7 Vital Choices You Have To Make In Life


7 Vital Choices You Have To Make In Life

by Olga Hermans

#1: Make a choice to take a stand in your own life
It is one of the most frustrating things when we have the idea that our own life is just rolling down the road. Sometimes there are seasons in our life that we don’t even realize what is going on and why things are the way they are.

Do you realize that you are a unique individual? Do you know that there is not one other person in the whole world like you? God made you special, just the way He wants you. He has a unique purpose for your life. Realize that, and you are on your way to being a winner.

#2: Make a choice to be responsible for your own life
You cannot dodge responsibility for how and why your life is the way it is. Take ownership of your own life. If there are things in your life that you don’t like; you probably made a wrong choice somewhere. If you are in debt, you are the one that is responsible. Your job, your weight, your marriage; you are responsible.
There is absolutely no reason to blame others or look at the past. There is no victory and no progress in doing that.

When you choose to think and speak negatively, filled with anger and bitterness, you will experience isolation and hostility around you. That is something that you don’t want, right? Start making right choices from now on. When you choose the right behavior and thoughts, you will see the right results in your life.

#3: Make a choice to do what works
Somehow you have to discover the payoff that drives your behavior. This is a biggie. If we would realize what consequences our behavior would have in the long run, we wouldn’t be so tolerant of ourselves. Who wants to be lonely and bitter and hostile? No-one in their right mind would want that.

I know people who have a self-destructive behavior. My sister died of anorexia nervosa last year because she rejected herself, she punished herself by always asking for negative attention. Remember, you are EXTRA-ordinary because you are one-of-a-kind. When you have even a little self-love and self-worth because of your awareness of God in you; you will start developing Christ-motivated habits that will make you a winner for sure.

#4: Make a choice to acknowledge the issues you want to change
You only can do that by getting real and getting brutally honest with yourself. Look at the areas that aren’t working for you and stop making excuses.

You cannot afford to lie to yourself! You have to know where you are in life and where you want to go. Your life is like a GPS system in your vehicle that must have two pieces of information to function. First, it must know your destination, and second, it must know your current location.

#5: Make a choice to take action
Once you’ve made some decisions, you have to act. Nobody cares about what you think unless they see you do something. Talk is cheap; being a doer determines the course of your life. Take all your revelations, insights and awareness and convert them into purposeful and constructive actions. That is when your life will gain value and meaning.

Realizing you have to change might be painful, but staying where you are and not doing a thing is more painful. So, take the pain that burdens you have now and turn the situation to your advantage.

#6: Make a choice to take charge of your life and hold on.
Our life needs a manager and you are the one! God has given us authority to rule our own life. You really should make it your objective to be very active in doing that. Do it in a way that generates high quality results. You are the only one who can make your life work.

The key to managing your life is to have a strategy. You need courage and energy to execute that strategy. If you do have a strategy, the future looks bright for you. You know, if you don’t require much of yourself, your life will be of poor quality. If your standards are too high, you will give up and you will have more difficulties.

#7: Make a choice to get clear about what you want.
When you know what you want you can take your turn. You need to be awakened to things God has for your life; He has an awesome plan and a purpose for you here in the earth.

By being specific in defining your goal, the choices you make along the way will be more goal-directed. You will recognize which behaviors and choices support your goals — and which do not. You will know when you are heading toward your goal, and when you are off track.

What choice is your most favourite choice and which one do you struggle with the most? 


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  1. Love the fact that you use the word ‘choice’! Sometimes it feels like life just happens but as you point out, just about every decision is a choice. The best choice I made was to ask God into my life!

    • Awesome Carolyn, I would say the same thing. Accepting Jesus was a huge turn around in my life.

      • Anthony Smith says:

        Man, I just lost my job a few weeks ago and I have been in momentum/resting. You know resting with cause. Know im asking God are you changing my direction, are you wanting me to do something different with my life? What is it, then i ran across face like flint on your web cite and loved it. I logged on to your wed cite and began to read all what you had to offer and began to since a lack “of grace” in your message. God does lead even when we do not want to go. Look at the Jews and Moses. And look at Jona in the belly of the whale, and that is just a few. I really appreciate what you have to say, But man, I believe your tone needs to be a little more centered in grace. I dont know if this because I just lost my job and it could or could not be a choice i made, but who cares, im not one to sit around and lick my wounds but i am one to STOP and listen to what GOD is doing. That is where Momentum/rest comes in to play. Some of use need to rest and not do. Doing and not listening, then acting is what has gotten use where we are. But don’t forget to give and relieve Gods Grace For that season …..Anthony (-:

  2. I believe everything is a choice! You can all choose whether you let bad choices keep you down or make a new choice to overcome. Everything happens for a reason and the reason is tied to choices you or someone else made. Great post, Olga!

  3. Love these tips Olga, especially getting clear and taking action! I always get so inspired when I visit your site. Thanks!

