Five Keys on How To Pray



Five Keys on How To Pray

by Olga Hermans



This coming weekend we have a powerful summit in our church and one of the things that we do is: PRAY! We pray ourselves at home and we pray corporately in the church; we always have a very powerful time. Our pastors are very passionate about us as a congregation being in unity as we pray and I totally agree with them.

If there is one thing that we need to do if we want to succeed in our own life or in some kind of endeavor by ourselves or as a group is: pray! You probably have heard it said that every failure is in essence a prayer failure or not?

If we don’t pray; nothing significant will happen and things will stay the same. So, if you are serious about your own life and are passionate about what you want to achieve in your own life; you need to pray. I like to focus on one aspect of prayer that I think might help you today and that is how you can be confident when you pray.

It doesn’t do us any good to pray if we don’t have confidence when we pray; when there is no faith in our heart. I think many people are dissatisfied with their prayer life and one of the reasons is that they lack confidence in themselves and in their prayers. Many of us have questions about their prayerlife and feel frustrated about it and feel that they are missing something.

We need to realize that the Holy Spirit will always help us in prayer Rom.8:26 and that Jesus intercedes along with you. Hebr.7:25.

Here are Five Keys on How To Pray

1. Simply, believe when you pray. Matth.6:7
We all need to develop confidence; we need to be confident that God hears us even when we pray a simple prayer like: “God help me.” He hears us and He will answer. We always can depend on God to be faithful to do what we have asked Him to do, as long as what we are asking is in accordance with His will. He is our Helper. Hebr.13:6.
Simple believing prayer comes straight from the heart of the one praying and goes straight to the heart of God and that is what we want isn’t it?

2. We are a house of prayer. Isaiah 56:7
In the Old Testament, the temple of God was the house of God; the place where people went to pray. But we live under the New Testament and are in the New Covenant with God where we are God’s house. We are the building that is still under construction, His tabernacle, His dwelling place, which makes us a house of prayer. 1Cor.3:9 and 1Cor.3:16

3. There is a time for secret prayer. Matthew 6:5-6
Although some prayers are public prayers or group prayers, most of our prayerlife is done in secret and should be that way. We don’t have to let everybody know how much we pray and everything that we pray about. We can our friends know that we are praying about a certain country or so of course, but we never should make a display of our prayers to impress people.

4. Be humble when you pray. Luke 18:10-14
Prayer needs to come from a humble heart. Jesus taught us that by telling us about the Pharisees; He didn’t like that at all is it? They made a show about their prayer life and there was nothing secret about it at all. God hasn’t given us a bunch of complicated, hard-to-follow guidelines. Prayer can be simple, unless complicated people make it complicated.

5. Prayer needs to be fervent. James 5:16
If you desire for your prayers to be effective and they should be; they need to be fervent. When most of us hear the word fervent; we think we need to work our prayers up and need to show some strong emotion before we pray; otherwise our prayers will not be effective. I myself have been there, until somebody taught me otherwise. The Msg. Bible says it like this: …The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.

This shows that our prayers must come from a sincere heart and not just our head. Sometimes we try to sound so devout and well-designed that we get lost. We don’t even know what we are trying to pray about. If we could ever get delivered from trying to impress God or people, we would be so much better off.

One thing is for sure that sometimes we have to change things in our lives to make room for prayer; we simply have to come to that understanding. We have to eliminate things that are less important and know that when we want to discover the life we were born to live and want to get passionate about it, we need to pray

I like to end today with a quote from Martin Luther: “I have so much business I cannot get it done without spending three hours a day in prayer.” I am not telling you to pray three hours a day, because I don’t do that either. The point is that we depend on our time with God how successful we are in our life. Prayer is not something that is optional; if we want to accomplish something in life, we must pray.

Let me help you with my book on prayer; you will not regret it. It is very simply written and if you have questions about what I wrote about, I am always here for you. Dig into these 100 pages filled with wisdom to create a powerful prayerlife!

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  1. I remember as a child being led in prayer during specific times…at church, bedtime, before meals etc. “bow your heads and let us pray’ were the typical words used. And then one day I felt the need to pray but was not in a position to ‘bow’ my head or fold my hands…it was then that I realized it wasn’t the position of my head or hands but what was on my heart that mattered. Great article as always! Thank you for all you do!

    • Thanks Denny; many of us grew up in a relationship with God out of our heard to come to the point in our life to change that and experience a heart to heart relationship, isn’t it?

  2. Rejoice says:

    Thanks Olga. This is real. Prayer worketh wonders for them that doe pray in faith. It reverses decrees that have been passed against us. prayer for Mordecai, Esther and the whole Nation of Israelites reversed a decree that was passed by the King against the Israelites. We have every reason to be confident in our prayer life. When we pray things automatically fall into place. Every aspect of our life is put in order when we pray. Things which were scheduled to take place by the devil fail to happen because of prayer.
    Let us therefore develop a quality prayer life with our God. He is our father and He is more than willing to listen to us through our prayer. Shalom.

  3. Paula Matagaro says:

    This is a real eye opener for me. Used to think am the worst at prayer but thanks for the reminder and showing how easy it can be if we just let the Holy spirit guide us through.

  4. I have grown up in the church, as a Jesus-follower. However, I feel like, even now, God is showing me new aspects of Him, how to talk to Him through prayer, and how He talks to us. These 5 Keys are certainly important to keep in the forefront when we pray.

    • Follow the Holy Spirit in your prayerlife Jessica; HE is way more important than these 5 keys….I would say, you are on the right track!!

  5. That’s a great reminder Olga, that I’m a house of prayer. The dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

  6. olga tnx for the inspiring mail. I just opened my email box and av just finished perusing it

  7. Charles Allen says:

    I see what you mean by praying by the heart i just realley learned how to do that about a week ago and do you know i had been praying for sometime for a year by me praying from the heart he answer my prayer this week so it does work you are right.

  8. I love this one Olga. God definitely wants us to pray from the heart. But sometimes we need a little direction or a guide to help keep our prayer life on track. Great post as usual!

  9. Hello Olga. May Almight God Bless you Amen. We all have limitation; If we focus on them, we’ll find that serving God is a chore. But if we focus on what we can do, we’ll make an impact for His kingdom…….. There may be nothing you can do but pray.
    But through our prayer there’s something God can do;
    The ones for whom you intercede may feel the touch of God upon their life anew.

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