How To Keep It Simple




How to keep it simple

by Olga Hermans


If ever God would be speaking about simplifying our life, it would be now. People wonder often why they don’t see God’s glory, His presence, or His anointing. They want to experience all the things that seem to happen to other people regularly.

The answer is very often that they need to simplify their life in order for them to understand what God says in His Word.
There is this transformational power in God’s Word; freedom comes and life comes in your heart when you read it. It penetrates your heart when you let it and positive change will happen.

Yet not enough believers experience these kinds of breakthroughs; let’s have a look at why that is.

The primary reason is that their life is too complex. Most people don’t enjoy God’s presence, God’s anointing, or God glorious plan because life is just too complicated.

Then there are people who sit in church or fellowship with one another and talk about the Word but never gain any insight. These people hear the Word, but the revelation of the Word never comes. They don’t seem to have the ability to absorb the fullness of God’s wisdom.

Psalm 119:130 tells us that the entrance of Your Word gives light and it gives understanding to the simple. So, when you would sit under the preaching of the Word, light should come and God’s revelations should come.

The word ‘simple’ doesn’t mean that you are not intelligent or whatever; it means that you are open-minded and that you live a simple life. Have you ever wondered why older people have so much wisdom? I think because they have the time to process life’s experiences. Their life is simple.

Complexity in itself doesn’t have to a bad thing. Our body in itself is very complex and works wonderfully. The reason people don’t know God the way they should is that their lives are just too cluttered and too complicated.

So, if you are born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit, you can be sure that you have the ability to perceive the leadings of the Lord. The problem is that the busyness of your life and the noise of your flesh are depleting your spiritual life, which make it difficult to hear His still, small voice in your heart.

Your spiritual senses are overwhelmed by worldly clutter so they can’t function as they were designed to be.
I will picture an image here: let’s say that you are sitting in a room with your best friend. You are engaged in each other’s conversation and you can hear each other very well. You can pick up every variation of her voice; you know her so well that your communication gets more and more intimate.

Well, all of a sudden the room fills up with people who are all talking at once. Then TV goes on with a football game; people get so engaged in the game that they raise their voices more and more. 

Your friend is still speaking and you can still hear her, but you can’t discern what she is saying as easily as you could when the room was quiet. You might miss a few words and misunderstand a few things.

Now they open the windows and all the sound of the street comes in; buses, trams and taxis are driving and honking their horn. You are looking at your friend and you see her lips moving, but you can’t figure out what she is saying. There is too much noise in the room; you are unable to distinguish the one sound that is important. You are unable to hear the voice of your friend.

This is what many people experience in their prayer life. Our flesh and our natural concerns of this world are making too much noise and are asking attention from us all the time. Too bad, because what God wants is right there to talk to us, but we have to get quiet before the Lord and give Him all our attention just like you would do with your best friend.

People keep waiting on the leading of the Lord; they think that He is not leading them right now. But that is not true; He is always leading us. But if we don’t obey those leadings, He won’t be able to take us any further. We find ourselves spiritually stuck and unable to rise up to higher levels where our heart desires to go.

It says in Psalm 46:10 that if we will be still before the Lord, we will be sure that we hear Him tell us how much He loves us and that you are a son to Him. Hearing Him say that will give you such a boost that you want to come back again and be still before Him and listen to that still small voice and hear some more from Him.

But if our life is too busy and too cluttered and has gotten a little too comfortable with the ways of this world, we won’t be able to hear Him. People think that it is ok to talk to God while listening to the noise of the world. If you talk to God while you go and do certain things, that is perfectly fine and it is a good thing.

But there should be times in your daily routine that you set yourself apart from everything around you and make time for God. Get your emotions and affection untangled from the earthly affairs.

It is time for us to set our minds on things above, not on things on the earth. It is time for us to get the worldly clutter out of our minds so that we can more readily hear and respond to the voice of the Lord.

We do that by purposely putting more time and energy into spiritual things. We do it by spending extra time each day worshiping the Lord, meditating on His Word, and praying. We do it by giving more of our attention to Him.



  1. Carrie Huskey says:

    Very informative and helpful. I really enjoy your blogs and Daily Choice. Keep em comin. Love ya sister in Christ.

  2. John Randolph says:

    I have beening hearing Simplify being shared at the last couple of meetings I have attended

  3. This was an excellent article. May the Lord Jesus continue to give you a voice to speak to his people.

  4. Yes, it must be quite within and without in order to hear and see God. Over and over Scriptures illustrate how His voice was heard in the quiet of the morning or evening, when the day’s activities have yet to begin or have been finished. Jesus sought solitude for prayer. If He needed this, then how much more do we?

    Great post, much needed points.

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