Using Social Media Strategies To Relate To Your Partner


Today is a special day; I am so excited to introduce to you my friend Susan Preston who writes on relationships and social media strategies on her blog. Susan and I have met in a business networking group online where we learn and receive input from each other. I know that you will receive something new from her today concerning your relationship with your partner using Social Media.

Here is Susan; enjoy her post!





Using Social Media Strategies To Relate To Your Partner 

by Susan Preston


Just about everybody uses some kind of social media site these days. I just finished commenting on what are the essential elements that are necessary when using social media on a facebook post. Then it hit me, what if we spent even half as much time on Relating with our partner, as we do with our friends, potential clients and clients…can you imagine how much better our relationships would be?

Since we go to relationships to give and share, by using the five strategies that you use everyday when you are on your social networks you will find that you have even more so to bring to your relationship. I believe that you will find that it will help you to relate with your partner at an even deeper level, thus bringing your relationship to an Extraordinary place!

Five Steps On How To Use Social Media Strategies To Relate To Your Partner:

Be You:

It is so important to be yourself in your relationship. By embracing who you truly are and tapping into your true Magnificence and then sharing yourself with your partner, it will help them to feel like they can do the same and be themselves. Don’t try to be like you think they want you to be, but rather who you really are.

By continually filling yourself up with love, joy, happiness, self-esteem, honor, respect and worthiness, etc. you will be able to share yourself at a much more deeper and meaningful level. Now you have two people who are building a relationship who are totally comfortable being themselves, that is a Win-Win situation for everyone!

Listen Attentively:

You need to listen to your what your partner is saying. They maybe sharing with you their problems and frustrations and if you are so busy trying to do other things while they are talking, you may miss the true meaning of what they are trying to say. Make it about them! Really listen generously, to what they are saying not what you think they are saying. Reflect back on what they said to make sure it is accurate. Tune in to what they truly need and feel what’s going on underneath it all. It is so important to make them feel that they are being heard and that they truly matter! By giving them your undivided attention, they will feel like they are a priority rather then as an option in your life.


After you listen to them, engage with them. Acknowledge what they are feeling. Give your input into the situation in a kind and loving way. Sometimes, just by acknowledging what they are feeling is all that is necessary. If there is a way to help them, do so. Don’t go overload them with your opinion. Your partner may not always remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel.


Since relationships are a place that we go to give of ourselves, by filling yourself up with all the goodies as I call them [love, honor, respect, etc.] you will have even more to give of yourself on a consistent basis. You see you cannot give to others on a consistent basis what you don’t give to yourself first. A lot of times people try to do so, but end up feeling drained and empty and don’t feel like they have anymore to give.

Making it about them at times makes them feel that you appreciate them and you know yourself, when you feel appreciated you want to give even more. People love to feel that they are a significant part of their partner’s life.


When you continually fill yourself up with all of the goodies, you will find you are much more creative and inspired. Thus, as a result you will be able to share yourself as well as your creativity and inspiration to help with a challenge that your partner maybe going through. Share who you are and some of the great things that are happening in your life and business, but do it graciously. By doing this, you will help your partner to feel comfortable about sharing who they are.
By using these five strategies, it will take your relationship to that next Amazing level. You might even want to message them privately on facebook and ask them on a hot date. We spend so much time using our social networks why not get creative using them to relate to your partner! I would love for you to comment below how you might use social media to relate to your partner, thanks!

Is your mindset keeping you from growing your business? If you would like more help with this or if you are having challenges in any of your relationships, Susan would love to help. Click on Free Consultation and Susan will give a free 30 minute consultation to answer any pressing questions that you may have to give you the clarity that you may need, in order to move in the right direction.

Susan Preston is a Mindset Motivator & a Relationship Mentor. Susan can empower you to Master your Mindset and Ignite your Relationships by helping you to get the clarity to take your life and business to that next Amazing level. She brings a lifetime of experience to help you create that balance in every area of your life so that you are truly living your Dreams! You can see more of Susan’s work at



  1. #GoodRead. As a social media enthusiast, i can relate to this post! My wife can attest to the frequent tags across several apps / sites as i try to include her, and indeed she has accounts with Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Google+, Pinterest, Path, etc. because I invited her to join me. Now if i can just get the time it takes for this under control, we an spend more together offline too. Trying to integrate the tech, not dominate my life with it. So glad she is, for the most part, patient with me .. even when taking pictures or doing “checkins” ..folks, that’s love in my eyes. -StoneyTheDreamer

    • Thanks for your comment, I think you are not the only one in this Stonewall. Glad you love your wife so much!!

