No One Can Keep You From Reaching Your Destiny But You!

No One Can Keep You From Reaching Your Destiny But You!

by Olga Hermans

I believe people have a destiny. But to a lot of people, that word is one that only belongs to another world. Can you remember the last time you talked about your destiny? Maybe with you family or your best friend? In today’s world, destiny is a word that isn’t used too much because it is lofty and can seem “beyond” us.

I want to tell you something “Destiny is real”. Every day, people just like you are living out their destiny all around the world. I will tell you what they are using, they are using the Sword of the Spirit and moving through their lives with something way more effective and that is “FAITH”!

We’ve all got a destiny or some might call it “destination“.You might want to use Noah Webster‘s dictionary as well. Any way, some people might have seemingly “larger” destinations to reach than others, but all of us are important.

We all have something to do that matter, whether it appears that way or not. If all of us would help just one person in this world and help him along in some way, it’s worth it. Some people are running toward their destiny by teaching children in a classroom. They are opening minds and teaching future generations.

Others are running toward their destiny by creating new and helpful things for the public’s use. They are inventing methods and objects that will change the way our world works! Still others are running toward their destiny simply by helping others to fulfill their dreams. They are the champions of dreams that can only get done with team effort.

We all have a place in this world; a destiny to achieve and a destination to reach. It’s a place rooted in goodness that, I believe, we should run toward in faith.

People are so busy with their own lives today. They are going to church, but their mind is on that, what they planned for the afternoon. They are driving past people, who need Jesus desperately. (this link shows you an awesome video).

Just a very few people are thinking about their destiny, not just in terms of their occupation, but their destiny as a son/daughter of God. It seems that there aren’t as many people who really hunger for God-like faith – the kind of faith that heals and moves mountains of problems into the sea. Think about it.

We recently attended a seminar with Peter Daniels here in Vancouver, BC; he encouraged all of us to read biographies. I love to read them and books about the faith-filled men throughout history. They were not perfect and each was still a product of his time and generation, but they were fiercely committed to bringing the Gospel to the world and fiercely committed to their faith in God. What a Destiny!

Will you be a next faith giant? Why not? It can be you! It can if your faith has a destination. You never will fulfill God’s plan for your life if your faith doesn’t have the destination. Faith is not your destination. It’s not the finish line. It’s the beginning line. Faith is like the perfect pair of running shoes. It is going to get you to the finish line quicker than running barefoot. Faith will  carry you to your destination. Go for it!!

One more thought:
“No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” – Jesus Christ

by Olga Hermans

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