2 Lessons From The Celebrity Apprentice To Reach Your Destiny

The Fact That Gary Busey Has Not Already Been Fired Is Almost Hilarious And Makes Everybody Walk On Their Toes


2 Lessons From The Celebrity Apprentice
To Reach Your Destiny

by Olga Hermans

Last week while I was writing “Iron Sharpens Iron” and When Life Throws You A Curveball”; I kept thinking about the situation on the Celebrity Apprentice. I don’t know about you but I would be greatly challenged when I would have to work with a person that challenges me to the max. I am not sure if I could stay focused on the task ahead of me under that kind of pressure. What about you? How would you act and perform in a situation like that?

The fact that Gary Busey has not already been fired onNBC’s the Celebrity Apprentice is almost hilarious and makes everybody walk on their toes. It keeps me speechless sometimes why Donald Trump keeps Gary around and keeps me marveling why? What are Donald trump’s motives, why does he keep the other men struggling with him? It’s very puzzling to me.

Actor Gary Busey is definitely the one that sharpens the iron of all the men in the ‘Backbone’ team. Knowing how to manage yourself in a situation like this will unquestionably build your character, which is a good thing. Some say he is a genius, others say he is a moron.? You be the judge!

Pro 27:17 says: “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend”.
Gods Word says: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens the wits of another”.
ISV says: “Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens a friend’s character”.
You know, when iron sharpens iron, sparks are going to fly! We sharpen each other by being in a conversation and stirring up to exercise our gifts and talents.

The other article was about when Life Throws You a Curveball and it talked about the issue when somebody would be hired for a new job and thought it was going to be a certain way, but then you find out you had a boss or an employee that was a real pain in the neck. The participants in The Apprentice are prepared because they know that this is going to happen. But still when it happens, everybody has to face the facts and sharpen their motives to move forward.

So, what should you do when that happens?

1.   Don’t get bitter and choose to be an encouragement instead. Encourage the team and encourage yourself. The people in the team are the assets that you have. Don’t go and sit on the sideline and look down your nose at what everybody else is doing.
You must wake up and determine that you will do the things that will move you forward.

2.   You need to remind yourself that you have a destiny. Do you know what is going to help you get through your overwhelming circumstances? It is a revelation of your destiny.
You might be in an overwhelming circumstance right now, but God is letting you know you have a future and a hope. Become compassionate for others and realize you have a destiny, a goal to be reached. Then press toward it in spite of unexpected storms – or curveballs – that come your way.

Will Gary Busey ever get fired on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’?

If a situation with a person like this comes into your own life, what do you do? What do most people do? The easy way out is to leave the situation for what it is and walk out. Leave it for what it is and hope for the best, hoping that a curveball like that will never come back. You choose to not be sharpened by the iron that came into your life.

What do you think? I think that every time we make a choice not to face a situation or a certain personality we miss out, because we could have strengthened our character which is very important. It is your character that keeps you in the place of success. If you reach success and your character is not developed, you will have a hard time to stay there.

How would you like it when somebody would say about you: “we do not want to work around you Gary, but WE ARE FORCED to work around you” like Meatloaf said.

Here came what we all probably were waiting for: “Gary, you’re very talented, you are very unique, you are an amazing guy and Gary “YOU”RE FIRED!” Donald Trump stated the fact one more time! What would you have done?


  1. I heard a lot about “character building” growing up…my parents were big on seeing everything as a blessing…even the unhappy and uncomfortable things. And when those occurred and I was really struggling to find the “gold” in the situation, Mother would remind me that sometimes we experience things simply to build “character”. When I was about 9 or 10 I remember hearing those words and replying “How old do you have to be to have your character finished?” Ha! Great article!

  2. Susan McKenzie says:

    I love Denny’s response…. so many times we are disappointed in life. We can become sour or we can make lemonade… maybe we all need to share our lemonade stories 🙂 Character is sure worthwhile, isn’t it?

  3. Margriet says:

    Gary is a very difficult person to deal with. I hate these situations, but your tip on turning it around and speaking some positive things over should help.

  4. Jennifer Redshaw says:

    I don’t watch the show so can’t comment there. However I have had a few relational issues in the workplace. One situation took months to work through but eventually things got sorted out in a godly manner. Sparks did fly but iron sharped iron.

  5. Roberts Hendrixs says:

    This Gary knew how to get people on a limb..what a guy!
    I know some people like that, I am glad I don’t have to work with them though. But you’re right, sometimes they are in our lives to perfect us for the things ahead!

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