John Paul Jackson Predictions For 2011

John Paul is the founder of Streams Ministries International, a Christian group that deals especially with the practice known as prophecy. An author, teacher and conference speaker, Jackson often focuses on supernatural topics like dreams, visions, and dream interpretation as found in the Bible. He has developed a number of prophetic training courses. He is also a broadcaster, and has appeared on The 700 Club, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!, and Benny Hinn’s This Is Your Day program, among others.


  1. Juhuan Red says:

    I did not know there are so many fools in this day and age, can’t people see these actors lie through their teeth?

    • I pray you find Jesus. This man is a Prophet. To say a true prophet is not real is to say the Bible is a fabrication. That simply isn’t so, Jesus is the same Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. God has been communicating to me through my dreams and has shown me something so miraculous one day that there could never be doubt in my mind Ever. It is by Faith you find the Lord, it is by Faith he works through us

  2. Katherine Wells Anderson says:

    Juhuan, I pray that you will live long enough to eat your words…for then you may repent and find Life everlasting. There are many, many Christians whom God has given dreams, visions and supernatural vision into the future. Most are unknown, but we’re all hearing the same thing. And these Christians will be the ones offering help to others in the days ahead.

  3. As a Christian the past 32 years and a non believer the first 42 years of my life I have seen the predicted New World Order plans coming into place daily lately.Jesus is coming back soon and many will perish who ignore the warnings in the Bible especially Matthew ch 24 Luke 21 and revelations .We were scared before we became Christians (family) but know that God will spare the real followers of Jesus Christ as He has promised to never forsake us. So wake up Juhuan and watch what’s happening many earthquakes are a sign aswellas floods,firs,wars,riots,hatred and unbelief.Becomea Born Again Christian and get ready to leave here for 7 years,then return after 7 years of Hell on earth .God is Love

  4. Juhuan Red says:


    No disrespect, but please red the Bible and there you will find all your answers. If I might remind you that God’s words as spoken through human lips ceased to be given when the New Testament canon was completed. Any other words of people claiming to be prophets are wrong, they are adding to scripture, charging for it (making a profit).

    Please read Paul, I have never heard JPJ teaching or explaining Scripture and apply them to their daily lives. Their preaching comes from their own experiences (fabrications), their own opinions, and own interpretation of the Bible. The only authoritative preaching comes from Scripture, not from dreams, visions, and so forth.

    BTW, banks will fail, malls will close, there will be hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, planes will crash, presidents will fall, Fidel Castro will die as will H Mubarak (both in their 80s), the dollar will fluctuate, China will become a major power, etc, etc. As you can see I can predict the future too, will that make me a prophet? not in a long shot. You want to lear about drams better that John Paul Jackson, go online and study Karl Jung, he will explain dreams 1000 times better than the one elected by God before he was born. That is called heresy!!!! There is only one God, please find Him and learn from Him in the Bible no through charlatan’s dreams

  5. Well stated Juhuan. I get all my answers from the Bible, for free and without being spiritually corrupted by lies!

  6. There are so many critics out there. If there were prophets in the Old Biblical days, there are prophets of God today. God himself has said not all have the same gifts. Some have gifts of Prophecy, some have gifts of speaking in tongues,some teachers,some God talks through. In the Book of joel In the last days I will pour out my spirit on all flesh,Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my spirit in those days. Joel:2:28-29 God Bless John Paul Jackson

  7. edward says:

    He said that the year 2010 would get worse as the year went on, IT DID NOT HAPPEN,
    He is still talking about the woes of 2012 we will see

  8. I agree no one is to add or take away from the gospel but prophetic word must be 100 per cent accurate. a prophecy is God speaaking directly to the people and there is always hope given by God. God does not violate man’s free will but he is in contrl and he will respond accordingly by his authority. If we read the bible and the prophecies given there by the old testament prophets we can see the validity of prophecy Revalations gives use detailed information about what is to come. Isreal has been restored to its own nation. There is a open push by the worlds leaders for a one world government, economic collapse has already occured in Greece and other nations. People have turned from God. What more proof do you need. This is not an issue of fear mongering but a call to repentance and a call for people to open their eyes to whats happening all around them.

  9. I am struggling with this. I have benefited from John Paul’s teaching and only wish him the best and wonderful blessings. I would never call him a liar and in fact that is the spirit of this age at work in the general culture: Use incendiary language to devalue your opponents.

    My struggle is that Deuteronomy 18:22 is clear. If a prophet says something is going to happen and it does not, do not be afraid of him.

    In point of fact 2010 did not get worse, at least economically. Supporters of JP would need to speak on his behalf and tell us how 2010 got worse.

    I also have found this on the Internet:

    You can use the “find” feature to look up John Paul in the PDF.

    With numerous references to John Paul being wrong why should we listen to him now?

    • Juhuan Red says:

      If you read Scripture you can see all along that not one of the prophets or men of God exalted themselves, they exalted Scripture. People of God do not exalt miracles, visions and wonders, nor do they teach how to interpret dreams for a profit if I might add. I wonder if Paul or Peter ran a school to teach others how to interpret Scripture? This is all business, the business of religion where some good speakers take advantage of desperate souls that listen to things they want to listen and then become trapped in a world of their own, living in complete spiritual darkness.
      Sings, wonders and miracles deny the sufficiency of the Bible. The Bible does not need to be authenticated by anything, or worse yet by false teachers who only have their own dreams and laugh all the way to the bank.
      Do you want to see miracles? Go to the Bible, there you will find the ultimate miracle for free!!!!, the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
      Teaching the Gospel of miracles, visions and wonders does not need much Bible Exegeses. It is so easy to be manipulated by these con artists!

    • Faith does not come from miracles but from the Word of God itself.

      “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Rom. 10:17).

      Miracles can draw people’s attention, but miracles cannot give people faith. Faith only comes by hearing and believing God’s Word.

      Wake up people! Well done Juhuan, all the answers are in the Bible. If I want to see a miracles, signs and wonders, they are all in the Bible, and yes, all for free.

  10. When will John Paul Jackson’s prophecies will be come to pass. Let us all read his prophecies and keep track of them. Rick Joyner has made some prophetic statements and Joyner is a member of the Knights of Malta. He admitted to that fact. Is he a secret agent inside the Knights of Malta for the cause of Christ? I doubt it. Pat Robertson said 3+ decades ago that God told him the Cuban people would hang F. Castro, it has not happened yet. It better soon, they made have to hang a corspe. Benny Hinn’s predictions are unbelievably outrageous and they do not come to be. There are many liars in the protestant church today. A spiritual revival must occur soon for these people to return from their wicked ways. Is Kenneth Copeland a Freemason? I do not know, but some have made that accusation of him. During Christ’s lifetime on earth, the Sanhedrin were generally corrupt. Jesus was put to death because of what HE did on Monday or Tuesday not Palm Sunday. HE overturned the money changers tables on Monday or Tuesday. High Priest Caiaphas wanted HIM DEAD for that. Many so called church ministers are on the take from the rich and powerful. Look into the Council for National Policy, quite a corrupt “christian” organization.

  11. nevertheless says:

    It is really very simple, if what a prophet says does not come to pass, then it was not prophesy given by God.
    What we learn from John Paul Jackson is that his predictions are untrue. Thats all there is to say. However, it certainly casts a shadow over the rest of his ministry, dont you think?

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