The Power of Wise Words and Right Choices

Tell It Like You Want It To Be

The Power of Wise Words and Right Choices

by Olga Hermans


Proverbs is called the book of wisdom for a reason. In every chapter of that book, you can read about the various ways

not to be a fool. Fools probably don’t enjoy the fullness of their destiny. Some of them don’t even get on the right road. Others start going on the right road, but they get distracted and never get back out there. Others get to a successful place, but end up losing it in the end…because they go out and act like a fool!

Do you some of these people? They say something like: Oh, you know how God is…sometimes He does and sometimes He don’t!” You know what they do? They are calling God a liar and they act like a fool does. I try to encourage them and hope they receive that. Otherwise, they’re going to have a rougher time in life than they need to.

Fools cry and moan that God doesn’t provide for them right after He gave them an opportunity to work. Fools lie all day to others and get mad when somebody else does the same thing to them. They ask themselves how this could happen to themselves. It’s the principle of sowing and reaping! Fools also speak doubt. They talk bad about themselves. They tear themselves down, even when, in their heart of hearts, they really want to do something for God. What they really should do is: read proverbs and apply the wisdom to their own life.

If you want to find and stick to the road that leads to your divine destiny, you’re going to need wisdom and that comes from God. James 1:5 Wisdom also comes from knowing who you are in Christ and speaking by faith even when outward circumstances don’t give you any assurance at all.

There is a danger of “telling it like it is.” You can either tear yourself down or build yourself up. It’s up to you. Choose to speak faith. If you don’t “feel” it, don’t let that get you into “telling it like it is.” People who always “tell it like it is” end up living exactly as they tell it. Their faith is working; it’s just taking them in the wrong direction. You’ve got to “tell it like you want it to be” if you want your life to change and you want to progress.

Let what is in your mind come out of your mouth. Determined thoughts should lead to determined words. So, speak to your future as if is something tangible and it will eventually become tangible. You will see that dream, idea, vision or concept or whatever God has put in your heart come to pass.

Is this optimism? No, it’s faith. But it takes optimism to use faith, and that’s a good thing. Optimism is underrated in the natural mind, but it is God way of doing things to speak positive and speak life. You will have many opportunities to quit; don’t take any of them. Throughout the bible, you can find examples of people who got what they needed from God because they refused to give up.

The woman with the issue of blood is a very famous one. You can see that the words people spoke in those stories were an indicator of their faith. That is a lesson for you and me, that the words we speak are very important. It’s not the words you speak when you’re in church that matter. It’s the words you speak to yourself every day that make the difference.

The Bible says that, “You are snared by the words of your mouth; You are taken by the words of your mouth.” Prov.6:2. The devil may lay the trap, but it’s you who can either walk into it or not. Watch your lips!

One of my most favorite quotes is: “You are the prophet of your own life.”
The Power of Choice has been given to you and that makes your life choice driven!


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