What Does It Mean To Set Your Face Like Flint

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determined What Does It Mean To Set Your Face Like Flint

What Does It Mean To Set Your Face Like Flint

by Olga Hermans

… I set my face like flint, confident that I’ll never regret this. Isaiah 50:7
or I know that I will not be put to shame.



Have you ever heard that sentence? I heard it a couple of times this last weekend through people and then my pastor mentioned this very sentence on Sunday morning again. It was one of those sentences that stays longer with you than normal. I thought I’d dig in, do some research and write about it.

Setting your face like flint means determination. Do you know that you only can be as passionate as you are determined? When you are determined, you refuse to give up; you set your face like flint. People who have dreams overcome obstacles, because they want to see their dreams fulfilled. They did what they needed to do in order to enjoy what they like to enjoy.

God gave us the fruit of self-control and a free will, but we have to make a choice to use it. The less people use their will to make decisions they know they are right, the weaker they become. Setting your face like a flint and being determined is the decision to do whatever you need to do in order to have what you say you want to have.

We need to be diligent. Doing what is right one or two times or even a few times won’t always bring victory. Being diligent on a consistent basis and doing what you know you need to do over and over for a longer time, is the key.

You need a determined attitude, engage your will and be willing to do that particular thing forever if that is what you need to do. You won’t quit, you won’t stop, you set your face like flint and you are determined.

winners What Does It Mean To Set Your Face Like FlintReal winners don’t put time limits on their commitments. They are committed with no conditions, and when they begin, they have made up their minds to finish.

The Bible says the diligent man will rule and he will be rich. Prov.10:4 and Prov.12:24

You cannot be diligent without being determined, just like you cannot be determined without being passionate. Determination is a mind-set and diligence is the effort that goes with it. You and I know people who decide to do something, but their decision is not a quality decision. They may pick up on something and do it for a little while, but when the first trouble appears, they’re gone and fall off to the wayside.

It is so easy for us to think we will do right than it is actually to do it. The doing makes the difference and it requires the diligence. The last part of our verse today says that God will never fail us if we do our part. God tells us what to do in order to have a good life and He gives us the grace to do it. However, we have to make the decision and realize that nobody can make it for us.

We all have to be willing to grow up spiritually, but we should also be determined not to give up during the maturing process. God tells us in Hebr.12 that when we are taught and corrected by God we should keep a good attitude and not give up. God has a plan for you, but He also must prepare you for the plan, and He will lead you as long as you keep your eyes on Him.

Most of us are determined until something happens that shatters our dream. What we do and how we respond to a crisis in life will make all the difference. Some people party and drink, or take drugs. In my FREE report I talk about the story of Joseph who had a dream of which he thought was shattered, but then he discovered that the very circumstances he thought were stealing his dream were leading him to it.

It is very important to remain positive and not start counteracting with lack of restraint. Some people eat excessively, others spend excessively, and others stop taking care of themselves and their household. A lifestyle of doing whatever you want to do is not going to eliminate your pain. The only thing that will eliminate it is setting your face like flint and being determined to have God’s will in your life and nothing else.

Remember to do all He has called you to do, not what He has called someone else to do. If you do what you are meant to do, you will be doing something that you enjoy and that really fits you.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said it this way: “if a man is called to be a streetsweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michael Angelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great streetsweeper who did his job well.”

Every success requires that you know that God is always on your side. You will be success1 What Does It Mean To Set Your Face Like Flintconfident that you’ll never regret it and know that you will not be put to shame. Isaiah 50:7

Paul said that he was determined to know God. Phil.3:10 Don’t ever be satisfied to know about God, but get to know Him. Develop a deep, intimate relationship with Him for yourself and not through someone else. My background is the Catholic church where I only knew God through the priest. I wrote a book on prayer; check it out. You will learn keys and principles how to relate to God and hear His voice and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in your time of prayer.

