LOVE Never Gives Up


LOVE Never Gives Up

 by Olga Hermans

It’s on my heart to dig into the fruit for the Spirit with you. So, are you ready to know more? As we examine the fruit of the Spirit, we see that the first fruit mentioned is what the law and scriptures are based upon and that is: LOVE! All the fruit of the Spirit are contained in love. Like an orange with many segments, love has segments such as patience, humility, faithfulness, etc.

If we walk in love, we’ll walk in all the other eight fruits of the Spirit. The word “love” is excessively overused in our society, expressing an attitude about anything from people to foods to clothes to pets and other things.

Love that is based upon a choice that we have to make is not easy for our feelings. Jesus chose to love us in spite of how people treated Him, and He loved before we loved Him in return. We do have the ability to love by choice in spite of how we feel because Rom.5:5 tells us that you have the love of God once you receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. He is love.

The more you choose to love, the more it becomes a natural impulse in your life. The fruit of the Spirit are like muscles in our bodies that have to be developed and grow. We choose to walk in each fruit and each time we do, that spiritual muscle is exercised and grows a little stronger. Love is the most important emotion that we should cultivate and all the other emotions will line up so to speak.

LOVE is patient! If you are around people, you will either develop patience or cause them to close themselves off from those who get on their nerves or rub them wrong way. We choose continually if we will let His fruit grow or die in our lives.

Everybody has times when they need the mercy and help of someone else. What we sow towards others we will reap. If you want people to be patient and understanding with you, then be patient and understanding with others.

If you become a critical, strife-filled person, no one will want to be around you. We as Christians must make an effort to walk in patience and love.

LOVE is kind. Kindness is a quality that has almost been neglected in our generation because of the popular self-seeking attitudes which exist in society. Fast-paced living has subtly caused people to barely have time for themselves, much less for others. Some people feel that if they take time to be kind for others, something will be neglected that can benefit themselves.

As you exercise your spiritual muscles of godliness, add brotherly kindness to it. 2Peter 1:7

LOVE is not envious. The God-kind of love is excited over the blessings of others. Envy and strife open the door to the devil to bring all kinds of evil against the one who has envy or strife. It isn’t worth it to hold envy and strife in your heart.

Job 5:2 says envy can actually kill a person who allows it in his or her life. Keep a healthy, positive attitude towards others.

LOVE doesn’t behave unbecomingly. In our society today, most people with wrong behavior want to blame someone or something for it. Usually it is blamed on the fact that they were from a dysfunctional family, or they had difficult circumstances. So they continue wrong behavior and attitude problems, feeling justified.

God doesn’t let us use Him to excuse our lack of conscience. Growth demands that we accept responsibility for our actions and attitudes and bring them into submission to Jesus. Always try to be mannerly and gracious with whomever you’re with. Remember to consider the feelings of others. As you listen within your spirit, God will be your guide in every situation.

LOVE doesn’t insist upon having its own way. Do you seek to do what will benefit you or what will benefit others? Jesus sought to do God’s will even if it hurt, and He didn’t insist on His own way. Love seeks the will of God, not self-will.
It is by self denial and giving to others that we keep an open channel for the divine flow of God’s love to love through us.

LOVE is not touchy, resentful or easily provoked. God has provided a way for you to stay in His love walk even when people seem to rub you the wrong way. God’s way to remain in love is similar to the old cliché: “Just let things roll off of you like water rolls off a duck’s back.” Think on this when people say things that would normally hurt or offend you.

It is much more important to walk in the freedom and peace of God than to carry “a chip on your shoulders.” If you allow yourself to be easily angered, then others are controlling your life. Get control over your emotions and you’ll get control over your life.

LOVE doesn’t keep a list of wrongs. Do not keep a list of wrongdoings, whether it be in a marriage relationship or in a friendship relationship. The God-kind of love forgives and forgets offenses. There should no secretly kept, running list to pull out and use as ammunition against another person.

Instant forgiveness will close the door to Satan and his schemes in your life. You cannot afford to keep a list of wrongs. Let go of them, and let God help you to walk in peace with others as far as it lies within you. Romans 12:18

LOVE does not rejoice at injustice, is not happy when evil befalls another, does not rejoice over misfortunes of others. When a person has been caught in a fault, rather than tell them, “I told you so,” or feel disgusted with them, go to them if possible and talk with them. Love confronts when wrong has been done, but it also gives help to overcome.

The LOVE of God NEVER gives up on people. Jesus never gave up on the disciples, no matter how often they failed. God’s love never comes to an end. If you feel you are at the end of your rope in your faith for someone, don’t give up. God’s love will cause you to triumph in your stand. The love of God is the foundation for faith, because faith works by love. God’s love is the source of living.

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  1. Oh my gosh!! this is sooooo good, thank you Olga for sharing this! 🙂

  2. Beautiful message sister. Love is ‘like an orange with many segments’ and it holds all of our responsibilities including the great commission. Love is our call to action and it is all that we need – for our God is love. In the past I had been distracted by many superficial matters in life and now I’m focus on one thing – love. Jesus announced that the two most important commandments were; First love God with all of your strenght… and secondly love your neighbour as you love yourself. All other commandments revolve around the above mentionned. Note that the two commandments are driving the point of love through three precepts; Love God, love your neighbour, and love yourself. Love is paramount. I often find myself attempting to define love in a tangible way because it is important to understand. You see many people believe that love is abstract and therefore impossible to define. I disagree. Here’s a chance for everyone to share a concrete definition of love. When the family shares their insights we all benefit.
    ‘Love ia an agreement of faith to honourably commit to the well-being and edification of every person with impartiallity and with perseverance.’
    The world would not include ‘every person’ when defining love because their brand is partial (conditional). Feel free to add or subtract.

    Love never fails. We can’t give up on anyone.
    In God’s Love

  3. Wonderful message Olga God bless u. It is no surprise that Paul’s list of the fruit of the Spirit begins with love. love is at the top of the list for Chirstians because it best shows God’s character. It was love that caused God to create us, to support us. and to make Himself know to us. Love also leads God to give us His Son to save us.
    John says it so clearly- ”God is Love” Because love is such an important part of God’s character, love must be important to us too. ”Anyone who leads a life of love shows that he is joined to God. And God is joined to Him.
    To love your neighbor as yourself means to love all people with your whole heart. The kind of love in this ” second commandment” is the same as in the ”first commandment”
    It is love in action. It requires the will and action of the person who does it. To love our neighbor as ourselves means to take care of someone else the same.

  4. Charles Allen says:

    Very good Blog Olga,I have learned a lot about love in the last five years i guess because what i been threw.Thank You Charles

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