Seven Easy Types of Prayer




Seven Easy Types of Prayer

by Olga Hermans

There are seven types of prayer in the Bible, which we should be exercising on a regular basis. They are simple and can be prayed anywhere at any time; especially when they come from a believing heart. You see, most people use the same kind of prayer for all their issues in life.

I”d like to tell you that that is a huge mistake. Many prayers are not working because people are using the wrong rules and laws. How many sports do you know? Let’s say you know seven different sports; what you also know is that these seven sports have different rules to follow. It would be very confusing to play a soccer game with baseball rules, isn’t it?

The reason people are confused and have problems with their prayers being answered is that they have their rules all mixed up. One mistake that most people make is that they think they should finish every prayer with the words, “If it is Your will.” They claim that is how Jesus prayed.

Let’s have a look at all the different prayers and make is a little easier!

1. The Prayer of Agreement
Agreement is the most important thing you need when you pray, because our prayer multiplies when we are in agreement with those around us. 1Peter 3:7. We actually always need to be in agreement all the time, not just when we face a crisis. God honors the prayers of those who pay the price to live in unity. Pray the prayer of agreement especially when you feel the need for a little extra prayer power.

2. The Prayer of Petition
This is a prayer that we all use randomly, but there is something you need to know about it. When we petition God, we ask for something for ourselves. When we pray for others, we are interceding. I think we all know that most of us are too interested in ourselves and that’s why we pray this type of prayer. There is nothing wrong with us praying for ourselves, but our prayer life should be well-balanced.

3. The prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving
It is a wonderful thing to praise God for what we believe He is going to do after we have communicated with Him about our needs and the needs of others. We should praise the Lord continually and with that, I mean all day. We should thank Him in good times and especially in hard times. This is good for our character, because when we praise Him during the tough times, we take our eyes away from our problems and stay focused on Him, who is the answer!

4. The Prayer of Intercession
To intercede means to stand in the gap for another person. Ez.22:30. If people have a need, we can intercede for them and expect to see them comforted and encouraged while they are going though certain situations. We then can expect a suitable breakthrough for them concerning their need being met. We need each other! It is a wonderful thing to pray for others and see God come through in their life without them even knowing that you prayed for them.

5. The Prayer of Commitment
When we are tempted to worry or to take control of some situation in life, we should pray the prayer of commitment. God is ready to get involved in our situations when we commit them to Him. You can commit your children to the Lord, or your marriage, your personal relationships and especially those things that you like to worry about. 1Peter 5:7. Only God really knows what needs to be done, and He is the only one Who is qualified to do it.

6. The Prayer of Consecration
This is the type of prayer where we give ourselves to God. In this type of prayer, we dedicate our lives and all that we are to Him. I remember the time we went from Tulsa OK back to The Netherlands; we had no idea whatsoever what was going to happen, so we consecrated ourselves to God because that was the only thing we could do. We more or less told the Lord: here we are, do as you please. Consecration is a powerful thing, but it must be sincere.

7. Believe God hears you
When we pray, we need to come to God as a believer and not as a beggar. Hebr.4:16 tells us that we can come boldly into His throne room; not as a homeless person, but as a son or a daughter and be bold about it. Believe that He hears you and have confidence in that very fact. He loves us and desires for us to receive the Blessing that He had promised Abraham to give to us.

When you pray, believe that He is working on the situation you prayed about. Don’t keep praying the same prayer over and over again, but instead thank Him for what He is about to do and for Who He is. Do things that build your confidence and your relationship with Him.

Let me help you to grow your spiritual life with my own book on prayer. Maybe you think you know enough after these two articles, but my book goes into a depth on prayer that I can assure you that you will not regret.

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  1. This is a total learning post for me Olga as I have to admit to using a ‘one prayer fits all’ – but this makes it easier. Really love the ‘Prayer of Commitment’ as a reminder that only God knows what to be done.

  2. Awesome post Olga! I didn’t know there are 7 different kinds of prayer. This is an article I’ll come back to often. I can think of many times my prayer would have been more effective using this information.
    Thank you!

  3. Charles Allen says:

    Prayer is a powerful thing if used correct,as you just mention i have learned so much from your study and had prayers answered withend a week you keep talking ill keep listening to your anointing.

    • Such an awesome testimony Charles to know that God answered your prayer; that’s what it is all about. God DESIRES to answer our prayers!!

  4. Wow, Olga… I had no idea there were so many different types of prayer. I love how you share your wisdom about prayer! Your intent would make a difference. Thanks!

    • Most people don’t know Lisa…and although there are all the different types of prayer; we need to keep it simple. God is always interested in our heart; the most important prayer is the prayer that comes from our heart!!

  5. As with others, I didn’t know there were so many different prayers – GREAT post & will be doing more thinking on this for sure. THANKS Olga!

  6. Carrie Huskey says:

    Thanks for this article. I’m gonna save it for future reference. I didn’t know there were 7 types of prayer. I learned something. Thanks so much.

  7. Great article on prayer, Olga! I realized there are different types of prayer, however, this really breaks it into practical terms and the importance of each. Thanks!

  8. I enjoy and cherish all your posts. I must confess that you offer me opportunity to learn more despite my busy hours. Thanks for the good job. Keep it up.

  9. Olga you just reminded me of a phrase I used when praying for the sick (about 10 years ago); that is ‘if its your will’…Great post about prayers.

  10. Wow, Olga, it makes sense that there would be so many different types of prayer. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi Olga,

    I love this article of the different types of prayers. I too, was not aware of the different purposes. You’ve written a great explanation. Take care.

  12. I know that God hears and answers prays! I am guilty of asking for help for myself or other instead of given enough prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving. I have so much to be Thankful for1 Thank you for this well written beautiful reminder of the types of Prayers!

  13. Wow! I hadn’t known there were different types of prayers. Thanks so much for this clear explanation.

  14. Great post…it is helpful when someone puts all the information scattered about into one article for easier understanding.

  15. Very interesting Olga! I had no idea there were so many different types of prayers.

  16. very interesting and great learnings for me. Thank you Olga!

  17. This post was a real learning experience for me, too. Thanks for sharing this.

  18. Lovely post, Olga. I love the way that you weave your spirituality and faith into everything!

  19. I have to admit, Olga, that I was taken aback when I read “Many prayers are not working because people are using the wrong rules and laws.” I wasn’t aware one could make a “huge mistake” when it came to praying. I recognize that God plays a more subtle role in my life than in yours … we simply have different spiritual upbringings … but I sure hope he’s been listening all these years, even if I didn’t know the rules. I guess I’ll be okay though, since in Prayer Type #7 you say, “Believe that He hears you and have confidence in that very fact.” I do.

  20. Sahr Festus Ngaujah says:

    This article has been a blessing to me and I am using it to teach my congregation.God bless you for putting this thought together.

  21. Thanks! Always sharing the blessings with self- others. Shalom

  22. Lilian wisdom says:

    Tank u 4 making me 2 knw d types of prayer,am gr8ful

  23. patrick charles says:

    Thanks olga for your words on prayers it was very fulfilling to and was able reach to the next level thank and God bless you.

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