What Report Do You Believe?




What Report Do You Believe?

Everybody is going to encounter problems in life, even the person who is in right standing with God. We can expect it because God said so in Psalm 34:19, but God promises also that He will be there for us and that He will rescue us. Not only will God deliver us, He wants to deliver us!

The state of the economy has played a significant role in the lives of many people over the last few years. People have lost their jobs and homes and some have diminished or completely emptied their life’s savings. Just watching the news can trigger some hopelessness.

Even though the reality is that the economy has affected our lives, dwelling on it won’t change the situation. We can’t be moved by things we see, like high gas prices, closing businesses, and negative bank balances. Our focus should be on the One who can change it all.

There is a lot of darkness in the world now. And if the only thing we’re feeding off of is negative television, negative news reports, and negative people, we’re going to be negative.

Positive Options

Thank God there are positive options also available through television, radio, music, books, and even magazines. When we take in negative information, we are influenced by it and ultimately participate in it by complaining and finding faults in others.

Let’s have a look at the story of Caleb in Numbers 13 and 14. Moses and the Israelites were traveling through the desert in search of the Promised Land. God told Moses that Canaan was the place designated for His people to inhabit. He asked Moses to send spies to inspect the land and its people. The land was already rich in resources and filled with everything they could possibly want or need.

When the twelve spies returned, they confirmed that the land was indeed flowing with milk and honey. The grapes were sweet and ripe and everything was plentiful. But soon their report became flooded with doom and gloom about the people who lived there.

All they could focus on was how big the people were. As a result, the spies feared they would be destroyed. They described the people in Canaan as giants! Rather than seeing themselves equipped for potential battle, the spies described themselves and their own people as small, defeated grasshoppers. The Israelites heard the report and began to stir. They constantly complained and were overcome by fear.

However Caleb, one of the spies, had a different report. He saw the same land and the same people the other spies saw, but he chose to see things from a positive perspective. Numbers 13:30-32

But the people were overcome with fear and began complaining to and about Moses. Rather than accepting the hope that Caleb provided, they chose to believe the negative report of the other spies.

Have You Missed Out?

How many blessings have we missed out on by choosing to focus on the negative? I believe one of the most valuable lessons we can learn from this story is the value of choosing a positive perspective. Had the Israelites chosen to believe Caleb’s report, they would have entered into the Promised Land in God’s timing.

Instead, they opted to believe all the negative things they heard, and, as a result, they were overtaken with fear.

The perspective we choose to take on is by which our circumstances generally determine the type of life we will lead and the results we will achieve. The results the Israelites received would have been far better had they chosen to trust Caleb’s optimistic perspective.

Instead they bought into the negative report, complained, and remained ungrateful. Canaan flowed with milk and honey just as God said. The spies confirmed that it was filled with everything they could even need or desire. Sure there were giants, but as Caleb reminded them, God was on their side. Their victory was guaranteed!

Being positive is a choice. We choose to see the glass as half full or we can choose to see it as half empty. Either way, it’s the same glass. Caleb, as well as Joshua, saw the glass half full while the other 10 spies saw it as half empty.

These great men of faith were able to see beyond the obstacles and embrace the destiny God had prepared for them. Although they were outnumbered, it was Caleb and Joshua’s optimistic view that earned God’s favor. He blessed them by allowing them and their descendants to live in the land.

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  1. I had to pray through some negative feedback given me about a decision I am making this very weekend. I had to make a willful choice to believe a more positive outcome (without ignoring hard facts).
    Matthew Reed recently posted..Best Back to School Ever: Imagine What Could BeMy Profile

  2. great article Olga… I love this…Being positive is a choice. It definatley is and I have to remind myself a lot to say postivie! thanks for the reminder!

  3. Olga, your articles are always so positive.. thank you. I believe that often times our human nature inclines us to dwell on the negatives.. negatives create more drama and attention. I’m so thankful that we have a God Whom we can trust to bring us through any negatives presented to us and transform them into a positive on His side.
    Pat Moon recently posted..World’s Best Food Supplement for Chronic Fatigue… Tre-en-enMy Profile

  4. Oh Bongo on missing out on the Blessings by focusing on the the negative. I had to start. This past year was one of the most trying of my life but I focused on the creating a new business and learning how to use social media to enhance my business. I have so enjoyed my career !
    elizabeth maness recently posted..How To Get Facebook Fans to Market for You!My Profile

  5. Thanks for reminding me of this story Olga. If I had believed the report I received when I did keyword research on Google over a year ago I would never started The Music Ministry Coach.com . Because at that time according to Google nobody was looking for any information about anything I wanted to put out there.
    But than God I followed His leading instead of the bad report.
    Ron recently posted..The “5 second rule” of music ministry; Use this to quickly move past any negative emotionMy Profile

  6. I like the story of Caleb and the spies and how the negative reports influenced those who chose to participate in it. Of course the economy is bad but like you said focusing on the bad won’t change anything. Great article Olga. Keep up the good work.

