5 Things That Master The Fear of Failure [Part 2]

“No Fear Here” – Kenneth Copeland

“Courage is not only the absence of fear but the mastery of it.” Mark Twain

“You must do the thing that you fear until the fear of that thing becomes no more.”
– Brian Tracy

5 Things That Master The Fear of Failure [Part 2]

by Olga Hermans

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1. See yourself as God sees you.

Meditate on who God says you are.

Start talking about yourself the way God sees you. God sees you through the blood of Jesus. God sees you as more than a conqueror. He sees you as the redeemed of the Lord.

There is a direct relationship between how vividly you can see yourself as God sees you and how rapidly you become that person. In other words, the more faithful you are about spending time in God’s Word, then the quicker you will become the person that God sees.

2. Become passionate and enthusiastic about what God says you can do.

The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word which literally means “God-inspired” and” God-in”. When you are enthusiastic, that means that you can see God in every situation. Others may not be able to see what you see, but you see victory and success coming your way. You can see God at work in your behalf and it creates enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm and passion deepens your faith. Nothing great is ever achieved without them. You must be enthusiastic about whatever you do. You have to be passionate about establishing a ministry, or building a church, or about starting a business. Once again, nothing great is ever achieved without it.

3. Constantly affirm to yourself who you are, what you are and what you can do in Christ Jesus.

I realize this sounds basic and you may have already heard it 10.000 times but you are not going to be free to be you nor will you be the success that you are destined to be until you act on them every day of your life.

What does it mean to affirm? Affirmations are strong statements regarding what you believe. Affirm who you are and what you can do changes what is on the outside to what you see on the inside. Keep your conversation throughout the day consistent with what you believe God is saying about you. Remember to guard your mouth!

4. Feed your spirit daily on God’s Word and faith-building material.

The more you read, the more you listen, and the more you watch faith building programs, the less you will have to deal with fear because faith will come and fear will go. Be very selective about what you read, what you watch and what you listen to.

5. Associate with winners.

Associate with people who have conquered fear. Associate with winners. Stay away from people who constantly talk fear and stay away from people who constantly talk failure. Success breeds success and failure breeds failure. Who you associate with has everything to do with your outcome.

“He that walks with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed”. Prov.13:20

I like to give some extra today, here we go with 9 Winning principles from Daisy Osborn’s book “5 Choices for Women Who Win”.

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1) Practice the art of doing for others what you want them to do for you.

2) Recognize and value the unique person that you are.

3) Accept responsibility for the fact that your life is and will always be what YOU yourself make of it through your innate powers of choice, of decision and of action.

4) Absorb the principle that failure is never final, so if you do not succeed the first time, keep on trying.

5) Realize that whatever is worth your doing is worth doing the very best that you can.

6) Understand that true happiness is having hope, experiencing love and doing things for the betterment of people.

7) Assimilate the irreversible law that you are, and you become the tangible reality of the sum and substance of your own thoughts.

8) Grasp the winning criterion that what you learn, discover, prove and know becomes the only power that you yourself can utilize in this world.

9) Actualize the power within you by being calm and confident, accepting your own uniqueness, by knowing your distinct purpose, by being sure that your goals are right and good for God, for people and for yourself; and by going forward with Him as your source, without intimidation, inferiority or hesitation.

Make a choice today to be a doer of the Word and not let this information just sit on the pages, but take it to heart and act on it. Master the fear and do it as long as until the anxiety of the thing that you fear becomes no more and you can truly say: “No Fear Here”.

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  1. I really do need to work on the points you make in this article. Thanks!

  2. I love this article! It’s very inspiring!!

  3. I don’t know too many people who don’t have any fear…but I realize now that we had to learn to fear. I better take these keys and apply them to my life isn’t it?

  4. The fear of failure is something that can block you in every area of your life. Sometimes it seems that it is at every corner. Thanks for all the great insight.

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