5 Qualities Of A Doer

5 Qualities Of A Doer

by Olga Hermans


Have you been watching The Apprentice with Donald Trump? I have, as I mentioned that last week. It was a race to win and everybody wanted to finish strong, but only one could be The Apprentice of  Donald Trump. It was Brandy Kuentzel and not Clint Robertson. Of course Ivanka  and Don Jr.  had their sayings in this finale.

In this race life, it may take you double the effort to reach your destiny, but you will get there if you one thing; get back up and keep running! A stumble is not a loss. It’s just another opportunity to get back up and succeed.

You will have many opportunities to trust God and many opportunities to doubt. If you stumble in your faith, don’t let it stop you from running your race. Clint Robertson is getting back; we all know that! Most people who have seen great success with God have not been perfect, but they’ve been faithful.

I believe that God wants the body of Christ to overflow with goodness; with love, with joy, with peace, with prosperity, with health and with good relationships. Is it a sacrifice to get back? Yes, it takes effort and a will to get back up after you have struggled or even fallen. Is it worth it? Of course it is.

God loves you. There is no doubt about it. Throughout His Word, He gives you verse after verse about is unconditional love toward you. This world will cut you down. The devil and even your own thoughts will try and tell you that you’re nothing, that you aren’t valuable and aren’t worth the effort. Those thoughts are lies from the pit! God loves you no matter what you look like, what you say or even what you do. His love never fails.

You see, you’ve got to get it in your mind that God wants to see you succeed. He is not against you; He is for you. He is not looking to take from you; He is looking to give to you. The Word says it gives God great pleasure to see you prosper. Psalm 35:27

It brings God pleasure when we enjoy the fruit of our labor. It magnifies Him. He wants to see us shout for joy and be glad. He wants us to do the right thing in life.

Look around you at the successful people that you know or admire. Did they achieve their success easily? Probably not. Real success requires that you sacrifice something of yourself. Something must be sown for something to be reaped. A doer is someone who moves beyond his/her own thoughts and ideas and into action.

Here Are 5 Qualities Of A Doer:

  1. They are not lazy.
  2. They are willing to work in whatever circumstances are necessary.
  3. They are willing to change and exchange old methods for new methods.
  4. they are proud of what they have done, but they aren’t satisfied with stopping.
  5. They do!! That’s what they do; they do!!

Doers make the world go around. We write about them. We talk about them. we are amazed by their focus, their tenacity and their accomplishments. What do they have that non-doers don’t have? Determination.

Use your will to determine the integrity of the soul; your soul loves to achieve things in life. Go for it!

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice: It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” William Jennings Bryan

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