Choose Life

Every Time I Choose To Obey God In My Spirit When He Tells Me To Do Something, I Choose Life


Choose Life

by Olga Hermans

We have a decision to make, just as Israel had to do that; life or death, blessing or cursing. Cursing was automatic for them if they didn’t hearken to God; blessings were inevitable if they did hear and obey.

The same is true for us today. We must choose whether or not we will hearken to God’s Word. If we hearken to God regarding the new birth, then we are born again. If e hearken to God and do what He says about healing, then healing takes place in our lives. If we hearken to His Word regarding prosperity, then we begin to prosper.

In every area, if we will just obey God and walk in His light, we will automatically increase in Is life and blessings. I don’t know about you, but I choose life. Every time I choose to obey God in my spirit when He tells me to do something, I choose life.

How do you choose life? You just have to decide, “I’m staying with the Word of God. As I hear and obey what God says, I believe it is unavoidable and predetermined that God’s blessings will overtake me. I will have the things I need. In fact, I’ll even have a surplus of prosperity. It is inevitable. It shall come to pass!”

Then determine never to quit. Don’t let yourself think, Well, that will never work for me, or they prayed for me, but I didn’t get healed.

When you make a choice to walk by faith and not by sight, you can never quit. We must not reach this great moment in the history of the Church, only to draw back in fear! No, this is the time to double up, not give up!

So, we choose to prove ourselves to be faithful when we go through the hard places. We honor God with our mouth and we keep putting the Word into our hearts so we will be able to accomplish all that God has placed in our heart to do.

The key to our deliverance is to hearken unto God. It was the same key for the deliverance of Israel. We hold the same key. As we hear and do the Word of God, certain victory and days of heaven on earth will be ours.

God is trying His best to get something over to His people. He knows that our lives depend on it. So, over and over, He keeps saying the same thing in different ways.

You just can’t choose God without choosing His ways. It is the choosing of His ways that make life a blessing on this earth. When you don’t choose God’s ways, you are actually choosing darkness, defeat, lack, sickness – the entire curse of the law.

God wants to prosper you, so He won’t give you something that will hurt you. He has to have your heart before He can give you wealth.

You see, you can’t stay out of the will of God and still prosper. You may make money, but you can’t prosper. There are wicked people in this world who are rich, but they aren’t prospering. Often the more money they make, the quicker they die. Why? Because they buy all the drugs and immorality they want until they finally kill themselves!

Even if those who are rich live long lives, they have no peace without God. And living a long life with a lot of money but no peace is not God’s idea of prosperity.

So, God will prove you to see what you will do with His Word in the circumstances of life. He wants to know whether or not He will remain in first place in our life after he has blessed you with material increase.

That’s why you have to stay sharp spiritually, stay in the Word and walk circumspectly before God. Every time you pass a test, you qualify for increase!


  1. Jennifer says:

    yay, Awesome encourgement, and so true

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