5 Principles to Have a Winning Attitude

5 Principles to Have a Winning Attitude


By Olga Hermans

Let’s talk about David in the Bible, who was rejected by his older brothers; they did not include him in the things they did because they thought he was too young. They probably were jealous of him. As a result, I am sure he felt rejected.

Many times God will choose to use people who have felt rejected and been excluded. He selects those whom society would reject in order to show Himself strong. He also purposely chooses what the world would call “weak and foolish” so no one takes the credit that is due to Him alone.

Do you feel like that sometimes?  Let’s be like David in the Bible and have the right attitude; a winning attitude. His attitude was based on five principles of victory that are just as valid for today as they were then.

David was ridiculed for even thinking he could win. Even worse, the mocking and name calling came from his own brothers, who accused him of leaving his work as a shepherd just to see the armies in the battle. Oh, how much they mocked him.

The only thing that David did was be obedient; he took the supplies to his brothers as his father had asked. David didn’t want to do anything else than obey God; his strategy was to keep his eyes firmly on the power of God and not on the appearance of circumstances.

The principles that David used to defeat Goliath in his day are just as valid for us today in defeating our giants. The same enemy comes, and the same principles of victory must be applied:

1. David Made Time to Know God.

He had a personal relationship with God. He knew Him. He walked and talked with Him, and he sang songs to the Lord on those hillsides as he tended his father’s sheep. Those songs are recorded in the Psalms like the 23rd Psalm; he knew what it was to sit at a table prepared for him in the presence of his enemies.

Psalm 103 is also one of my favorites, where it also indicated that David had a personal relationship with God. The biggest difference between Israel’s soldiers and David was that the soldiers knew about God, but David knew God. David spent time with God and faith is birthed out of a relationship.

2. David understood God’s Covenant

David understood that God is holy and that He is totally committed to those who love and obey Him. That means everything God has and everything He is will be available to the one with who He is in covenant.

David understood that a challenge against him was a direct challenge to Almighty God. If you are in covenant with God, the challenges you face are against God Almighty. When you are born again, God is linked up with you, and He will fight for you.

When you understand the covenant, you will not be thinking about how big your problem is. Instead, you will be thinking about how great and awesome your God is.

3. David Spoke His Faith

David spoke his faith out loud in the face of the lies of the devil. If you are going to slay the giants, you will have to talk in faith. The giants will speak too! Sickness will say, “I am going to take you out of this life.” Financial bondage will say, “I am going to bury you with bankruptcy.” Strife and problems will say, “I am going to rip your home and marriage apart.”

Those are the moments that the Word of God on the inside of you must rise up from within your spirit and come out of your lips. Faith has a language all on its own, and the voice  of authority can be heard in hell when it is inside your spirit and you speak it out!

4. David Used What He Had

You may think that you don’t have enough to fight your battle. Believe me, you have enough and it is in your hands. Would God put you in the earth, give His Son for you, raise Him from the dead, and then not supply you with enough to defeat the giants that are in your land? God has given you enough. It is in your hands.

5. David Started Small

David learned how to battle the giant by fighting the lion and the bear. What David learned how to battle the lion prepared him to defeat the bear, and what he learned fighting both of them prepared him to whip the giant Goliath.

Many people want to take on a giant when they would not even take on a kitty cat. They are intimidated by a “meow”!

You need to hang on these 5 winning principles; they not only worked for David; they worked for me and they work for you. So, take those 5 stones and start slinging!

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  1. Your messages are strong/powerful and encouraging.This one has come at a time when I needed it for me to manage my current situation. God bless you my sister.

  2. thank you for the inspiring messages. i am definitely headed somewhere although its not yet clear

  3. Am blessed Olga, Thanks so much, God strengthens the christians the
    more, will continue to contact you for more articles.

  4. Carrie Huskey says:

    I know what you’re talkin about. I’ve been rejected a lot and the one I can truly depend on is God

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Last year I made it to Hollywood on American Idol. During Hollywood week Satan completely attacked my mind with “you cant do it’s” I knew this would happen so I had scripture to read and meditate on but it was too little to late. My mind was not prepared for these attacks and my fear took over. I prayed and prayed during all of this and I know that it wasn’t the right time because it would have happened if it was. I feel like I am more prepared performance wise but I don’t know spiritually. Fear still gets the best of me sometimes. Anyway, I am about to try out again and I am trying to really get my mind ready for the attacks. I just get filled with such doubt, ” am I really good enough” “I am going to screw up my only shot” “what if I choke” ” I am going to embarrass myself and my family on national television” Any specific advice would be greatly appreciated. I love your message it’s so helpful.

  6. Bright chisom says:

    Now i have good understanding about FAITH.thanks so much 4rm Nigeria

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