Your Season Can Shift With One CHOICE





Your Season Can Shift With One CHOICE

by Olga Hermans

Sometimes it feels like we need a shift in our life, we are in the middle of the wilderness, that there are no roads or even signs that lead anywhere. Even if you would have a choice, you are not expecting anything good; nothing exciting at all. I’d like to share a few things with you that might change your way of thinking; a powerful insight about understanding your own times and seasons.

We all know that God loves us and that He wants the very best for us no matter what. His desire for us is that we prosper in every area of our life. We want His will to come into our life because that is the very best for us. He created us and placed our gifts and talents on the inside of us and in a way that makes us dependable upon God. By the way, God likes that and it helps us if we like that.

God is all-powerful and unstoppable and holds our times and seasons in His hands. But the thing is that many people relegate the season they are in to God’s sovereignty. Oops! Big mistake! They give everything into God’s hands as if He made us a robot. They leave the breakthrough in their life, or getting their life to a better place up to God. It’s all up to God to heal them whenever He wants it to happen and then they wait for it. They think God wants to teach them a lesson.

Others have said concerning the call that’s on their lives, “When God wants to open a door for me or use me in a certain way, it will just happen.” And they sit and wait and wait and wait.

We are more involved in our destiny and the season and times that we are living in than we realize. You remember when Jesus came to the well and met the Samaritan woman “by accident”? Her life was all messed up and bound in immorality; she knew no way out any more. Here she was, just going about doing her daily tasks like any other day. Here she is at the well and meets this man who knew everything about her life and still wants to talk to her. That was very rare for her. From that day forward her whole life was changed around.

You see, this woman was open to a change in her life and seized the moment so to speak. Her messed-up circumstances made her desperate and longing for a change. Her eyes were opened to who Jesus was and went and told it to everyone in her town. Her season was shifted in one single moment.

There are so many stories and situations in the Bible that show us that when Jesus shows up, things drastically change. I remember in my own life when my husband and I went through a very difficult time in our marriage and we thought that the only way out was a divorce. We were meant for each other, but circumstances and family situations had brought too many hardships, and we just wanted to give up.

But Jesus showed up at a moment we didn’t even know Him yet, but He turned the whole situation around in 1 moment on 1 day. After that, the word “divorce” went out the window which was the best decision we ever made.

Your season can shift with one CHOICE! You see, sometimes we need another person to speak into our life for our life will move forward. But WE have to be willing and we have to be open!

In order to make the right decision that can change your entire life and launch you into your new season, you have to have faith that is produced by clarity of vision. Every fear, every doubt and every distraction must be thrown out of your heart. You must learn to trust yourself and gain confidence and the way you do that is by living out of your spirit, not your soul.

Our emotions, our will and our mind make up our soul; our emotions can drive us away from the path that we need to go. Our thoughts can keep us captive in fear and doubt. Our will can be so passive that we don’t even want to make a choice. That is a bad situation waiting for a disaster to happen. You need to be able to take your will and change gears and tell yourself to get up and create a change in your life.

Engage your will in what YOU want to do and bring all your feelings and stinky thoughts under submission to your will and if you have your will submitted to the will of God; good things are going to happen. God WANTS you to prosper, so whatever you are confident in doing, start doing it! Our will is a powerful thing. If we don’t want to yield to the will of God, nothing is going to happen.

So many people are soul-driven, while God is calling us to be Spirit-led. God speaks into our spirit; He gives us ideas and witty inventions to create wealth. He has empowered us to create wealth. So, let’s engage our will and step up to the plate and do it! Will you do that?

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  1. Our greatest gift is our power of will…and our greatest treasure is our faith. Wonderful article!
    denny hagel recently posted..Are You Having Fun With Your TeenagerMy Profile

  2. Robert Hendrixs says:

    Great article…how to shift seasons in your life; we have more power in us than we realize. We just have to act on it.

  3. This article has really touched me.Thanks Olga.I will sure be staying in touch for more.Hope your day is good and things are in perfect shape.God bless and have a very productive day.
    Meanwhile plz do check my blog on freeing your mind read it,follow,be inspired and comment to improve my works too.Thanks

  4. Great article Olga to urge people to stop sleep walking through life and live the purpose they were made for…

  5. Great article Olga and I like your analogies of using the seasons…

  6. Jennifer Redshaw says:

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – I’m stepping up. Thank you for the encouragement

  7. Carrie Huskey says:

    I like this blog. I used to have big time trouble managign my emotions. Im reading a book now called Living Beyond Your Feelings by Joyce Meyer. It really is helping me. So do your blogs

    • Carrie, that is a great book. You keep reading and informing yourself girl and you will get better and better!

  8. You really spoke some TRUTH in this one Olga. I wrote about the very thing you spoke of here, regarding how people place 100 percent of the responsibility on God, and just wait for something to happen. Thanks for reminding us that even after we’ve prayed, we must act. We must make choices and engage the free will God gave us.
    Ron recently posted..Sunday Best Recap for 7-29-12 : We’re down to 6!My Profile

  9. This spoke VOLUMES to me! You are a mighty woman of God Olga. A special treasure to the Body of Christ. Blessings heaped upon blessings to you and your family. xxx

  10. sarah qian says:

    wow! it is really a wonderful gift from GOD!

    i do need this to help me out my painful season in my life~

    god show me the truth about my love bcos he doesnt want me get hurt than i already are.

    i need him to heal my broken heart,

    and know he is doing this!

    thank you for your article!

