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Speaking with tongues is a means of spiritual edification. And if you want to be able to edify others, you’re going to have to be edified yourself!

I believe this is the reason that many people are not the blessing to others that they could be – they don’t edify themselves. They don’t take times to build themselves up spiritually by speaking in tongues. But when believers get themselves built up, they can then help and bless others.

When we pray and speak with other tongues, it helps us to be conscious of God’s divine, supernatural presence in our lives through the Person of the Holy Spirit.

Howard Carter was one of the pioneers of the Pentecostal Movement and the founder of one of the oldest Pentecostal Bible schools in the world. He once said: “We must not forget that the speaking with other tongues is not only an initial evidence of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, it is a continual experience for the rest of his (the believer’s) life to assist in the worship of God. It is a flowing stream that should never dry up, and that will enrich the life spiritually.”

Continuing to pray and to worship God in tongues helps us to ever be conscious of God’s holy presence in our lives. And if we are conscious of the fact that the Holy One lives in us, then we’re going to live holy.

There is tremendous value and eternal reward for living holy, consecrated lives before the Lord. And one way we can appropriate the power of the Holy Spirit to live holy lives before God is by praying in the Holy Ghost, speaking in other tongues!

Through this wonderful baptism in the Spirit which the Lord gives us, he enables us to talk to Himself in a language that the Spirit has given, a language which no man understands, but which He understands, a language of love. Oh, how wonderful it is to speak to Him in the Spirit, to let the Spirit lift, and lift, and lift us until He takes us into the very presence of God!

Spending much time praying in tongues will help you to be able to be a greater blessing to others, be more sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit, live lives that are more pleasing to God, strengthen yourself spiritually and increase the anointing corporately and do much, much more. IS IT ANY WONDER THAT SATAN HATES IT AND DESIRES TO KEEP YOU FROM DOING IT?

As Christians, it should be our desire to be as effective for the Lord as we can be. We should strive to walk in the joy of the Lord in order to be the witness we should be. This cannot be ultimately reached if we aren’t using our prayer language on a regular basis. Praying in tongues is one way that we give the Holy Spirit control of our life to accomplish His will in us.

Many Christians aren’t experiencing the blessings that they are entitled to because of not using the language of the dispensations they’re living in. I’ve found that praying in tongues causes me to be more aware of the inheritance that I posses as a Christian. Satan again, doesn’t want you to begin to understand and enjoy the blessings of God because he knows that if you do, you’ll begin sharing them with others.

The more the believer matures in Christ, the more he sees the value of praying in tongues. As a young Christian it’s easier for satan to cause spirit filled believers to not use their prayer language. One way he does this is by causing young Christians to want man’s approval rather than God’s. I have determined that as a pastor I will do all I can to encourage believers to continually exercise their prayer language.

I have noticed that people who do a great deal of praying in tongues find it easier to experience the
presence of God. I can relate with Brother Wigglesworth when he speaks of being lifted up by the Spirit. Pray much in the Spirit and enjoy this experience for yourself.

Praying in tongues is one of the best ways of finding God’s will for one’s life. When people ask me what they can do to find God’s will for them, one of the first things I tell them is, “Pray much in the Holy Ghost.”

Now, one of the things I appreciate most about being filled with the Holy Spirit is praying with tongues. From that day in 1937 when I was first Spirit-filled to this, I have worshiped and communicated with God, praying and singing in tongues, every single day. And I never have lest that place of prayer feeling that I didn’t say what I wanted to say, because my spirit was enabled by the Holy Spirit who indwells me to say what it wanted to say.

If you are not doing so already, I invite you to come on in and communicate with God supernaturally. God wants to do so much more for you. He wants to communicate with you in a better way. Know the joy of fellowshipping with the Lord in the Spirit.

Speaking in tongues is a continual experience to assist us in the worship of God. It is a flowing stream that should never dry up. It will enrich your life spiritually. And it will enable you to help others and to work with God Himself in the consummation of His work in the earth through the ministry of intercessory prayer.

Brother Hagin has probably influenced me more than anybody in my walk with God. For years I’ve followed his ministry and have found him to be a man of integrity and a man with powerful anointing on his life. A friend of his once told me that “If you are around Brother Hagin for any amount of time, you know what he does a lot of, …speaking in tongues.”

Tongues must be exercised in our lives on a daily basis. When we exercise our tongues it puts us in direct connection with God and the Holy Ghost takes His place in our lives by bringing things to our remembrance. Tongues are a direct channel to the Throne Room. If you don’t know what path to take, you will when you pray in tongues. If you don’t know an answer, you will when you pray in tongues.

We must never be ashamed of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is an essential key to each and every one of us in the Body. Blinders stay on people eyes and hearts because of a lack of revelation. It is the Holy Ghost that is the revealer – we need Him to reveal the hidden things to us. He is a precious and much needed gift that needs to be acknowledged in our lives. To reject Him is to reject Jesus, because He is our comforter and He is the Revealer of the hidden things in Christ.

We are not to get weary in well doing! If there is one thing that the devil hates most, it’s tongues. When you feel worn out and weary, that is the time to press in and draw on the strength of the Holy Ghost. The enemy of your soul does not want you to pray in tongues! Satan doesn’t care if you read the Word, and you don’t use it. He doesn’t care if you go to church, and not bring anyone with you. However, he is a defeated foe when you start to step out in faith, believe and stand on the Word of God, start bringing people to church, and exercise your prayer language on a daily basis!

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