Four Ways to Embrace Your Purpose




Four Ways to Embrace Your Purpose


 What is purpose?

Purpose is why God placed each of us here on earth. Our purpose is always related to serving others. If we are in service, we must be in faith that we are in the right place at the right time. In other words, we must be aware that we are strategically placed. And that’s why we should see our circumstances, no matter where we find ourselves today, as an opportunity for God’s purposes to be revealed. Here are four ways to build your faith about your God-given purpose.

1. See yourself as strategically placed

Strategy is a plan or a method to accomplish a desired end. As Believers, we have the privilege of taking part in God’s strategic plan. The Book of Esther is a perfect illustration of how one woman’s individual purpose was woven into God’s eternal strategy. Esther was strategically placed. And her cousin Mordecai reminded Esther of this truth when he said, “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this “(Esther 4:14).

Others may have thought she became the king’s wife because of her beauty. They may have thought she came to be queen because of her cousin’s connections with the king’s chamberlain. But Esther realized that God placed her in her circumstances for a greater purpose than attaining high status, living in beautiful surroundings, and wearing pretty clothes. She understood that she was strategically positioned to do something others couldn’t.

And you? Are there things that others can’t do for God, because they’re not in your place? Others may look at you and think you are where you are because of your education, intelligence or connections. But that’s not how our God works. You are able to do what others can’t, because they are not in your place. And that leads us to the second point: Purpose can’t wait for you to get where you think you should be. Purpose is now.

2. Connect your purpose to where you are today

You’ll never be a person of purpose if you’re just passing through. God has specifically positioned you to take part in His strategy. Whatever you’re doing right now, that’s success waiting to happen. In the story of Esther, we read that at the hour of her purpose, the king had not summoned Esther for 30 days.

Although Esther had a position in the court, for whatever reason, she was not in day-to-day contact with the king. From her perspective, her position was not perfect. It could have been better if she had been in more recent contact with the king. But she had a position – she was still queen. Esther didn’t try to wriggle out of her mission and wait for a better time. Because she was connected to God’s purpose of saving the Jewish people, risking her life, she approached the king at just the right time. Let’s now consider our third point: Purpose will sometimes require us to take risks.

3. Be willing to risk everything

Today most Christians don’t live in cultures, as Esther did, that call for them to put their lives on the line. But we do face the loss of our reputations, rejection, and failure.

Esther could have lost her life by approaching the king without an invitation. Short of losing her life, she could have been banished from the king’s presence for her misconduct of approaching him uninvited. That would have meant a loss of reputation. Although not comparable to the loss of life, the loss of our good name can be particularly distressing when it’s unjust and beyond our control. For example, your purpose may be to home school your children and your friends don’t approve. You have lost your standing with them. Of course, loss of reputation is often inter-twined with rejection by others.

The king could have rejected Esther. Being rejected because of our purpose may be the most unnerving of all the risks. Have you ever talked yourself out of sharing the Gospel, applying for a job, or undertaking an educational program because you feared being rejected? You may have even experienced a physical sensation of extreme discomfort. We must overcome the risk of rejection to experience our purpose. The looming possibility of failure is another risk we must be willing to take.

From Esther’s limited perspective, failure was a possibility. The king could have sided with his advisors and had the Jews put to death. Whether we fail publicly or privately it’s unsettling. If we have been open and visible in our purpose, failure may even feel like the death of our purpose. But God is bigger than our failures. Our purposes are central to His will. He causes all things to work together for good. Sometimes it’s only a matter of timing.

4. Be willing to wait for the appointed time

Be aware that some aspects of purpose are not revealed until God’s appointed time. Esther was not in the limelight at her appointed time. She had been sequestered with the rest of the king’s wives, going about her daily routine. Have you ever been in the wilderness of the day-to-day grind wondering what in the world God has in store for you? Don’t give up and think you have it all wrong! Stay steady and confident that as God’s strategy unfolds, your purpose will be further revealed. And now to summarize:

The Book of Esther contains mystery, intrigue, and romance, but most importantly it demonstrates what we must do to embrace our God-given purpose:

• See yourself as strategically placed
• Connect your purpose to where you are today
• Be willing to risk everything
• Be willing to wait for the appointed time

What step will you take today to embrace your purpose? Esther saved a nation. Rouse yourself to embrace your position and purpose in God’s eternal strategy.