  11. Olga, this article is full of deep wisdom, profound truth!

    I love this sentence: We are more involved in our destiny and the season and times that we are living in than we realize.

    One daily choice at a time. I choose to live and walk in the Spirit, with Christ, in the realm where ALL things are possible… not my own soulish efforts.

    Thanks for another great word!

    • Thanks Susan, I always enjoy your comments. YES, we are more involved in our destiny than we realize….I think we all know it, but we need to act on it

  12. Olga,
    Toward the end of your post, you really nailed the heart of the matter (not to say that the whole post wasn’t great, b/c it was). When you use the word ‘submission’ in relation to God, that’s when my heart lept.
    Our submission to God is key. We give over our situations to God when we say, ‘Whatever YOU want’ to Him. That’s when things finally can change for the better.
    Matthew Reed recently posted..11 Habits For Success: #5 RewardsMy Profile

    • Submission is sometimes a difficult for people to hear, but it is a beautiful thing when we are ready for it, because that is the moment when great things are starting to happen!

  13. I SO LOVE THIS POST!! THANK YOU!! MY favorite part….We are more involved in our destiny and the season and times that we are living in than we realize. and Your season can shift with one CHOICE! thank you so much!

  14. Shifting our season with one choice seems so simple….and it really is. Learning to listen for the Master’s voice amidst all of the turmoil is so very important. He is our only way! Thank you, Olga!
    Mary Marriner recently posted..Monday…and more of the HawkMy Profile

  15. The Master who crafted us know the seasons of our life and has given us choices to act upon each of them. I agree with what you said Olga about the need for another person to speak into our life for our life to move forward.
    Claudia Looi recently posted..Customer Care and Mementos from ChicagoMy Profile

  16. If it is good & we are submitted to God, “Whatever you are confident in doing, start doing it!” YES!
    I have also come to realize how true it is that our lives, our attitudes, our accomplishments, can turn & move forward with ONE WORD. One acceptance of truth. One choice.
    Jenny Shain recently posted..Made for Something MoreMy Profile

  17. You’re so right! I have made a couple pivotal choices in the past few months, and my life is getting better all the time. 🙂

  18. Life is just one big sea of choices, isn’t it? I’ve always been so thankful for my parents and grandparents who were always hammering home how important decision-making is. It’s what makes our life, our LIFE!
    Martha Giffen recently posted..How To Be An Incredible Marketer Without Being PushyMy Profile

  19. I love the story of the Samaritan woman. It reminds us to be open and expect the unexpected when God is in control! We can make the choice to listen to ourselves or listen to God. I know which one I would rather do!
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..Don’t Just Do Something!! Sit There.My Profile

  20. Yes, spirit is what we have to follow… Such a great article, Olga. I think people are just often confused and don’t really understand the difference between spirit and the soul. This is why “So many people are soul-driven, while God is calling us to be Spirit-led.” Thank you!
    Solvita recently posted..5 TOP Ways To Remove Inner CriticMy Profile

    • Yes Solvita, we need to be spirit driven; the spirit of the living God will bring us to the right place at the right time.

  21. Olga,
    Stepping up to the plate allows God plan to happen. Stepping up to the plate means we are willing to do what needs to be done. Stepping up to the plate is how we confirm our commitment to follow God’s plan. Stepping up to the plate helps us grow our faith and trust in God. Great article on how to make a shift in our life.
    Pat Moon recently posted..Danger of Drifting AlongMy Profile

  22. such a beautiful yet somple truthy. If we have our will in line with God it will all happen as successfully as we could have dreamed..;) Thanks Olga!
    Barbara Peters recently posted..Relationship Conflict – Needing to Be Needed But Afraid To NeedMy Profile

  23. The point of power is in choice. Wonderful post, Olga!
    Sherie recently posted..Relationship Anxiety Got You Walking on Eggshells?My Profile

  24. Olga, you start your article with the phrase “Sometimes it feels like we need a shift in our life, we are in the middle of the wilderness, that there are no roads or even signs that lead anywhere.” Whereas some might think that is a place to be avoided, I see it as a tremendous opportunity … and I find that such discomfort is almost always the precursor to a big spurt of growth!
    Sharon O’Day recently posted..Value, Peace and Power in Confronting Life’s Difficult TopicsMy Profile

  25. Great reminder to not just sit around waiting for God to open the door!

  26. “You need to be able to take your will and change gears and tell yourself to get up and create a change in your life.” This is SO good, Olga! I love this article because it’s all about action! I can always use more action in my life!!
    Jessica Stone recently posted..Just Press PlayMy Profile

  27. Great post, Olga. I love that we can always choose a fresh start. It is allowed!

  28. Only you can change yourself, great article.
    maggie currie recently posted..Living in the momentMy Profile

  29. This while year has been a season of change for me as well as challenges and being pushed to my limits! I am so excited to see whats coming next 🙂 Life is good!
    Anita recently posted..The Tremendous Power of ClarityMy Profile

  30. Olga, you are a blessing! I love your blog!
    Karen Presecan recently posted..Simply Beautiful SpacesMy Profile

  31. Great post, Olga. I loved ” every fear, every doubt and every distraction must be thrown out of your heart.” This is so true about making powerful decisions and changes in you life. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  32. Love the wisdom and inspiration that I gather on your site, Olga. It’s never too late to start over and do better!

  33. Great post! It is amazing how a little shift can change everything and the greatest part is that we are in the driver’s seat of making that shift happen. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Carol Giambri says:

    It came down to one word for me about 16 years back: YES. It was a choice and never regretted that as a Jewish girl.

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