The Power Of Choice

The Power Of Choice

by Olga Hermans


Have there been times in your life that you lay awake at night and couldn’t sleep? Looking at the ceiling and wondering what you life could have been if you had made some different choices? I know I did and I have some friends that did. You see, our life depends on our choices. Our steps are ordered by the Lord, that’s right!

Have you ever examined the choices and decisions you made and those you should have made? Have you ever considered why certain decisions were made? Why you did this or did not do that? What was the motivation that brought you to where you are today and why are you not somewhere else? Maybe you are disappointed in yourself about all the choices you made.

I think we all understand that God has not made us in the image of a robot; He made us in His image and He has given us a free will. A free will to choose for life and not for death. To take charge of your life takes courage to exercise your God-given difference.

In a sense we all wear masks; why do people wear masks? You can choose to be the person you want to be, but you are also the person that your family believes you are, you are the person in private that you really are, you are the person that you seek to hide from people and somewhere inside you are the person that you really would like to be.

Anyway, it is your life. Take ownership. Accept responsibility. Be honest with yourself.

You have the power to choose, because of your free will. The Power of Choice belongs to you!

We can keep wishing to discipline ourselves to make changes. We can do that right at the spot, or the following week, or the following month or even next year. It’s all up to us. But, we want change in our life; we have to start to use the power of choice that is given to us.

Nobody likes change; many of us have to walk up to a brick wall and in a way to be forced to make choices, otherwise we keep postponing and putting things of. We created our circumstances by our past choices. We have both the ability and the responsibility to make better choices beginning today. People need the truth.

We cannot keep on making the wrong choices day after day that will bring us in the wrong circumstances at the wrong time with the wrong people even. We must reevaluate our choices and then we must make the very choices that will bring life, happiness and joy into our daily lives.

Be strong and take courage, rise up; you cannot fail. You only fail if you fail to do nothing. That in itself is a choice and life will give it back to you. YOU decide the process of making the right choices. This is the process: • Choose Your Thoughts, for they become Words • Choose Your Words, for they become Actions • Choose Your Actions, for they become Habits • Choose Your Habits, for they become Character • Choose Your Character, for it becomes Your Destiny. It all begins with your very own power of choice.

The Power of Choice will Change Your Life; Your Life Is Choice Driven!

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