Pressing Into New Depths of Prayer

Pressing Into New Depths of Prayer


The following excerpt is taken from Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room by Kenneth E. Hagin

There is a moving out beyond time and beyond space into the realm of the Spirit that is beyond my ability to describe. Some have walked out into that realm of prayer only far enough to get their feet wet. Like children wading in the water, they talk about what they experienced, saying, “That was so wonderful! It was the ultimate in praying in the Spirit!” but in reality, their experience is prayer was barely the beginning!

These people have only touched the realm of the Spirit. They need to wade on out into the deep waters of the Spirit until it isn’t only knee deep or loin deep, but so deep they can’t possibly touch the ocean bottom! They can swim on out and enjoy the fullness of what God has for them in prayer (see Ezekiel 47).

However, it is important to understand that these things will not always come easy. For one thing, the flesh will do everything possible to hold us back. That’s the reason the Word of God teaches us to crucify the flesh. The mind will also hold us back, trying to make us focus on the realm of the physical senses and what can be seen. That’s one reason God tells us to get our minds renewed with His Word (Rom. 12:1-2). Once our minds are renewed, we’ll be able to move further into the realm of His Spirit through prayer.

But as more and more of us respond to God’s call to pray, there will begin to be greater and greater manifestations of His power and glory on this earth. The manifestation and demonstration of God’s Spirit will become as common and as real as everyday natural things are to us. This is what our hearts have longed for and what intercessors have prayed for so many years.

…God wants us to move out further in the Spirit and learn how to maneuver in that greater realm of prayer. AS we are faithful to obey His call to pray, the day will come when we move beyond the edge of space – further on into the Spirit – and reach the fullness of God’s glory!

I’ll tell you this much: Jesus is coming. There is no use splitting hairs about that truth, because it will happen, whether you believe it or not! SO let us commit ourselves to praying in the Spirit so a great harvest of souls can be reaped in these last days. People are dying, and the end is coming. The end of all things is at hand, and what we do, we must do quickly.

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