  2. Carrie Huskey says:

    I want to subscribe ti this blog. Please send me a link in my email

  3. I love Susan Preston. If you are not following her you need to be 🙂 Thanks Olga for having her as a guest today!

  4. Thanks Susan for a great encouraging post. Social Media, marriage, friendships, parenting are all relationships and have a few baseline characteristics that must be address. Engagement, listening, being genuine helps all fo them!
    Matthew Reed recently posted..11 Habits For Success: #7 Start Here!My Profile

  5. Excellent tips on relating to our partner. Confession time…this fiery grandma finally figured out what you realized at the beginning of your post, Susan. Yes, I was paying more attention to, relating to my friends and business partners more on social media than my husband…shame on me. However, it’s easy to get sucked into the whole shiny object trap. The good news is that meeting and relating to experts such as yourself provides us with resources to fix the problems we encounter in our lives. Thank you Susan for helping all of us relate with our loved ones on a deeper, more meaningful level.
    Carla J Gardiner recently posted..Working Grandma’s Time Management ChallengeMy Profile

    • Great that you told us how much you enjoyed Susan’s article Carla. There are surely many avenues to connect with our spouse and social media is also one of them!

  6. Love how you tied the social media aspects to relationships with your partner. Great tips!
    Kim Garst recently posted..Step-By-Step: How to Record Google+ HangoutsMy Profile

  7. Wonderful article! Love how you connect relationship and social media. Thanks Susan and Olga.
    Lorii Abela recently posted..How to Strengthen a Long Distance Relationship on the InternetMy Profile

  8. This is sound advice for all of us, both offline and online. It sounds like operating out of flow… that as we continue to be filled, ourselves, we have the patience and grace to listen to someone, to offer our souls. It makes for a nicer world, certainly! It was nice to hear Susan’s voice on your blog, Olga – thanks for inviting her as your guest!
    Susan McKenzie recently posted..Cowgirl Up!My Profile

  9. Loved Susan’s post. She is always full of great nuggets to chew on. She’s the Queen of Relationships. Loved how social media and relationships were blended in.

  10. Great post Susan. If you are not following Susan you need to, she is awesome at what she does and will help you in so many ways.
    Kerry Postel recently posted..Part 3 – Bookkeeping Reports and What Do They MeanMy Profile

  11. Susan, love the connection you make between relationships and social media. Great tips, thanks!
    Sherie recently posted..Relationship Anxiety Got You Walking on Eggshells?My Profile

  12. This is a great article on many levels! Thanks for sharing!!
    Jessica Stone recently posted..Just Press PlayMy Profile

  13. It’s all about relationships whether you are on-line or face-to-face. Love how you paralleled the two. Wonderful blog post Susan. Thanks for inviting Susan into your space Olga! What lovely complement the two of you make!
    Kim Hawkins recently posted..My Blog in One SentenceMy Profile

  14. Great post Susan! Love your 5 strategies – especially the first one about being yourself. No one wants to connect with a phoney! And I totally agree with making as much effort with partners as they can sometimes end up in the bottom of the pile!

    • You got that right Carolyn, nobody wants to connect to a phoney! We need to make the effort to meet our partners also on social media!

  15. I love reading about ideas that are relevant and impact our lives…this article is sooo powerful! Nothing is more important that our relationships! Thanks!
    denny hagel recently posted..Part I~Strategies to Help Your Children Manage ConflictMy Profile

  16. I agree it’s all about relationships. Thanks for sharing… great post!

  17. I see so much how people come into my restaurant and rather than relating with each other they are both on their phones doing Facebook, Twitter or something else and not talking to each other. Kind of sad really and hopefully they can use these strategies with each other. I try to use them in my daily life.

  18. Indeed there are huge takeaways in how we interact in social media that can be transferred over to our loved ones!
    Edmund Lee recently posted..Get More Followers on Twitter by Increasing your RetweetsMy Profile

  19. Great comparison, social media and relationships. It’s so true,, we are building relationships online by being authentic so why not with the ones we chose to be in our life?

  20. Hubby and I (married 33 years) will sometimes tweet each other – he in the living room and me in the office. He has his own ‘Hooters’ (Hootsuite) to manage his social media and he’s getting pretty good!

  21. Olga, your guest blogger, Susan, did such an excellent job relating social media to relationships. I appreciate that these skills can translate into all areas of our lives.

  22. Thank you, Olga for having me as a guest. I am truly honored. I also appreciate all of the wonderful comments, especially Jan’s. Thanks, everybody 🙂

  23. Love this article Susan…and yes, I agree…use it for a little romance! 🙂

  24. Great post Susan! Most people would not think to relate to their partners this way – it’s very clever.

  25. Love this post and Susan shares some wonderful points. I love the engaging part…in order for a relationship to grow you must share your thoughts…no mind reading it:)

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