Can You Trust God With Your Future?

God is a God of abundance; He has so much for us. We have no idea!

Usually we look for crumbs under the table; He has prepared a feast for us in the royal banquet hall. We wonder if He remembers who we are, He has been calling our name. We wait for Him to notice our plight; He waits for us to take His hand. We see ourselves in the dark because we’ve done something wrong; He sees us in the light because we’ve done something right.

We don’t recognize the answers to our prayers; He moves powerfully at our request. We have trouble trusting Him fully with our future; He has a future for us better than the one we dream of for ourselves. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.” (1Corinthians 2:9)

We worry so about our future because we can never be completely certain about it. A single event can change our lives; for the better we hope, for the worse we fear. When we ask Him about it, He sometimes reveals specifics. But most of the time He doesn’t give us anything more than the assurance that our future is secure in His hands. He shows us that we have a future and this simple knowledge must be enough for us.

You have a great future ahead and it will be reached as you move out of your past and walk step-by-step with God as he reveals Himself to you in the present.

Just as you should not live in the past, resist the urge to live in the future also. Put your future in God’s hands, trusting that He will never withhold anything good from you and then stop worrying about it. This doesn’t mean a trumpet will sound announcing that you are spiritually immature if you find yourself concerned about the future.

God is not asking you to be perfect. He is asking you to be perfect in you. God is not asking you to have your whole future figured out. He is asking you to trust that He has a future planned. Thinking too much about the future can keep you from fully living the life God has given you now.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have goals, but some people have goals that are so strong they sacrifice everything to achieve them, even their family and God. Instead of allowing the goal to come from God, the goal itself becomes god.

Simply follow Him every day on that narrow pathway and you will be free. Free to trust Him for every step. Free to be all He made you to be. Free to do what He called you to do. Free to enjoy all He has for you. You will walk in a dept of love, peace, fulfillment and joy you never thought possible.

You don’t have to have you life all figured out; you only have to take one step at a time walking with God. And every time you put your hands in God’s hand, you’ll know you’ve got a solid hold on your future.

A few Sundays ago my pastor CLA Church gave us these 10 areas for you trust God in:

Here they are :

1. Trust Him when he blesses you and not to become self-sufficient.

2. Trust Him with your future.

3. Trust Him with your heart.

4. Trust Him when you go through a family issue.

5. Trust Him when you get into trouble

6. Trust Him when you are tempted.

7. Trust Him when you face persecution.

8. Trust Him when you are disappointed

9. Trust Him for restoration

10. Trust Him when it comes to faith

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