Many of you just need a good dose of determination, a spark of passion that will ignite a steady stream of hope, enthusiasm, and commitment to keep going. That is the only thing standing between you and real victory. Make up your mind regarding what you believe, have God’s word to back it up, and don’t ever back down. Say daily, “I am determined to be all God wants me to be, do all He wants me to do, and have all He wants me to have.”

Will you set your face like flint from now on for the rest of your life, and never live one more day without determination and passion? Will you determine to be all you can be, and the best you can be? You have what it takes. You can do whatever you need to do though Christ, Who gives you strength.

Let us know what you are going after or what is that one thing that you think stands between you and your Destiny. Will you? It probably will help a lot of readers; thank you!!

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  1. many people does not really know God and thus does not hear His voice, and therefore does not have His dream (nor their own) and are depressed as a result. Then your, and most other messages of goodwill, even biblical truth, only makes those people more despondent…

    Do you have hope for those who are bound and oppressed by the forces of darkness and who find it impossible to believe in God (and know Him on a Personal level) ? There might be many of us – most of whom does no longer go to Christian meetings and who finds the bible(s) confusing and of no practical value for today. Few Christians today have the faith and authority to speak for (and thus in the Name of) the Lord Jesus when presented with a “difficult” situation (viz a person with emotional/spiritual/psychological problems) – usually the “counselors” would give up and blame it on the lack of faith (or stubbornness) of the person in need! Jesus NEVER did that!

    • Indeed Adolf, Jesus never gave up on people; He is the same yesterday, today and forever. You ALWAYS can go to Him no matter what you have done and in whatever state you are. One touch from Him will chage your life forever!

    • reading the Bible and meeting with others to be taught the truth can strengthen each of us. you can
      never go wrong by reading and studying the Bible. test each truth that is taught and make sure it
      comes from the Bible.

  2. Olga, I enjoy reading your articles! To achieve our goals, we always should think positive and believe that we can do it. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Anastasiya Day recently posted..When Delegation Is a ProblemMy Profile

  3. Olga, you are so right. It is so easy to stray from the road that brings us closer to God and our purpose. Determination is absolutely necessary.
    Pray a little prayer for me. Thanks. :)
    Wil recently posted..Deadly Listeria Found in Cantaloupes!My Profile

  4. You did it again Olga! I love the lesson you brought here and the fact that we need to always be determined and to not give-up! Those who reach great heights are those who are determined and don’t give up! Thanks for sharing!
    Jennifer Bennett recently posted..Letting Your Life Speak!My Profile

  5. Olga, thank you for your article and the reminders about determination and passion. Yes, they are key to success along with God’s approval.
    Pat Moon recently posted..Krill Oil Supplements and Long-Term Health ConcernsMy Profile

  6. Great article Olga! Determination is what you have when you KNOW you are on the right path! Thanks for always providing such amazing information :)

  7. Thank you Olga! Yes, it is so important that we know that God is always on our side. Thank you…Hughie

  8. Olga,
    Great, awesome, valuable advice!
    Keep it up,
    AJ recently posted..The Easiest Way To Explain the Marketing ProcessMy Profile

  9. Olga. I must say God bless you for the things you do and the way He uses you. Right from my first reading of your e-book on decision making, i’ve remained convinced that you are a gift to many. I’m inspired by your recent write-up which comes as a timely blessing to me. I have a God dream on my heart and sometimes it almost looks like things are not working. more than ever in the past few days, God has been drawing me to see that as long as i play my part, He is playing His part. I am on a mission to help young people in my generation be better leaders and i’m given to it. your article is yet another boost and confirmation. Grace always

  10. Great post Olga, I so strongly believe that God is on my side, I even feel the presence as a breath, which never leaves me…loved the article! Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  11. Thank u for posting this article…The holy spirit spoke this to me this morning..Set your face like a flint…this stayed with me all day, and I prayed and asked God about this….then I googled this and found this article! I was truly humbled and blessed by this article, it was just what I needed! God bless you, and thank you for being sensitive to his will…I look forward to receiving more daily messages!

  12. I came across this song Like You Jesus by Rita Springer and so I “googled” flint in which I came across your article. It is very encouraging. thanks for sharing.

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