realize after reading your article how much that has stuck with me and even though my form of prayer is not as structured as it was as a child, more often than not my thoughts always go to ‘Jesus I am releasing this to you…’ Thanks for all you share Olga, it is a blessing to so many!
    denny hagel recently posted..5 Easy Steps to Teach Your Children How to Be Patient!My Profile

  8. Hi Olga, What God has said and planned will never be thwarted by the evil forces.
    I as so blessed today of reading about that name of Jesus.
    I felt the sanctifying power of the word.
    You are loved and highly esteemed by God.
    Ask God to manifest Himself to you today, remember how bartimeus asked and do the same .
    remain blessed dear friend

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