The Wall of Redemption

The Wall of Redemption

by OLga Hermans


In the book of Exodus the children of Israel were separated from the swarms of flies, their cattle didn’t die. Can you see that picture in front of you? One pasture was full of hail and the other pasture had green grass. Yep, we are talking about making choices. A choice to thrive and not just survive, a choice to thrive and to prosper in tough times.

Yes, we choose that we are not subject to, and not live under the dominion, rule, control of influence of whichever way the economy and world system is going at the moment. The times are subject to the authority of the Word, the Blood and the name of Jesus spoken and acted upon by the believer. The times are subject to us. We are subject to and governed by another economy and another system; the Kingdom of God.

You know, I lived in a little town in The Netherlands, (I was born in the Netherlands) and at the time we lived there, our house was on one side of the street and that town was called “Amstenrade”. Then the other side of the street was called “Treebeek”. And the thing was that both towns had different rules for their own community. One thing that always stood out was that they picked up the garbage on different days; that was always one of the things that reminded us that we belonged to another township so to speak.

You know, there were times that this particular issue was mentioned in our conversation when we had people over. And usually they would say something like…”hmmm, isn’t that something”? Maybe the Israelites said that to each other “Isn’t that something”? But that is what they experienced right in front of their own eyes.

Exo 8:23  says: ”I’ll make a sharp distinction between your people and mine. This sign will occur tomorrow.'”

1.       Exodus 8:20-23 No swarms of flies in Goshen!
2.       Exodus 9:1-7 “Not one animal that belongs to the Israelites will die”
3.       Exodus 9:22-26 There was no hail in Goshen!
4.      Exodus 10: 21-23 Except for the Israelites: they had light where they were living.

The Lord will do that with businesses. If you are in the real estate business; don’t say that the real Estate Business is down. Say: “The Blessing is on my Real Estate Business.” The Bible talks a lot about land; land is important! You know, we all have the same conditions around us, but we of the household of faith, we have different results.

You know, Isaac sowed in the time of famine and he reaped a hundredfold return while everybody else was losing their crop. Isaac got the biggest crop he probably ever got.

Jer.17:5-8 talks about the man who is cursed and the man who is blessed. The man who is cursed is out in the desert and not producing fruit and failing in a time of drought. But the man who is blessed; even in the time if drought, he produces fruit. Even in the time of economic drought; we are separated unto God. We are not subject to those times. We are subject to the blessing.

Jer.17:8 They’re like trees replanted in Eden, putting down roots near the rivers; they never worry through the hottest of summers, never dropping a leaf, Serene and calm through droughts, bearing fresh fruit every season. That’s the picture of us! Isn’t that awesome?

When you hear the news or read the news in the newspaper; you make sure that you will read the good news. Read what God says; we are not of this world, we are in this world, but not of the world. How come? It is because the blessing is upon us.

God’s will for us that we prosper and thrive; it is not that we talk God into it. It is God’s idea! Prosperity is God’s idea. The Blessing can change you and your finances AND your nation. When we believe for our own prosperity, we need to lay hold of the prosperity of the nation that you are living in. You have authority in the nation that you are living in.

We have the Power to Make Choices to our own benefit, but we have to make them and then live by them. The Power of Choice is very, very powerful. You can change your own life around by making the right choices. It starts in the mind. I hope that by these posts, you will gain enough knowledge to come up to a higher standard of living. Have Faith In God and Every Thing is Going To Be ALL-Right.


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