20 Good Qualities of Abigail

The story of Abigail in 1 Samuel 25 is a story of one of the most faithful and honorable women mentioned in God’s Word – definitely a woman of integrity!


I promised to give you 20 good qualities of Abigail.

1. SHE was a woman of good understanding (clever and wise). Verse 3

2. SHE was beautiful, but not proud or self-exalted verse 3

3. SHE was humbly and godly – unspoiled regardless of her riches. Verse 2, 6 and 23-35

4. SHE had a sense of appreciation for anything others did to aid her household in any degree. Verse 14-19

5. SHE was reasonable, listened to her servants and sought to protect her unworthy husband as well as all her household from danger. Verse 14-35

6. SHE was quick to act in time of danger to protect her own. Verse 17-19

7. SHE did not nag at her husband for his mean and rude character and temper, but patiently lived with him, tolerating the abuse which she no doubt received from such a man. Verse 3, 19, 36

8. SHE was generous of spirit, seeking to help meet the needs of others. Verse 18

9. SHE was independent enough to act without the consent of her husband when it was to his good and the good of others concerned. Verse 19, 36

10. SHE was bold and businesslike in meeting the problems of life; she did not become panic-stricken. Verse 17-35

11. SHE was brave and willing to face danger, which might involve her 0wn life and certainly that of others. Alone she faced an entire army that was coming to destroy her household. Verse 19-35

12. SHE was gracious and pliable when it was necessary. Verse 23-35

13. SHE was willing to take blame and be personally responsible for the acts and sins of another whom she sought to reconcile to the one offended. Verse 24, 25, 28

14. SHE was courteous in her dealings with an enemy and one who had already passed the death sentence on all men of her household. Verse 23-35

15. SHE had wisdom enough to recognize the kind of temper her husband had and put him in the proper class while, at the same time, she loved him and tried to save him from harm. Verse 25

16. SHE was diplomatic in her approach and appeal to the enemy of her household, turning his wrath to mercy and leniency. Verse 26-35

17. SHE had faith in God and recognized His plan in Israel concerning the one who sought to do her harm. Verse 28-35

18. SHE was zealous to keep even an enemy spotless in life and conduct. Verse 28-31

19. SHE wisely kept from her husband the report of the great danger he had been in until he was sober and sensible enough to discuss it. Verse 36-38

20. SHE was willing to forgive the wrongs intended against her and her house, and soon afterward accepted the very man as a husband who was responsible for these evil plans of evil. Verse 39-42

Taken from “Dakes Annoted Reference Bible”

SHE was quite a woman; she was a prophetic woman – Abigail spoke prophetic words to David. David realized this and as a result much bloodshed was averted that day verse33 and she was a faithful woman – She believed in God and spoke forth His message to David. She was rewarded for her faithfulness, she became David’s wife; the future King.

We can ask ourselves:, “are we willing to display the integrity and courage in our lives that Abigail displayed in hers in carrying out the Lord’s will?”

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