Learn How Important Growing Up Is For You!




Learn How Important Growing Up Is For You!

by Olga Hermans


Most Christians desire to fulfill the will of God. They know that they are redeemed from the curse and they want everything that Jesus purchased for them by shedding His blood on the cross. But things like the news and people around them on the job try to talk them out of that; they diminish their belief in their covenant with God, especially when it comes down to their financial provision.

There is a wonderful inheritance waiting for those who are mature, responsible and faithful.

Galatians 4:1-2 says, “Now I say, that the heir, as long as he is a child, differs nothing from a servant, though he be lord of all; But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the father.”

So this means that when we want to qualify to receive our inheritance, childlike tendencies will hinder us. Wow, that hurts and it may sound totally unfair, but let’s have a look at it! You might be reading this and know you have children that you cannot give a car to because they are not mature enough to handle it.

It’s the same with our heavenly Father; He loves us so much that he knows that when He would give us everything that we desire, it might destroy us. For that reason it is important for us that we understand what we need to do to walk in a life filled with blessings!

Growing up is a process and in order to grow up, you need to locate yourself, you need to know where you are in life. All of us begin at the New Birth as spiritual babies in Christ, but God doesn’t intend that we stay that way. His desire is for us to grow in all areas of our lives-spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

Although we all may grow in different areas in our own way, we are supposed to grow up. He is right there on our side to make it all happen. Psalm 115:14 says, “The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children.”

One way we can make our growth process a little easier is by waking up unto God and that happens when we desire to read the Word of God more than ever before. We grow when we desire the sincere milk of the word. 1Peter 2:2 When you do that, you place a demand on the Holy Spirit who causes you to grow. 2 Peter 3:18

One thing is for sure, God expects us to grow spiritually. When you grow up, you are able to handle trials and temptations; you have God’s wisdom flowing in your life. Plus you will be able to grow strong relationships with others.

When we keep on walking with the Lord through all our trials and struggles, we will have grace in every situation that we face. His grace is always sufficient and He always causes us to triumph. He anoints us with His power and His ability. It will require that we make a quality decision to allow God’s Word to mature us.

There are things that we do as children; we speak differently, we understand things differently and we think differently. It is time to put them away. 1Cor.13:11 There is no need for us to sweat the small things, because in the eyes of God everything is a small thing. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you and I are going to finish the race strong.

Why would we be jealous and not be glad when a friend gets promoted; God has a way better promotion for you. Why would you concern yourself with what other people think of you? Breaking free from worrying about what people think of you might be your biggest breakthrough.

In order to discover the life you were born to live, you need to grow up from your old ways of doing things. If what people think about you is more important than what God thinks about you, then God cannot be the source of your life. John 12:42-43

It is important to stay focused and to get all our priorities right in 2012. It’s very simple: God is our loving Father. He is the all-powerful and all-knowing creator and possessor of heaven and earth. We should live to please Him. What Anna, Ken and John think doesn’t matter.

We should give our full attention and stay focused on God. If we keep listening to criticism and sarcastic remarks and the opinions of others, it will cost you your blessings, your healing, your provision and even the salvation of your family members. It is not all about you; it is all about what Jesus did for you and me on that cross. Our full inheritance is waiting for us, especially in 2012. God wants to bless you so that you can bless others (Gen. 12:2-3).

Watch out for people who satan will use to discourage you in everything that you are believing for. Satan is the father of lies, and lieing is all he can do. John 8:44 He will try to get you in trouble and put shame on you. Don’t believe his lies; don’t let him succeed in deceiving you in any way. Be bold enough to apply the Word of God to your life and receive His blessings with a grateful heart.

I remember the time when my husband and I decided to leave The Netherlands when our children were still quite young. Most people around us discouraged us, but there was that peace on the inside of us that kept us moving forward with the decision and you know what? Because they saw how steadfast we were in our decision, they came alongside of us. It was a great experience and because we had been obedient to what God had called us to do, we were tremendously blessed.

Sometimes it takes determination to not listen to other people’s opinions in the small things of life and in the big things of life. When you believe for healing for your child, that is not a small thing! Stay with the people who are in agreement with you and leave the opinions of those that bring doubt at the door.

It doesn’t matter who disagrees with your acts of obedience. Walk in complete liberty from people and their opinions so you can possess all the Father has for you.

If you are born again, Jesus Christ has made you free from the bondage of opinions so you can glorify God, free from poverty so you can be rich and free from sickness and disease so you can be healed. He made you free to walk in liberty.

