Can You Hit The Mark?

Can You Hit The Mark?

by Olga Hermans


Goals are very important; no vision takes shape without goals. You must set goals in order to see your vision become reality; otherwise the visions will be just castles in the air. It takes goals to be able to “hit the mark”.

An archer chooses a target before shooting his arrows. Otherwise the archer will waste his time shooting arrows into “thin air”. Without goals you will never hit the mark and your days will be filled with wasted time.

Do you feel sometimes that you are just wasting time? Sometimes we like to depend upon others for our own goals; we like to seek counsel from others instead of having confidence to seek God for ourselves.

God is pleased with us when we come to Him to find out what He has planned for us from the beginning of the earth and then set our goals after His counsel that He gives us. It takes courage to believe that God would fulfill your goals as we cooperate with Him in the way that He leads us.

How high do you set your goals? Do you work at achieving your goals wholeheartedly? Don’t be afraid to let the Lord lead you in setting good goals. He is behind you 100 percent. Get out there in life and win!

When you have a goal in mind, you certainly hope to see that goal come to pass. You set the end result as the final goal, however, just as each day is measured off in minutes and hours, so your ultimate goal is measured off in smaller steps and stages.

Each step is also a goal, equally important as the ultimate goal, but it is only a part in achieving the final result. The major goals in life are not completed in a day, or even a week. Some may take years and others may incorporate a lifetime.

One of my personal goals for me and for you as my subscribers is to discover the life you were born to live, ignite it with passion and turn it into a profit. I strongly believe that God has anointed us to create wealth to support the work that He is doing in this world.

One of my goals is to create an income online with Young Living Essential Oils and I accomplished my first goal just this week; I received a nice check in the mail from them. That was a goal that I had set in the beginning of the year. We never should despise the small beginnings and give all the Glory to God; He is the one who empowers us to do what we need to do to accomplish what we have set before us.

There are gifts and talents on the inside of you that you need to turn into a profit whether in a ministry or a business; your gifts and talents need to come to the forefront and grow and multiply for others to see them and to enjoy them.

Each and every day is an opportunity to achieve goals and work on others. How very important is it then to make the most of every day.

Our lives are always in transaction and change; nothing ever stays the same. Although we may face some unexpected changes in our lives, we can always be on top of the circumstances with God’s guidance and help; and proper goal setting can make this possible.

God has given us a blueprint for our lives and when we carefully and diligently follow that “blueprint,” each day will be a success leading to more success. No sensible building contractor would start building a house without a blueprint. If he did; it would become obvious to everyone in the end that there was no plan.

So many people go through life without a plan and the end result is equally as disastrous as building without a blueprint. In fact it is much greater tragedy, because the value of a house cannot be compared with the value of a life.

That’s why I am so passionate about the fact when people come to my blog that they will discover the life they were born to live and ignite it with passion and bring Glory to the Lord. Maybe you are thinking now that you made too many mistakes or that your situation has gone too far and cannot be changed.

Or you are at midlife or even older and you are reaping the results of not setting goals. Or you have just become a Christian and you realize that all your goals have been wrong and wonder if it really is possible to have a fresh start. I am here to tell you “YES” it is, it’s NEVER too late to pursue your DESTINY; NEVER!”

One of the most amazing things in the life of Jesus is that He fulfilled goals that had been set for Him, centuries before, through the mouths of the prophets. Jesus has goals for you too. Every promise in the bible is a goal that you can reach. He wants you to walk in abundance.

So, if I were you I would press in on what God has for you; press in and seek first His Kingdom and all those things will be added to you. Jesus wants you to exercise authority over satan and his kingdom. Jesus wants you to be free from anxiety and fear by living in His peace. Jesus wants you to be an overcomer because He overcame every sin for us on the cross.

Have I convinced you that setting goals is really important? Your success depends on the goals you set for yourself. If you don’t plan to succeed, you have already planned to fail. You probably have heard that many times, isn’t?

Let me know in the comment section what you like to achieve and I will come in agreement with you!


  1. Thank you. I agree that goal setting is important along with God’s guidance. I find that if I find myself forcing a goal it might not be God’s will; it might be time to change course.

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