Your Marriage Is Important To God


Your Marriage Is Important To God

Your Marriage Is Important To God


Is your marriage important to you? It is to God. And if it’s important to Him, it should be important to you. If that’s not the case, it would be good to change your priorities. We pay attention to those things that are important to us.

I have known my husband since he was 11 and I was 13. That is a long time to know someone and we are more in love than ever. We recently celebrated our 32nd anniversary. We are blessed with two beautiful children who love the Lord. But our current happiness was threatened at one time.

Lost And Without Hope

About 25 years ago, before we had a foundation in the Lord, our marriage was in trouble. Neither of us knew how to fix it. Suddenly, the challenges all marriages face began to snowball and we both decided to split up. We were lost and without hope, in terrible shape in every area of our lives.

My kids’ welfare was the only thing that was important to me and I decided to focus on them and not on myself. I devoted myself to giving them all the attention they needed. That was one of my best decisions at that time. Bit by bit, I began to get my thoughts together. But everything was still very, very painful.

A Strange Resemblance

After a few weeks I received a phone call from a friend who asked me to go to an Amway meeting with her. As part of the program, a couple gave a testimony about how their marriage had been restored after their decision to divorce.

As I listened to their story, I noticed how much the husband resembled my husband. It was almost if my husband were standing on the platform saying things such as “You must fight for your marriage” and “Your struggle is worth it” and “Stick with your partner and work things out.”

I had no clue that God was working in me and on behalf of our marriage. God had a miracle for me and our marriage right there in front of me. Not yet being a Christian, I didn’t recognize God’s hand in my situation. BUT…..I yielded to the goodness that was portrayed through this couple’s testimony. They told us that their miracle was possible for everyone. So, I decided that I would be that “everyone” in my situation.

I was so excited…especially since this man looked so much like my husband. I returned home where my husband was babysitting our children, filled with joy and hope. I told him what I had heard and asked him if he would like to try to make our marriage work. He said, that he had been thinking about the same thing all night. Well, isn’t that just like God?

Marriage Restored and Ready to Be Born Again

So, we made a mutual decision to come together again. With the help of friends, we worked through some hard places in our marriage. A few months later we were born again. It was the best day of our lives. And here we are at 32 years of marriage. Praise the Lord!

Later, my husband and I returned to one of those meetings where I had heard the life-changing testimony. I wanted to tell that couple how much their testimony had blessed us, and tell them our testimony, of course. This time, to my surprise, the husband didn’t at all resemble my husband. My perceiving him that way was part of how God worked a miracle for us. He wants to do the same for you if you will yield to His goodness. God is a good God. He loves you unconditionally. His mercy is there for you all the time. Receive it by releasing all that bitter junk that is compromising your marriage.

Six Key Ideas To Elevate the Importance of Your Marriage

If you want to begin putting the same importance on your marriage as God does, I Peter 3:1-13 provides six key ideas to make your marriage stronger and to help you grow together as husband and wife.

1. Adapt yourselves (I Peter 3:1 AMP)
The Amplified Bible translates submit as adapt yourselves to them. Submit doesn’t imply being a doormat. To adapt means to “fit and flow together.” It is a wonderful thing when a husband and wife flow together in everything that they do and in everything that they envision in their life.

2. Honor your mate
When you honor someone, you treat them as you wish to be treated. Do you wish to be treated as a king? Then treat your mate in the same manner. If you are the king, treat her like a queen. If you are the queen, treat him like a king. Your act of honoring will return honor to you.

3. Be of one mind (I Peter 3:8)
It takes effort to be of one mind (one in thought), but it is possible. We need to grow in our communication. We also need to be able to receive and give correction to one another. In order to give correction, you must be able to receive it.

4. Show compassion to one another
You need to be able to feel what your mate is going through. The KJV version tells in 1Peter 3:8 that we need to be courteous; I always appreciate it when my husband is courteous to me.

5. Do not render evil for evil
Whatever you sow, you will reap (Galatians 6:7). This is true for every area of life. Plant a seed of love when your mate is going through a difficult time, or when you’re in a situation prone to strife. Don’t join in the strife with your mate. Sow mercy and love into the situation, and you’ll see your mate change before your eyes. You will reap what you have sown, good or bad.

