Are You Ruling As A King And Priest In Your Home?




Are You Ruling As A King And Priest In Your Home?



Sometimes we learn things and although we don’t forget them, they go dormant waiting for an opportune time to resurface. In the last few weeks, I experienced this as my pastor began speaking about the Believer’s role as king and priest. All of a sudden, everything I had learned came to the forefront once more. I believe it is an important message for this hour.
Jesus has made us kings and priests in His kingdom. We are not a king or a priest. We are both king and priest. So what is a king and what is a priest?

Kings and Priests

A king is a person with absolute authority over all the affairs of his domain. Kings are responsible for the welfare and protection of their subjects. They represent their domain and the principles on which it is founded.

A priest is a person whom God has given authority to go before God on behalf of men and go before men on behalf of God. Going before God requires that the priest be without sin. As Believers, we are made sinless through the washing of Christ’s blood. No man will be cleaner than one who has been washed in the blood of Jesus. Soap and water cleanse only the body. The blood of Jesus cleanses your soul. In god’s sight we are without sin and can approach Him as priests.

You are freed from all sin to live for God as His king and priest. Isn’t that awesome?

Did you notice that authority resides in both roles? We absolutely can reign in life and achieve all the things that God has planned for us. We are equipped to take charge of both our personal domain and to be change agents in the world around us. We are called to use our authority in prayer to bring God’s will to pass in the earth. We no longer have to dabble in worry, doubt and unbelief allowing the circumstances of this life to weigh us down.

To function in the role of king and priest you must see yourself as both king and priest. Use your thoughts to affirm God’s desire for you in the authority He has given you and how it will impact destinies – not only your own, but of those who are within your sphere of influence.

Everyone Is Subject To Someone’s Authority

Each of us must answer to another’s authority. In order to fully exercise our authority, we, ourselves, need to be under Godly authority. Your pastor is an authority over you as a part of your local church. The anointing on the pastor flows through to the congregation. I love it that my church is an actively praying church. When we pray, we know that things are changing and that things are shifting. Our pastors’ strong apostolic anointing is clearly evident when they speak. And because they are my pastors, as one who is under their authority, I expect their anointing to flow in my life. I believe that great things will happen in my personal life and in my family.

What Is The Importance of Living As A King And Priest?

Why are we to live as a king and priest? This is the order that God Himself has ordained. God will always honor the principles and structures that He has set in place. He will support you as you learn to function in these roles and loves it when you begin exercising your authority in greater measure over your home, family, business and all of your possessions.

God has a plan for you: He desires for you to partner with Him on the earth in broader realms of influence and authority through you and your prayers. God has called us to use our God-given authority to further His Kingdom, beginning in our households.

Are You Living Like a King and Priest in Your Home?

Revelation 1:6 says: “And has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever.” Amen. God has a plan for all of us to reign as kings and priests in this life. So, are you ruling your home life as a king and priest?

You see, when we consider the functions of kings and priests, we notice that most of us are not living as such in our households.

How does a king reign in his home? Is there confusion as to who sets the standard in the home? Is the enemy allowed to come in and countermand the king’s standards? Is there poverty in the home? Does the king act and dress as a pauper? No, of course not. In the home of the king there is order and authority, a code of conduct, prosperity and abundance. A king has compassion for those under his authority and he uses his authority to advance his subjects’ well being.

And how does a priest function within his household? Does a priest take care of his own spiritual needs and leave other household members to do the same? No, a priest ministers to his household. He imparts honour of God and conformance to God’s standards. He teaches the difference between right and wrong. He covers the home in prayer. He goes before God and represents his household.

The king protects and supplies while the priest teaches, imparts and advocates. As a king and priest, you have a responsibility within your own family. You are responsible to protect your family by proclaiming the blood of Jesus over all family members, thus imparting His protection. Then you assure provision for the needs of your family through acknowledging that God is the only source in your life and that there is no other god before you.

The Details Of God’s Plan Are Found In His Word

We have been given the Bible as the standard to order our own life. In it we can find the guidance for daily life. We have a choice before us to live under its authority or to rebel or abdicate.

Living as a king and priest is the best life that we can live while on this earth. It is not only God’s will for us to live as a king and priest, but it is also an excellent lifestyle that will produce abundance and fruit in your life.

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  1. A very interesting article…I had never thought about this in this way before. Thanks for sharing your insights!
    denny hagel recently posted..Tantrums, Acting Out and Attitude: How You Can Diffuse Them!My Profile

  2. This is powerful! Living as Kings and Priests. May the good Lord add His blessings upon this message and grant us all the grace to live as such.

    Am blessed by your ministry!

  3. Interesting concept. Thanks for sharing!
    Martha Giffen recently posted..Clever Blogging Ideas That WorkMy Profile

  4. Olga, very daring words here.
    People misrepresent what it means to be king over your life and priest over your life, but you have absolutely nailed it.
    Matthew Reed recently posted..If I Could Tell Myself Anything I’d Say…Have Your OWN Vision.My Profile

  5. Great article Olga! I don’t think I have ever thought about it in quite that way or heard anyone put it like that but I can see how we can and should be both. Thanks for sharing this – you always give me lots to think about!
    Sue Glashower recently posted..Sunday – A Day Set Apart for Rest and WorshipMy Profile

  6. Absolutely love how you described priests and kings in the home. What an awesome picture of what our role is. Loved it, Olga and will be sharing. Awesome!!! 🙂
    Norma Doiron@Where Aspiring/Budding Business Owners Start, Grow & Strenghten Their Online Business recently posted..SEO What to Do And Not DoMy Profile

  7. I really loved how you explained both what a King is and what a priest is. I get so much spiritually from reading your blog posts!
    Ron recently posted..From my heart to yours; a personal letterMy Profile

  8. Jesus is the best example of a King and a Priest… he lived as a homeless man, but yet he was not impoverished. He was meek and gentle, laying down his life for others… but he also ruled the forces of nature and did not allow earth’s limitations to negatively impact the lives of people he cared about.

    It’s very exciting, really, to contemplate the subject you’re bringing to our attention… because if we all truly grasped it, how different the world would be! WILL be…

    Thanks, Olga!
    Susan McKenzie recently posted..Soaking: A Powerful Form of Natural HealingMy Profile

  9. Hosea 4:6 Many christains lack dis truth n as a result of dis, dey r oppressed by d prince of dis world, many av rejected d truth dey c it as some dat is not possible 2rule n reign wit christ here on earth so dey r subject 2all kinds of sicknesses, diseases, demonic oppression, instead of dem 2b ruling n reigning wit Christ here on earth as it is in heaven as king n royal preisthood of God. Amen.

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