Our Answer to The Call

Our Answer to The Call

by Olga Hermans


There are things in times past that are not that satisfying to us any more. God is giving people a deeper hunger for a greater relationship with Him. He is igniting in us a fire to seek Him and to be intimate with Him and to really know Him more and more.

The end is coming soon and there is much work to be done, we need to choose to come closer to God which means to a higher place in God. Everybody has a calling to fulfill in this earth. There is a spiritual supply on the inside of us that the Body Christ needs. There are prayers to pray and places to fill.

Some of us made the choice to draw back from the call of God on our lives. Last Sunday our pastor preached on the wells in our lives that have dried up and we need to dig them up again and let the living water flow out of them again. Some of those wells are waiting for us to be digged up again. Let’s make a quality choice right now to dig up those wells again on the inside of us that we need to give to the Body of Christ.

Some believers chose to draw back because at some time in their life, they responded to it and things didn’t work out as they hoped. They jumped out to do what they thought the Lord was drawing them to do and they ran straight into a wall.

Let me tell you this; don’t worry about it. Let’s look at the life Moses; we all know that he was called as a prophet and as a deliverer for Israel. He sensed that that call within his heart. But, what did he do? He murdered an Egyptian and though that was the way to do it. But that was not what God had in mind, was it? So, Moses went to the backside of the desert to get things straightened out. God helped him though and in the end , Moses fulfilled his role in the plan of God.

Then there is Samuel; he had trouble at first understanding how to respond to the voice of God. The first times he heard the Lord speak, Samuel thought he heard the voice of somebody that he trusted, Eli. So, instead of responding to God, he went to Eli.

But God didn’t give up on him. He just kept calling until Samuel got it right. That is very encouraging isn’t it? It is wonderful that how many mistakes we make, if we keep responding to God’s call the best we know how, He’ll keep working with us.

Just like He did with Moses and Samuel, He will stick with us until we get it right. We can learn something very important from men like Moses and Samuel abut responding to the call of the Lord:

When you sense the Spirit’s call, go to God first and find out exactly what He wants you to do and find out exactly what he wants you to do.
1. Don’t just jump out and come up with something on your own (like Moses did).
2. Don’t just go talk to a friend about it (like Samuel did.

Or listen to another message or read another book on the subject. Draw near to God. get His wisdom by fellowshipping with Him. That’s what God does. When He is ready to promote us to walk in higher places of power and authority, the first thing He does is call us to Himself.

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