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  1. Prince Richard Quarcou says:

    Mama God realy send you to prepare me for my inheritance in 2012.I than God in Jesus name

  2. Thank you Olga! This article just confirmed for me God’s answer to something that happened this week. Major growing up experience. I think I’m ready for that car now 🙂

  3. All in due time…our job is to be patient and have faith that when we are ready it will come! Praise Jesus! Thank you for all of your amazing wisdom and insights Olga! Looking forward to sharing 2012 with you! Happy Holidays! 🙂

  4. Wow Olga, your writing is always an inspiration to me and I thank you for this word. Too long I held myself back from God’s plan because I was seeking too much counsel with the wrong people. You have helped to keep me inspired. Donovan

  5. Love this statement Olga, “God has a better promotion for you.” What a great think to remember when one door closes…He’s got something even better! I love reading your articles as they not only motivate and inspire me, but encourage me to continue allowing God to do His work in my life!

  6. Thank you Olga for your remarkable words. It was very insightful and very relevant to my life. Look forward to receive more of your Godly wisdom and knowledge. God blee you and your family.


  7. Another very inspiring post Olga – thank you. “God wants to bless you, so you can bless others”. Amen!
    I see you are originally from Holland? My parents immigrated from Holland too many years ago too. The unknown was a little scary, however they too knew that God had some amazing plans in store for them. Which of course, he did.
    Have a blessed Christmas with your friends and family Olga.

  8. Thank you Olga….Glorifying God with determination, obedience and personal growth in the areas of…spiritual, physical, mental and financial is a journey! Thank you for the motivation and inspiration in your articles to help us on our journey! …Hughie 🙂

  9. Hughie, we all need help to stay on track! 🙂

  10. Char[es Allen says:

    I think i have grew a few years sense i started reading your writings.

  11. With tears in my eyes, all I can say is….thanks Olga and God bless you. Just the reminder I needed!

  12. John Randolph says:

    Great source of encouragement and wisdom. This is just what I needed to hear I was beginning to feel stuck.

    • Hi John, the feeling of beginning to feel stuck never is a very niv=ce feeling. I am glad to hear that this post was of help to you. Blessings to you!!

  13. Sometimes it’s hard to be in this world because its values are the opposite of God’s. Your words give me the inspiration to get out there and not be discouraged!

    • Yes Laura, I know what you are talking about and the bible tells us to encourage each other. I am glad to hear that this post encouraged you!

  14. Melinda says:

    Thanks for this word. It has given me some insight as to why some things are not happening in my life. This post brings me to a place of humility and has caused me to see where I really am. Thanks to your post, I can actually thank God that He has held back from answering some of the prayers I have prayed, as they would not have been advantagious in the state of maturity I am in. God is good and His wisdom far outweighs ours. Thanks again for your obedience and love toward us in the body of Christ.

    • Yes Melinda, God is good and He know exactly where you are. The best part is that He will help you get there where He wants you to be. Stay in touch!!

  15. Wow, this is exactly what I was telling my oldest daughter yesterday that I had enough of this kind of life I’m living. I wanted to fulfill God’s purpose for my life. You have inspired me today.

    Very encouraging words…Thank you and may the LORD continue to rule your heart Olga.

  16. I love your inspirational words, Olga. I needed to hear this today! Thank you.

  17. I for one am very grateful you moved! We get to hear your words of wisdom and …. those people in the Netherlands who tried to dissuade you from moving… hmmm… who needs friends like those who are judgmental and negative about having a great journey and life! great efforts!

  18. thank you Olga for all your messages of inspiration AND thanks for the message of 12/07/09.

    please note your quote for John 12;42-43 should be John 12;22-23 if i am correct.

  19. thanks for lifting me up from almost near the pit. I’m running into a little turbulance right now and i need to decide what to do and your words help me and i think i know now what to do. Thank you Olga.God bless you and your family.

  20. Hi!

    Thank you so much for diligently sending us with your notes and insights.

    I was struck by your words on fulfilling the will of God and living a life fueled by purpose and passion. I am at a crossroad of deciding to leave work or wait for them to cut my service. I know God has better plans for me. And for quite sometime, the words “for such a time like this” keeps on ringing in my mind. Yes, you’re right that “God is listening to the cry of our heart. He desires to reposition you into your place of divine destiny. He will raise you up out of the ashes of your life and will give you beauty for ashes, if you let Him.”

    You see, I work in a Christian org. and I believe this is God’s. But I have struggled whether to stay or leave. As a Donor Relations Officer, my job is to look for Donors who will give. In this country, giving is not that easy, even in churches. As long as they’re tithing, it’s already giving to the Lord.

    Anyway, my fear is, should I resign because God is prompting me to, and leading me somewhere else? (But I’ve applied to several companies, but to no avail). Or I am just afraid of the managements’ questioning me of the result of my work?

    Please just do pray, that I may really hear God. Even as I write this, I cried. But it gives me relief. What a good God we have, even in a very simple way, He refreshes.

    blessings to your ministry

    • You are standing on a crossroad Swan; I always believe that we need to go with the peace in our hearts; it is important that we please God instead of people. I hope this helps a little bit…let me know if you have a chance..

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