  7. “Our focus should be on the One who can change it all.” Amen! Great affirmations! Negativity is not from God! We must embrace the fact that God has something better. Thanks!
    Jenny Shain recently posted..Making Decisions: REACH, Don’t Settle!My Profile

  8. Carrie Huskey says:

    I choose to believe what’s good and lovely and of good report things. Always the good things

  9. Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

  10. You had me at the title and immediately I began to claim what report I believe, and it is a very positive, and powerful report indeed! This was just the fire I needed under my butt today! Thanks Olga!
    Angela Jordan recently posted..Starting A Blog: Choosing The Right Hosting PlanMy Profile

  11. You are spot on. Negativity breeds more negativity. What you focus on magnifies! I have learned this the hard way, 11 years ago. Never forgot the lesson either. It doesn’t matter what happens to you in life, what matters is HOW you respond to it. Ok., have the pity party… for a couple of hours. Then, move on! There nobody else there but you. No fun…. tee-hee! Great post, Olga. Love it!
    Norma Doiron@Where Aspiring/Budding Business Owners Start, Grow & Strenghten Their Online Business recently posted..Using WordPress to Rocket Your Social Media Marketing HubMy Profile

  12. Great reminder Olga. Bad things happen to all of us and it’s our choice how we respond to it.
    jean recently posted..Female Entrepreneurs Tune Into Your Personal ValuesMy Profile

  13. I enjoy reading your articles and seeing your strength and faith. It always reassures me that if we choose to believe and be positive God has great things planned for us.

  14. “Being positive is a choice” – indeed, it is. We are actually given he power to choose on everything. Thanks for sharing a great and positive article, Olga.
    Lorii Abela recently posted..Be Attractive and Healthy NowMy Profile

  15. “How many blessings have we missed out on by choosing to focus on the negative?” Olga, the story about Caleb choosing to see things from a positive perspective illustrates this question of yours so well. There is so much bad news circulating and it is easy to get caught up in it if we don’t realize that we really do have a choice. Great post!
    Sherie recently posted..Yes. No. Maybe. Are You Struggling with Indecision?My Profile

  16. I’m so glad that someone on our list is coming from a deep spiritual space. Thank you, Olga. This reminds me that on a daily basis, I turn my life and my will over to God and the Universe, as I understand them. I just need to listen and I’m always told what to do! It feels like a little hand on my back!

  17. Oh I love this post. I really talk to clients who are struggling in their marriage to look for the good things in life even if it’s not in their marriage. They will start to bring the joy into the relationship. Very Nice Olga !
    Barbara J Peter recently posted..Saving your Marriage After an AffairMy Profile

  18. You raise some great points! Sometimes the things we think are the worst possible times turn out to blessings….we need to have faith and patience.
    denny hagel recently posted..Does Your Child Insist on Having the LAST Word?My Profile

  19. I choose to believe in the unseen rather than the seen. That’s what keeps me rockin’ and rollin’!
    Martha Giffen recently posted..Social Media Marketing Goes VisualMy Profile

  20. Olga, I SO love the story of Caleb! Talk about being right where I’ve been time and again! But seemingly insurmountable “giant” problems are overcome by taking my focus off of the negatives, and focusing instead on our God who makes the giants look like pygmies!
    Ronae recently posted..FOCUSMy Profile

  21. I stay focused in the positive and send all the negative that comes my way ..away. I tune it out…I am at a higher vibration and like it there 🙂 Inspiring post Olga 🙂
    Anita recently posted..Expanding Your Comfort ZoneMy Profile

  22. Wonderful post, Olga – “…if the only thing we’re feeding off of is negative television, negative news reports, and negative people, we’re going to be negative.” So very, very true!
    Lisa Frederiksen – BreakingTheCycles.com recently posted..Face of Recovery – Meet Carolyn HughesMy Profile

  23. Thanks Olga – what great reminders!
    Estelle recently posted..Daily Spiritual PracticeMy Profile

  24. Amazing post Olga. What stood out for me is that we have the choice. I can go about live complaining how unfair it is and have a whoa is me attitude or take responsibility for my life. I have learned that once I take ownership of my life and embrace the positive around me, my life will never be the same from this point on.
    Katrina recently posted..Reliv Recipes – The Ultimate Oreo Fudge BrownieMy Profile

  25. You’re right – a positive perspective makes all the difference and it IS a choice! I often wonder how people can go through life with such negativity, and I can only imagine that it affects every aspect of their lives, including their faith.

  26. I choose to stay positive. There is no room for any negativity in my life whatsoever! Great post Olga!

  27. It took me a long time to realise that positivity was a choice! Great article Olga!
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..The Gift of True Love.My Profile

  28. Always enjoy your posts! Focusing in the positive has made a huge impact to me this year and I am so much more aware of this each day. Great reminder and encouragement! Thank you!
    Kerry Postel recently posted..Part 1 – Common Bookkeeping MistakesMy Profile

  29. Learned even more the second time around!
    denny hagel recently posted..Does Your Child Insist on Having the LAST Word?My Profile

  30. I need more reminders like this in my life Olga. Thank you! It’s too easy to focus on the negative, isn’t it? And I signed up for your daily reminders!
    Liz Fulcher recently posted..Fragrant Friday Returns! Today’s Oil: Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia)My Profile

  31. Once we realize that positivity is a habit … and not simply aleatory … we realize what power we hold in our hands. In our personal choices and decisions. But we have to exercise those choices …
    Sharon O’Day recently posted..Financial Peace of Mind: Forgiving Yourself for Acting UpMy Profile

  32. I always aim to look for the positive in all situations. This was a confirmation to me: rather see the glass half full then half empty. I go with half full.
    Carol Giambri recently posted..How to Find Happy Returning Customers AlwaysMy Profile

  33. It’s amazing how different people can have 2 completely different perspectives…and it’s interesting to see how the results differ based on these interpretations of how people choose to see the world.
    Edmund Lee (@EdmundSLee) recently posted..Part 5: How to Add Followers on TwitterMy Profile

  34. I really enjoyed this post. My favorite part was the idea that the glass is the same whether we perceive it as half empty or half full.
    Susan Critelli recently posted..Infernius Norman, Destroyer of WorldsMy Profile

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