The Responsibilities of Responsible People

The Responsibilities of Responsible People

by Olga Hermans 



Do you like gong to the movies? Just a week ago my husband and I went to see the movie “Courageous”. We were very, very impressed. This movie is advertised as a powerful motion picture about police officer dads who struggle with their roles as fathers.

The men in the movie have to face their biggest challenge, which is fatherhood. Being a “good enough” father doesn’t cut it when tragedy strikes and the faith of these four men is tested. When secrets are revealed and life becomes unbareable, they must draw closer to God and their families to survive.

Have you ever been in a place like that? I sure have and at the moment it wasn’t fun, but after some time when I was able to look back I could see my inner growth and how I made progress in many areas of my life. You know, you only can make progress when you take responsibility in your own life. You will be able to manage others when you are able to manage yourself first.

That is where responsibility comes in. Adam Mitchell, the main character in the movie first had to take responsibility for his own life before he was able to reach out to others.

Being responsible is something a lot of people don’t know much about. A faithful person is a responsible person. To be responsible is to give account or to be dependable.

Reliable friends who do what they say are
like cool drinks in sweltering heat–refreshing! Pro 25:13

NO wonder Solomon said this person is “as refreshing as a cool drink in sweltering heat” A responsible person is one who can be trusted. These kinds of people are hard to find, but when we find them we will notice that they are different than the average person; their motives are totally different.


Here are 2 of the elements RESPONSIBLE  people have:

1. They are motivated because they feel responsible; because they want to be trusted, they are willing to prove themselves. These people are driven by certain ethics and principles that they will fight for.

For example, abortion is an issue that may not affect us or our family, but we may fight against it and be willing to risk our friendships or reputation without any personal benefits.

These people are fixed; they have a firm foundation that they live by. They are people of value. They take pride in being strong and they don’t care if they are different.

2. They are motivated because they feel responsible to keep going.

For example, someone who is a millionaire several times over and has all he will ever need to go fishing or traveling for the rest of his life, but instead, he or she keeps on working every day and may even undertake something totally new and keep on going.

Some people may see that as greedy, but this person simply enjoys being responsible and likes to be an achiever. These people may do what others say can’t be done, simply for the sake of accomplishment.

Being responsible is more than making a commitment. It is a desire or an inner force that holds them accountable to themselves. They do things for the sake of getting them done or for the enjoyment of seeing them done.

Being responsible just for the sake of being responsible will make you a great servant. Jesus was a true servant. He had nothing to gain for himself. He gave up His reputation to build His name. He was humiliated and rejected to gain our trust. He was truly and purely motivated from within.

He saw what we were, and took the responsibility of making sure we got the opportunity of being what we could be. It cost Him something, but He now has earned the greatest name ever in history of mankind, and also in the world to come.

The Father sent Him on a mission because He knew that He was responsible and could be trusted. He was and still is as refreshing as cool drinks in the sweltering heat of a hot summer.

We too, have to make a choice to be willing to be responsible to achieve our dreams and our destiny. We have to set a good example. It is so very important because people believe a lot more of what they see you do than what they hear you say. So, take the responsibility to set a good example.

Living responsibly in our society is a big job. I think we should watch ourselves a little more and not be a hypocrite. Author and speaker John Maxwell says everything rises and falls on leadership. I believe that. What about you?

My Question to you is: Do you consider yourself a responsible person? How well are you currently applying this principle in your life?



  1. When I teach my children, responsibilities means do what you said you are going to do, do the things you are assigned, follow through and do it well and on time. Being responsible also means we make mistakes and we admit we do make mistakes, learn and move on.

  2. Thank you Olga…excellent article on the ‘Responsibilities of Responsible People’ and yes, as you say, we must be able to manage ourselves before we are able to manage others! …Thanks, Hughie

  3. Olga, this is a great article! Taking responsibility for ourselves is a subject that has come up quite often recently — I think people don’t want to take responsibility for anything because then they might have to admit they made a mistake or did something wrong, but why do people think that is a bad thing? Everyone makes mistakes but if we take responsibility, hopefully we learn from them and can move on and do better. We do have to be able to manage ourselves before we can manage others! Thanks Olga!

  4. Great post Olga, we always should be responsible for our own actions! Thanks for sharing this article.

  5. Carol Giambri says:

    Great article Olga. It does irritate me when others claim to be responsible and can’t commit to their word. However I know I can’t control others but my responsibility to making right choices to b just that–responsible. Thanks for sharing including the Father in the information.

  6. I think teaching our children to have a strong sense of personal responsibility is the greatest gift…all else will flow smoothly from there. Thanks Olga for another amazing post! Well done!:)

  7. Thanks for another good article Olga. I always try to keep my word but as you noted being responsible takes in a lot more than just that. It is so sad that so many people today do not have a notion of what commitment and responsiblity entail. We certainly do not seem to be raising a nation of children who know they need to take responsiblity for their own actions. It is sad

  8. Great advice Olga!

  9. surely i cannot comphrehent the impact you impacted in to my GOD bless you richly

  10. I am a responsible woman. And I rely on God’s strength to be this way! : ) Great article, Olga!!

  11. Yes Pamela, we learn that from our coach as well isn’t it??

  12. Great article Olga! I LOVE the movie Couragous! What an inspiring movie it was and yes, responsibility was a big theme throughout it! Thanks of sharing!

  13. My fav quote from this article = “These people are fixed; they have a firm foundation that they live by. They are people of value. They take pride in being strong and they don’t care if they are different.” Isn’t it wonderful to know that we can be based on a strong foundation?

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