URGENT Prayer Alert On Behalf Of Israel [video]

Pastor John and Diana Hagee and I are calling for urgent prayer on behalf of Israel. Many Palestinians call this Sunday, May 15, “Catastrophe Day,” as they commemorate the establishment of the State of Israel. News media has shared that demonstrations will start Friday against Israel. And, the Muslim Brotherhood has called for an invasion of Israel on May 15. ( Click here to read details of the potential attack and its historical significance.)

Israel is preparing to guard its nation and people from harm. Please agree with them by praying for peace and safety for all Israeli soldiers. Pray for the protection of Israel’s borders from attack and the protection of its people from any harm. God has miraculously protected His people in the past. He can and will protect them again! Prayer for Israel

During This Time: Father God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we call upon You to intervene on behalf of Your people, Israel. It is You Lord God who sends help to those in distress; deliver Your Chosen from the wrath of the ungodly. We ask that You place Your supernatural protection over those who are preparing to guard Israel and the people against an enemy whose intent is destruction of Your Chosen. Lord God of Israel we call upon You to protect Your land which You have given to Your people as their inheritance. May the enemies of Israel be kept powerless by Your mighty hand, for You are her Rock and her Fortress and You dwell in her palaces; Your presence surrounds Israel like a shield.

We give You thanks with grateful hearts for the miracles that You will perform on behalf of the Jewish people and the land of Israel for You are her refuge and her strength and a very present help in trouble. Amen.



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