Jesus, The Soon Coming King

This morning as I was reading my Bible; I was reading my yearly reading plan and it came to me that without realizing that when we have a reading plan we end up to read the book of revelation in the month of December. You gotta know that Revelation is the book that reveals who Jesus really is. It just came to me how significant that is, to spend the month of December reading about Jesus, our Lord and Savior and who Jesus really is.

You see, our society has made something so fantastic and incredible about the coming of the Lord, that our minds have lost much of it impact and reality. Even as Christians we do believe in the coming of the Lord and we do believe in His virgin birth. If we do not, we cannot claim the new birth in our own life.

But the idea of it is sometimes so unreal that we have put it off into storytelling and we don’t even know the real impact and strength of it. This is what Jeannie Wilkerson said: “all of history hangs on two golden hooks: the first coming of the Lord and the second coming of the Lord. All other events pale in comparison.”

The OT talks about the coming of the Lord, the coming of the seed, the coming of the one that would bruise the devil’s head. The birth of Jesus was a fulfillment of prophesy. All the prophetic words that were spoken came to fulfillment; all the words that talked about Him and pictured Him, all the words from Genesis through Malachi. The Word became flesh and dwelled among men, all those words became the Son of God born into the earth in a manger in Bethlehem; the city of David. There he was “Christ the Lord”.

So, God not only used those words to foretell of His coming, but those words were quickened and became alive and they took on and became flesh and they talked and walked and dwelled among us in the fullness of the Word of God.

His first coming was truly the personification, the fullness of prophesy being fulfilled. It proves the faithfulness of God. He was faithful to His word and faithful to His covenant with Abraham. He was faithful to His nature, which says “I’ll not leave mankind in darkness”. God gave His best and His utmost to see to it that men is reconciled to God.

His first coming purchased our salvation; His first coming guaranteed the end of all things from the beginning, His first coming made a way for His return to see to it that the promise of the first coming would be walked out, that there would be salvation for all people. You can choose for this salvation; that you are reconciled with God and spend eternity with Him. It is my desire for you to make that choice if you might not have already done so.

Heaven belongs to the believer. The Glory of God belongs to the believer. The throne of God belongs to the believer; we have been seated with Christ in Heavenly places. Eph.2:6

So often we draw the line between the saved and the unsaved or the wicked and the righteous. But 1Corinthians tells us there are three groups of people. They are the Jews, the nations and the Church. Two of these three groups have a covenant with God, the Jews and the Church of course, but God does not leave out the nations. God has not left that group who is not in that covenant. Our God is a good God. The Lord has patience with everybody. 2Peter 3:9

So, God has a plan for all three groups of these people. And His plan for all of them is a good plan, but He has to deal with each one of these groups in a different manner. Let me ask you: do you know His plan of salvation, of reconciling you back to Him through His Son Jesus? If not, that would be the greatest gift for this Christmas.  Read more about the gospel of salvation here.

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