How Does Faith Work?




How Does Faith Work?

 by Olga Hermans

Many people are talking about faith. Faith is not only believing. It is not simply confessing or just hearing the Word. Faith requires doing, yet that’s not all. Although faith includes prayer, there is still more. Meditation is not the final answer either. Learning how to receive from God is a big part of faith too. Praise is powerful, but it needs to be supported by the other parts of faith.

So, how does faith work? Most people think they know, but do they really? Can you explain how faith works to somebody? If you really like to discover the life you were born to live and fill it with passion, you need to know how faith works. So, let’s have a look!

In a given situation, a person may exercise great faith by utilizing only two or three parts of faith. It is not just a cut and dried formula that must be rigidly followed. It is a breakdown of faith that gives us an inner picture of how faith is developed and operate great faith by using everything God has given us.

The growth, development, and release of faith includes hearing the Word, believing the Word, praying according to the Word, receiving the promise, confessing the Word, praising God, and doing the Word.

Let’s say you would have a V-8 engine. The engine is to the average person just a machine. The person, who knows engines, however, knows it is made up of many stationary and moving parts. Primarily, the engine itself has eight cylinders with pistons inside of them. Timed explosions in each of these cylinders causes power to be released to move the pistons. The moving pistons turn a shaft that harnesses the power from the explosion of the gasoline in the cylinder and eventually channels that power to turn the wheels.

Even though some of the pistons or cylinders are not functioning properly, the engine will still run, but it will be rough. It is the same with people and faith. Some people will get a lot of mileage out of a little bit of faith, but the full potential can only be reached by continuous exercise of all parts of faith. Jesus must be our example for He is the one person who developed His faith to perfection. Our faith will grow the same way, because it is His faith that we have been given.

Your faith is very similar to the V-8 engine used in many cars. It is one operation, yet the power is generated through a series of operations within the engine itself. Each operation in faith has a specific place and will produce power if it is run by the Spirit. Although the engine may run on fewer than all 8 cylinders, its power and efficiency are greatly reduced. For highest performance every part of your faith must be operating.

A car engine must be properly tuned and the timing set for it to run properly. Depending on the make and year of the car, the spark plugs and/or points must be firing with precision or the explosion of the gasoline air mixture will not be good. Likewise the pistons, valves, and cylinders need to be in good shape. If all these things are not in order, the engine will run rough, lack power, start poorly, and cause many problems.

If so much knowledge is needed just to run an automobile, why shouldn’t we be more concerned about the great powerhouse God has given us? Don’t wait until a crisis arises to check your faith because it will be too late.

Faith includes hearing, believing, praying, receiving, confessing, meditating, praising and doing. All of these things are important, and you will probably discover other things that help our faith grow and mature to the place that it can be used to meet the needs of those around us. Remember, this is not a dead formula, a set of rules, or another do-it yourself kit. It is a simple explanation of the various parts of faith using a modern parable.

It is a great privilege to build our lives on a foundation that cannot be shaken and will stand firm against every wind, storm, and flood of the adversary. Faith reaches for the eternal and brings it into existence in order to change the natural things.

You may be burdened with sin, sickness, discouragement, or confusion, but your faith in the eternal Word of God can overcome those feelings and give you victory in every situation.

The temporal things will be changes by the Eternal, and you will be established on the rock. How wonderful is that!!

What things have you see change in your life because of your faith? Tells us about in the comment section…

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  1. Hearing, confessing, doing! Great reminder Olga! With “believing, praying, receiving, confessing, meditating, praising” = Great Victory! Wonderful article.

  2. Yay! Glad to see you back. I have missed your inspiration.

  3. Great Article Ogla! i’m working on these thing in my life and love to read your take on how to get there!

  4. So often people miss the key.. doing the work. If you believe it.. you must show it with action. Very nice, Olga.

  5. Wonderful description – thank you!

  6. Awesome work and explanation of Faith Work. Thank you

  7. Olga, thank you for a very inspiring article about faith. Right now we, my hubby and me, are going through tough financial issues due to our own stupidity, the economy, and the real estate market so your article really spoke to me. I hope it is ok, I quoted you on some ‘hootsuite’ posts. You made some amazing statements and I wanted to share them. (I did give you credit.)
    Oh, by the way, I am impressed with your knowledge of how an automobile works!

    • hahahaha Pat; if I could break down a car like I did with the subject of faith…I don’t know what I would be doing….thanks for your comment!

  8. I really appreciate your articles and what a great breakdown of examining faith and what it all means.

  9. What a great article! With all the “faith” required for our situation with my daughter, it is no surprise God wanted us to name her Faith. He knew what was coming! Her very name is a constant reminder of where God wants our hearing, our sight, our actions, and our words to be! I’m constantly questioning if I’m doing enough, however, I’m learning that it’s about the right things… not enough things. It’s not works… it’s faith with action. Thanks for the reminder of ALL the facets of faith and making sure they work for our benefit and ultimately, His glory!!

    • I am so thankful to know you Jessica; you are such a great example to many in how to handle your challenges with your children. Thanks for your comment.

  10. Charles Allen says:

    I think alot of people get discourage they have the faith but it’s God timeing also because God tell you something and you live on a cloud of faith for awhile then you begain to dought becase it’s not his timing yet he will do it at his time.

  11. Wonderfully evocative post about faith. It’s strange how faith can be complex and simple at the same time!
    I know that the hardest time in my life was when I believed God had given up on me, but then reclaiming my faith enabled me to reclaim my life!

  12. Great job of explaining faith and taking action. I will share your wisdom 🙂

  13. I think faith is simply believing in the unseen more than the seen. Having said that though, one must still have a relationship with God and be willing to listen and act. Nice post!

  14. Faith is very important! Faith gives up hope and comfort. Thank you for an amazing post!

  15. When I think of the word faith, I don’t only relate it to religion, it can be applicable to many things. Having faith is important in giving meaning to our lives, and for a non-religious person like me, it means having faith in my decisions, in my children’s ability to be independent etc. etc. Whatever context in which we use it, as you correctly say, it involves more than just believing.

  16. Great post Olga! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  17. What a fantastic article on faith, Olga! My favorite part was “Faith includes hearing, believing, praying, receiving, confessing, meditating, praising and doing.” Beautiful work.

  18. Super article, Olga!
    For all the ways the word “faith” is bandied about, our faith is only as valid as the object of our faith! We can “have faith” in many things, but if the object of our faith if faulty it doesn’t matter how sincerely we believe, it will disappoint eventually.
    I love the way you concluded with having faith in the eternal Word of God! Now there is something worth having faith in!

  19. Thanks for sharing Olga. You make faith sounds so easy-love it. It is such a journey, isn’t it?

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