You Were Born For Such A Time As This



You Were Born For Such A Time As This

by Olga Hermans




Some people say, “Why was I ever born? I am not important.” But you were created for “such a time as this!” God has a great plan for your life! You are here not just to take up space or make a living. You are on this planet at this time in history for a unique purpose. It is your destiny. His purpose for you involves using your gifts and talents.

Every one of us has something that is unique and different about us. Maybe you have a gift of organization. Maybe you have a gift of business or you have a talent of music, art, or writing. Or maybe you are interested in becoming a doctor; you may have a desire to start a business, to be a musician, an athlete like Tim Tebow, a designer, or you may feel called into the ministry. There are things on the inside of you, and God can use those talents and areas to influence and touch people in those arenas.

God has put specific things inside of you, not just for yourself, but to bring Him fame and glory. Do you even know what God’s purpose is for your life? Do you know what is on this inside of you? Sometimes it is like we are playing games or we don’t realize what God has put on the inside of us.

I remember the time that my husband and I stepped out on the water to start a bibleschool in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We have always been kind of adventurous; what I mean to say is that we weren’t the kind of people that wanted to do what everybody else was doing. So, although it seemed kind of easy for us, we were still shaking in our booths.

We had a lot of conformation and our pastor, Billy Joe Daugherty, was behind us all the way. Stepping in the unknown is not easy though; we had never done this and we didn’t know the practical side. But the 1st year we experienced miracle after miracle, because God was with us and His grace was more than sufficient for us. It was a tremendous experience.

You know, the difficult part of stepping out in faith is that we don’t see the answers and the people on the “other side” of our obedience that need our gifts and callings. Of course we knew we were going to face challenges and storms. You too may be facing storms right now, but remember that Jesus is in your boat and you can make it to the other side.

Think about the story of Esther. Esther was a Jew, was divinely placed in the position as the Queen of Persia. During that time a decree went out that all the Jews were to be killed. Her uncle Mordecai sent word to her, “Do not think in your heart that you will escape in the king’s palace any more than all the other Jews. For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:13-14

Esther was afraid to say anything because she knew if she went before the king unannounced she could be executed. But when she heard that word from Mordecai, she awakened to her purpose. She realized that she had a responsibility to speak up for her people. She fasted and prayed for God’s wisdom and favor. God gave her the strategy on how to communicate to the king.

Then she rose up with courage and went before the king. She invited the king and Haman to a special banquet she had prepared for them. When it came time for her to share with the king, she told him of Haman’s plot to kill all the Jews, which included her and her family. The king was outraged. He cancelled the decree and Haman was executed instead.

The Jews were saved because Esther got out of her “cave” of self-centeredness and fear. She realized she was not in the position of queen just to look pretty or have a title, but she was in that position to make a difference in the lives of others for the Glory of God.

Just like Esther you are called for a royal purpose. You too, may be alive today in order to fulfill the purposes of God in your generation. The timing and place of your birth are not accidental; God purposely and specifically places us all in certain time frames and places. Many people spend their entire lives never knowing what their purpose is, but perhaps it is because they try to choose their own destiny rather than follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Following God requires sacrifices and a willingness to be uncomfortable. Esther reached a point of being willing to lay aside all her own thoughts, plans, and ideas. She was even willing to die if she needed to in order to obey God.

Because of Esther’s sacrifice and bold step of faith, God did use her to save a nation. She was more blessed in God’s will than she could have ever been anywhere else. God’s will is not always easy, but it is always worth any sacrifice we need to make.

God has unique strategies for you to fulfill the purpose that is on your life. He has ways that maybe you haven’t seen done before or maybe other people haven’t thought to do.

I want to encourage you with the fact that one person can make a difference. I believe that God has a great call and purpose for your life, as He did for Esther’s. Your assignment may not be the deliverance of a nation, but whatever God has called you to be, is extremely significant.

Whatever it is, be diligent to embrace the preparation process it requires so that you will be well-equipped when the time comes for you to act.

God’s Word says if you need wisdom that you can ask Him and He will give it to you. James 1:5 So, if you are seeking God for direction on what the next step is, ask God. Seek Him for His divine purpose for your life and how it relates to helping others.

Once God gives you direction or strategy on His purpose for your life, write it down. Then begin to take steps to carry it out. Hab 2:2-3

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  1. Love this Olga! And love the fact that you and your husband stepped out to follow the calling that God had on your life! What an amazing story that must be! And secondly, I LOVE the story of Esther and just as you said, we each have been called for such a time as this! Thanks for this great reminder today! We have a royal purpose!

  2. Your a gifted writer Olga! LOVED reading about Esther. What an incredible task she had to fulfill. 🙂

  3. Sometimes it is hard to be in our ture authentic self, it takes a lot of guts to let the world know you for your true self when bleding in might seem safer.
    This is a wonderful reminder!
    Thank you for sharing it!
    MarVeena Meek

  4. What a wonderful reminder to us all to live in the fullness of who he has created us to be.

  5. Love this post! I like to think of our life as puzzle pieces that finally come together in a way that is unique to us. Only we can do the work we are here for but we have to gather enough of the pieces together to see what it is!
    Thank you!

  6. Olga, you got me with the title. This has been on my mind a lot moving forward into this new year. This is such an incredible time, and, more than ever, we are being called to step into who we are and take part. I appreciate you inspiring and motivating people through this article and helping to encourage everyone with the message that each of us has value, and we all have something we are here to do. That is my mission in the world, and I love all the others who are out there spreading the word. Thank you.

  7. Thank you Olga for the encouragement! Preparation is a key and being prepared for God’s call everyday is so important! …Great article…Thank you, Hughie 🙂

  8. Hey Olga, your headline grabbed me! I agree that God has put specific things inside of us for His fame and glory. Not about us. Great post and thanks for the verse Hab 2:2-3-great strategy for the beginning of the year.

  9. Rhona Kyomuhendo says:

    Hi, i accidentaly came across this message. Thank God i did. I just started this incredible journey to serve God through medical outreach here in Uganda. Your message has encouraged me to go on. Thank you so much.

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