More Essentials for Spiritual Growth and Development Pt 3

11. Know that you are Righteous.
There is a world of difference in a man’s self-righteousness and the gift of righteousness from God.  Self-righteousness boasts in itself, but the gift of righteousness can boast only in the finished work of Christ.  Righteousness simply defined is RIGHT STANDING WITH GOD.  It gives you the ability to be free of guilt, condemnation, fear, and inferiority.  These four problems rob many Christians of God’s blessings; it is easy to see why an understanding of righteousness could transform your life.  Imagine: no guilt, no fear, no condemnation, and no inferiority.  What a blessed life that would be!
The greatest enemy to faith is a lack of understanding of God’s Word. A lack of understanding regarding righteousness and its privileges holds more Christians in bondage than any other thing.

12. Renewing the mind
The Bible tells us that one of the highest, ultimate goals that God has in store for each one of us is our transformation in Him – and this transformation is accomplished by the renewing of our mind. Somehow people buy into the concept that they are what they are and there is nothing they can do about it. The 1# key of the renewing of the mind is: you can change to make your life what you want it to be. The renewing of the mind is a journey. Whatever your present place in life, you have the potential to move forward and experience more of God’s will and plan. The Bible tells us that one of the highest, ultimate goals that God has in store for each one of us is our transformation in Him – and this transformation is accomplished by the renewing of our mind. Rom.12:2

13. You can live in Victory
Jesus has made a way for you to rise above trials, difficulties and problems. You can experience faith, hope and joy through the power of God’s Word. Get ready for miracles. Mankind was created to have dominion on the earth. Knowing what Jesus has done for you and in you will change your life. He destroyed the power of the devil 1John 3:8 You have been raised from death to life, from defeat to victory. You are what God says you are. You can do what God says you can do. God has plans for you that are beyond your wildest dreams. He has planned for you to live in Victory.
14. Speak in Tongues
Unless you allow Jesus to baptize you in the Holy Ghost, you won’t ever receive power from on High to do the works of God. Paul said you pray in tongues to edify yourself: “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself” (1 Cor. 14:4). To “edify” means to build yourself up. Speaking in tongues builds you up to the point that you can believe God instead of circumstances.
Circumstances don’t have anything to do with God. He will remove circumstances if you’ll just believe Him. The way you believe is the way you talk. What you believe comes out of your innermost being. The words you speak come from your heart—your inner man. The words you speak show the exact shape that your inner man is in.

15. Understand That You Are Anointed
How do you know that you are anointed? You receive the anointing when you become born again. “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3).  Once a person receives Jesus as Lord and becomes born again, that person is anointed. The word Christ means “Anointing and His Anointed,” so in salvation you become anointed with Christ, because Jesus Christ comes into your life. The anointing is the burden removing and yoke destroying power of God.
All believers can experience a deeper anointing by being baptized with the Holy Spirit.

If you don’t know what it means to be baptized in the Holy Spirit; you can click here for more information.

Ok, today we came to 15 Essentials for Spiritual Growth and Development; you can read the first 5 essentials here and Part 2 here. If there is one that you yourself like to add, write it in a comment and we might come to 100 essentials for our spiritual growth and development. The power of choice is to act upon these truths and to be doers of the word is always at hand. Our life is truly choice driven.

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