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  1. This whole thing spoke to me today my friend. Especially this:
    “Purpose can’t wait for you to get where you think you should be. Purpose is now.”

    I’m gonna have to share that one Olga. More greatness from you.
    Ron recently posted..Basic microphone technique for Gospel singersMy Profile

  2. This is the kind of teaching I wish we received as children, as part of our education. It’s so valuable to begin thinking about our purpose when we are young, for in reality, that’s when we first begin to realize our purpose. Our childhood dreams often indicate what our mission is life is to be become. We just often get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of getting good grades, then good jobs, and just “being good citizens” that we sometimes get lost.

    Having a purpose keeps us on track… I love how your writing is like a compass needle, Olga, helping us to stay on track of what’s really important! 🙂
    susan McKenzie recently posted..Pat Robertson Suggests Wife Beating is Okay on the 700 ClubMy Profile

  3. “God is bigger than our failures!” What a wonderful statement and one I needed to read today! I’m in the process of a ‘risk assessment’ regarding a project and this is just the mental boost I needed. Thanks Olga!
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..The Gift of True Love.My Profile

  4. The develops my confidence in God. May God bless your ministry.

  5. “See yourself as strategically placed”– speaks to me Olga about the people that God places in our lives. Ultimately, like Zig Ziglar said “You can get everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”.

  6. I LOVE this! One of the best bible studies I’ve done was Beth Moore’s Esther. Awesome! I also love the movie “One Night With the King” ~ it all shows just how important our lives are to God and how we may not know the answers or what He’s doing, but at some point, He reveals it… and it’s AWESOME!
    Jessica Stone recently posted..Sleep Schedules, Late Naps, Cranky Kids – Oh My!My Profile

  7. Carrie Huskey says:

    I used to be so negative until I learned what ya hang around will rub off on ya. Don’t hang around negative people, it will rub off on ya. Hang around positive people, it will rub off on ya.

  8. ‘Be willing to risk everything’ has jumped out at me today! I’m beginning to get a bit scared of your posts Olga because I guarantee I will read something that is totally relevant to my life. And knowing that I need to take a risk is scary for a control freak like myself! Have to remind myself of who is actually in control!
    Thank you Olga!
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..Believing is Receiving.My Profile

  9. I love this statement: “Purpose can’t wait for you to get where you think you should be. Purpose is now.” That pretty much sums it all up, I think. 🙂 Thanks for another great post Olga!
    Helena Bowers recently posted..Twitter Scheduling Tips for BloggersMy Profile

  10. We are all created for a purpose, If we will just listen to the still, quiet voice we will recognize it. we all have gifts and talents to share with others.
    Martha Giffen recently posted..Top 5 Wildly Successful Social Media StrategiesMy Profile

  11. Recognizing that we all have a purpose is huge for most people and rightly so…we all must embrace our purpose with all our heart and move forward…love this post, Olga!
    Sherie recently posted..Fear of Being Alone Keeping You in a Bad Relationship?My Profile

  12. “Purpose can’t wait for you to get where you think you should be. Purpose is now.” I just love this Olga!

  13. Beautiful article, as always. And nicely stated.

    And be open to listening and spotting the signs. It may not make sense the moment it happens, but perhaps a month or year down the road it will all make sense.
    Jamie recently posted..The Minnesota State Fair VS The LA County FairMy Profile

  14. This is an awesome post, Olga! Your summary points – • See yourself as strategically placed • Connect your purpose to where you are today • Be willing to risk everything • Be willing to wait for the appointed time – have been so true of my life and the reasons for my joy and serenity, today, doing what I feel called to do. Thank you!!
    Lisa Frederiksen – recently posted..Face of Recovery – Meet Herby BellMy Profile

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