Discover Your Purpose, Let It Ignite Your Passion and Turn It Into Profit

 Discover Your Purpose, 

Let It Ignite Your Passion and Turn It Into Profit

By Olga Hermans


Since the time that I connected with Sandi Krakowski online (definitely a divine connection), my life has not been the same. To me it is one of those divine connections that only God can bring. My life has bumped up a level into a direction that I could not have gone to myself. I had been looking for places to learn about blogging and marketing online, but only got confused by all their teaching.

At this moment I am finishing off the Gold Group where she coaches me through the process of blogging twice a week, setting up my auto-responder and especially how to relate to my readers. This January, I am going step it up and join her Sapphire group and am so excited about it. I can’t learn enough from her.

She has taught me so many keys and principles that only can come from an expert who has gone through it herself. My Alexa ranking has come down to 137,553 at this very moment from over a million within a few weeks time.

I am very thankful that she came into my life and I give her more than 2 thumbs up; it has been one of my best choices that I have ever made in my life.


Sandi keeps telling us: “IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!” Ouch and ouch again. You know why? Because I want to tell people what I know, because I think I know what people want to know. But that doesn’t have to be the truth. Sandi keeps telling us over and over again “Listen to you audience, what are they asking for?”

I must say, that is not something that you learn in a day. It is a complete switch in my thinking and my approach to blogging. That’s why we have a survey on The Choice Driven Life, where we ask questions and our readers can answer them. You, who have filled in the survey have helped me so much. I gained so much insight. If you haven’t had a chance to fill in the questions, please do that now by clicking here.

Let’s get back to Sandi’s book. I met Sandi personally in Chicago last spring where she had organized an event with a lot people who are coached by her. I had known her for a couple of months and when I met her personally I knew one thing right from the beginning: she is the real deal. She is not someone who covers things up or holds things back. No, she is right in your face.

While I was listening to her, I kept thinking, “she is reading my mail” again and again. And then it dawned on me…this is what the book is all about. She encourages us in so many ways to get to know our readers more than our product.

God gave us one mouth and two ears, right? So, we have to double up our listening and slow down on our own talking. I made a commitment to listen to what you as my readers are going through in life and answer your needs the best way possible. THIS is one of the things that I learned from Sandi Krakowski.



If you desire to discover your purpose. Let this book ignite your passion and turn it into a profit. You will learn how to build a relationship with your family, your friends, your co-workers and your readers. You too, can build a relationship with your Facebook friends. It is fun and a good thing to do! This book might be for you; it’s FREE !!

You only have to pay the shipping costs; what a deal! Check it out!


  1. What it means to “Read Someone’s Mind” is what it means to really listen. When we really listen, we HEAR their mind and don’t have to “read” their mind as if it is something hidden far, far away and we must figure it out with some hidden power. The power needed is not hidden but seldom used- LISTENING. The ChoiceDriven Life is really about listening to WHO and what is most important…

    Way to go- CHOOSING to step out in an area that is new and experiencing desired growth! Inspiring! Reminds me- I really need to go to work on my blog! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for commenting Karen! When you have a blog, I would highly recommend this book! Go and get it; it is very interesting and it will help you so much to gain an understanding of how and what your audience wants!!

  2. Nice post Olga!

  3. I Have read a lot of your articles that you’ve sent me via email. your article refreshed me a great deal, and challenged me anew to lead by example. It also convicted me, to make decisions based on Gods word. THANK YOU 100 TIMES OVER! May your ministry continue to increase beyond anything you could ask or dream!

  4. Olga,

    Thank you for the divine reminders and shepherding you do through your work that encourages putting God first. I believe that you and Sandy have aligned your purposes with God’s will and the truth that rings in your messages make what you’re both doing authentic “attraction marketing,” so, you are both “the real deal.” I’m encouraged, am listening, and noting that as a result of Sandi’s book, as well as your gentle daily re-directs to focus on the Lord, that I’m more aware of listening daily to other’s needs, even just in exchanges at the workplace, doctor’s office, super-market, etc. Please do keep blogging!

  5. I want that book! What an impressive growth on Alexa. I only discovered you Olga a few weeks ago and you have kept me engaged and always answer my questions promptly. You are now part of my daily reading which includes the Bible (esteemed company). Nice to hear the coaching story behind the success!

  6. Carol Barnes says:

    Olga, I remember that you told me you were going to Chicago! What a trip to work with Sandi and I have seen you take action and do things that makes your blog so much better. I love to read your posts.

    Look at you in that picture; I can see that, that is what the book is all about. I might have to go and get it myself; very interesting!

    Your title really struck me; making a profit from your own purpose….I am going to think about that and will let you know what I am going to do about it! Thank you so much for all your encouragement.

  7. Robert Hendrixs says:

    That looks like a very interesting book. I really do like your picture though; it says it all! I work in construction myself and have always wondered how I could treat my co-workers better. What you tell me here is that I can find that out…very interesting!! Never thought about that! I am going to look into that some more. Thanks!

  8. Nice write up. Your weekly inspirations by email and blogging are always rich and impactful. God bless you and inspire you more.

  9. Great article Olga…and great book! I am reading it again for the second time!

  10. 2011 has been a year that God has connected me with some incredible creative people. Olga you are one of the persons. No matter how I’m feeling your articles always inspire me and give me the push to accomplish my goals for that day. I wish you incredible blessings and greater influence to touch people all over the world as you continue to release your God given gifts.

  11. Great post and great book! 🙂

  12. Sandi Krakowski is just awesome! And so is her book Read Their Mind!!

  13. Thank you Olga for sharing! Great article…yes we certainly have to be cognizant of doubling up on our listening! …Thanks, Hughie

  14. Really am inspired by your articles each day am always looking to receiving articles from you. Thanks for giving out of your time

  15. Good morning Olga. How do I get a copy of this book Read their Mind?

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