6. Flee evil situations
Run from the appearance of evil. If you’re in a situation that’s a temptation to you, whether it’s on the job or wherever it might be, obey the warnings your spirit gives you.

It is really important that you not only love each other, but that you appreciate each other as husband and wife

To Sum It Up

Whether your marriage is in the valley of despair (like mine was), mundane, or on the mountaintop, it’s important to pay attention and do things to nurture it.



  1. Carrie Huskey says:

    Oh Olga . Its wonderful that God restored your marriage. I don’t know if mine can be. There is a alot of abuse in my marriage. My husband has hurt me on a daily basis for the last three years. I have been wounded deeply. This is the third abusive marriage I been in. I am hurt very deeply. Plus he has filed for divorce. He has walked away from God and gone back to his old ways. I keep thinkin that divorce is the answer to this marriage. I can’t handle it anymore. I’m depressed and am carrying a lot. What can be done? Please respond back. I’d like to know what could be done.

    • Carrie, don’t feel guilty to divorce from an abusive situation. I really think that you need some time by yourself and get healed. Try to find a good counselor, pour your heart out before God, cling to Him and take the time for all of this. I pray that you will find your place of rest to be restored in every area of your life.

  2. ogah israel says:

    you are a solution to my world. since the day i find out you on the web, i’ve been lightened. you have not see any good thing yet, the more years your marriage last the more blessing, joy happiness, glory, peace, breakthroughs… the list is inexhaustible. you will live longer to continue giving us the best we need to know to become who we are made to be. God bless you really good.

  3. Carrie Huskey says:

    Thank you both for your responses. I deeply appreciate them. With God’s help I will heal from all this. And with the support of my brothers and sisters in Christ I will heal from all this. Love you Olga and my brother.

  4. Your story really warms my heart. I was married for 16 years and we ended up in divorce. I would’ve given anything to save it, and I tried everything I could. What you two had was a mutual desire to save your marriage that prompted you to both work together to save it. That in itself is a rare blessing.
    Ron recently posted..What makes a good singer? 2 things you should work onMy Profile

  5. This is a beautiful story Olga. That you recognized your situation for what it was and saw opportunity when it presented itself. YAY! You are a warrior!
    Suzanne Jones recently posted..What Your Behavior REALLY Says About YouMy Profile

    • Thanks Olga , this is very encouraging. everytime i feel i want to give up you always come with a line of encouragment, carrie listen to what the inner voice (holyspirit is directing you, ) many times i feel as the same with you but Gods grace is sufficient for me email me or inbox me on facebook i gve me my story u might be a bit encouraged i keep praying for you, iOlga my prayer is request is we should pray for all pple in this network to have the joy of the lord xxx

  6. Thank you for sharing your story of triumph Olga! I am sure it will help all those who are struggling and wondering which way to turn…God is AMAZING!!
    denny hagel recently posted..3 Ways to Create a Stress Free Thanksgiving Kid style!My Profile

  7. Penny LeClair says:

    What an awesome testimony to the restoration of God’s love for marriage and your cooperation!

  8. What an amazing story of how God worked in both of your lives even before you had a personal relationship with him! Marriage is not easy and takes daily commitment from both people, but the rewards of a healthy marriage are so worth it!
    Sue Glashower recently posted..Do You Struggle with Your Self-Image?My Profile

  9. Nyla Norris says:

    I have been divorced for over twenty years so I have had time to think through everything. You are so correct about the importance of your marriage to God. You spoke true wisdom, and the number one restorer is The Lord. If I am ever fortunate enough to meet a Gidly man and remarry, I will apply all your wisdom. Thank you, I am sending this to my married daughter.

  10. Thank you for sharing your story Olga. No marriage is good all of the time, but you prove that prayer and perseverance will always win!
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..Love you forever.My Profile

  11. I don’t believe we are to “correct” each other……as is stated at the bottom of the 3rd thing. That is the Holy Spirit’s job thru the Word of God. I am not to correct my husband, nor he me. Sorry.

  12. Thank you very much. I am really inspired. Want to ask, does the six key rules also applies to relationships (dating) or it is for only married couples?

    • Hi Mercy, yes these keys apply to a dating relationship as well. It’s always good to apply healthy relationship keys while you are dating.;)….so, when you are married, you can flow with each other in the same manner. Hope this helps

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