6 Financial Deceptions; Who Has Them?

Take A Stand to NOT Be Deceived

6 Financial Deceptions; Who Has Them?

by Olga Hermans


1.    “My Money Is My Money”
“Approximately two-thirds of Jesus’ parables are about money and financial management.” Let’s not only remind each other that “it’s all God’s money.” We know that money does not originate from God’s hand. BUT!! He has put you in charge of a certain amount of it. In that sense, your money is your money to manage. God expects us to use it well and not to abuse it. Money is for managing first and spending second. The difference between the two is the difference between the financially foolish and the financially confident people.

2.    “Tithing is not for me.”
God himself is willing for you to put him to the test with tithing and He has never failed yet. Your 10% is foremost and exclusively a gift to God, not to an organization, as a voluntary act of worship. The church is simply the vehicle for putting God’s money into circulation. God made up the 10% rule so to speak. The tithe represents the first 10 percent of our income. Prov.3:9-10 That means before taxes (gross, not net) and before we pay any other bill. Give regularly as part of your worship. Your attitude is what counts, not the size of your gift.

3.    “Use Credit Now and Pay For it Later.”
While there are forms of debt that are necessary, such as a house mortgage or school loan, credit that guarantees high interest rate payments is a trap to avoid. S– Set aside your credit cards in a drawer, T-talk to someone to start a repayment plan, O-only use cash, P-practice self-control.

4.    “A Successful Career Is More Important Than Being At Home With my Children.”
Life is all about choices. Some of the choices you make affect your life for years to come.. One of those choices is the decision to have children. Once you have children, you face a whole new series of choices on how to raise them. Society tells us that a woman who forgoes a career to stay at home with her kids isn’t contributing to the world. WRONG!!! I would say; what do you say?

5.    “I’ll Have Plenty Of Time To Save Money Later.”
We can make elaborate plans for our lives, but really we have no idea what the future holds. Only God knows what will happen in the future. David wrote in Psalm 31:15 “My times are in Your hands.” The way we handle money revels a lot about the state of our emotions and spiritual growth. The extremes: hoarding money on the one end and spending every cent of it on the other, show our fears and our focus on self, rather than on God. God wants us to be responsible with the resources He gives us, including money.

6.    “What He Earns Is His; What I Earn Is Mine.”
Jesus said that marriage is all about people coming together and becoming one. Matth. 19:4-6 To put it in business terms, a marriage is a partnership when it comes to finances. This partnership has a set of shared expectations that lead to mutual benefits. Finances are a volatile issue and a leading cause of divorce. Unsettled conflicts over money can cost you what is truly valuable; your marriage. Take preventative measures to protect your marriage; don’t allow money to divide you.

Every day you hear (and subsequently believe) deceptions/myths that the world tell you. Satan’s tried-and-true weapon against you is lies. I exposed the tip of some of the deceptive thoughts that people have. Please study the Bible to find the truth about a certain thought that you have, especially when you are not sure about it. Explore what the Bible says about it so that the next time you think that certain deceptive thought, you will be able to name the lie and replace it with the truth!

Our life is all about choices; the power of choice has been given to you and me. Use it to your own advantage; you will meet your choices down the road whether you like them or not.

Thank you for your reading:
The Choice Is Yours!
Olga Hermans

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