  4. Great article, Olga. Indeed, everything we do in our life is a choice. Thanks for sharing this 7 vital choices in our lives.

  5. It all starts with choice and accepting responsibility. That is the point of power and you have expressed that brilliantly, dear Olga. Great, great post!

  6. What a positive, empowering post, Olga! Exercising the power to choose is such a key to living a rich, intentional life! Love this – thank you!

  7. I choose to make the best of my life! Great post Olga!

  8. You have provided a complete profile of our power to choose and what those basic necessary choices will be through life. Thanks for sharing this as it will benefit so many.

  9. The key word in life is “choice”. We all get one, a vital one and depending on what choice we make will determine what we receive. Great article and a necessary message to get out to everyone…who wants to chose.

  10. Awesome post Olga. Reminds me of Charles Swindoll’s piece entitled “Attitude”, which I try to live by. Another good one, friend.

  11. Choice. Not making a choice is still a choice. Many great points here Olga, thanks!

  12. Carol Giambri says:

    Great keys. Love the fact that we really do have choices in our life. This includes healthy choices such as eating or gardening in a small area or large. Also in business, spouses, friends, etc. The list goes on. So yes we do have choices and the right to own them as well. Even if they turn out as the wrong one we can learn from the bad ones too and may not really be as “bad” as we thought.

  13. Rejoice says:

    Thanks Olga. This is a very vital message for us to know and take it seriously. We thank God for giving us the right to make a choice. We may not be able to choose who our parents can be, but we are blessed that we can still choose to lead a good life, nomatter where the family background has put us. We can take charge of our life and shake off any thing that we do not want in our life.

  14. Thank you for your great articles.

  15. Vicky Savellis-Grant says:

    Great article. So true we are responsible for the choices we make.

  16. Thanks Olga, great message, that I think we tend to get caught up in the fast pace of life we forget that we can make choices. Becoming aware that everything comes with a choice is the start to success.

  17. Carrie Huskey says:

    It is so more easier to make decisions when God is involved in your decision making.

  18. Being in direct sales, this resonates with me. I work all the time with women who are trying to decide whether to begin a home business. They can make a choice to remain only with their full time job which many hate, or remain only as a stay at home mom which bores many of them, or they can step outside of their comfort zone. I feel like I’m presenting a no brainer choice, and too often the women who aren’t meant for direct sales for whatever reason aren’t recognizing that they have the power to change their situation so they make the choice to remain where they are. Great post!

  19. 7 vital choices you have to make in life has inspired me so much. Thank you olga.

  20. Love this, Olga! Life is all about choices….both the good and the bad. When we listen to God, hopefully they are good ones. I particularly like the last choice. It is one I have struggled with since my children grew up and left home. You know…..who am I and what do I want? My title of “Mom” for thirty years was no longer relevant. God is still teaching me on this one.

  21. Lately I haven’t been as clear on my goals as I should be, so I’m especially focusing in on your last choice. I used to write down my goals and break them down into a step-by-step action plan, with dates! I would do this every day, but I got away from it. You’ve helped to re-activate me, Olga – THANKS!!

  22. “Make a Choice to Take Action”
    One of the passive actions we take is to not take any action at all. We can ‘pocket veto’ almost any decision in our lives by simply not doing anything. Most people don’t consider this as an action, but it absolutely is!

  23. Is it possible to like all of them?!?! 🙂 I think every one of these is terrific and something we all need to consider… even when our lives do seem like they are on track. I think sometimes I expect God to throw down some neon lights to point a change in direction… but I know He is expecting me to take action towards my faith. Because of that, I think taking charge and holding on is a big one for me!

  24. Love this article! We have been given free will by our heavenly father and the choice to determine what will do with it. The tip I loved the most and share with children is that of responsibility for the choices that you make. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom:)

  25. Love love love this post Olga! Thank you! I’m working through some of these things right now and this is a great encouragement -thank you!

  26. To answer your question Olga, making a choice to take action is very important to me and it is also my favorite. The Bible, in the Book of James said faith without action is dead. It is vital to take action if we want to activate faith.

  27. Changing our life it all about make a choice and taking action! I have done this a lot of thing this year! LOVE the steps! Great job!

  28. Thank you for a very inspiring post, Olga. I especially love # 7: “Make a choice to get clear about what you want.” It is so important to get clear on what we really, really want and deserve. Loved it!

  29. Beautiful post here. Again, the key word that I took away from this is “choice”. God has given us the ability to do that on our time here on Earth.

  30. Excellent post! I just had a discussion along those lines tonight with a young lady who blames all of her mistakes on either her period or pms. Some people blame another person, but some people blame something else, like pms. Anything that is framed in their mind as out of their control is a good scapegoat.

    We have more control over our choices than that!


    • I know Christiane and I also know that the minute they stop blaming on others and take their full responsibility, their life will change!

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