6 Common Thoughts Of Singles That Are Very Deceptive

How can you avoid deception in your thoughts as a single person? In this post Hollywood’s Confusing Portrayal of Marriage was mentioned how New films make marriage look like a prison. Christians ought to be careful and avoid

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deception in any way possible to not let these publicized messages impact how we view marriage. Movies bring very unrealistic values to the table of marriage. God has meant marriage to be powerful in our life. Wow, we could talk about this for a while, isn’t it?

It’s not easy to avoid deception when we don’t gain any knowledge about the subject. What does the bible say about this? God says: my people perish for lack of knowledge; let’s say that we perish when we don’t act on the knowledge that we know. Acting on knowledge and be doers of the word is very powerful. Making right choices is powerful; to us is given the power of choice, right?

There is a lot of deception in the church in these days. Let’s look at some very deceptive thoughts that some single people have.

Deception #1: “He is not a Christian, but he is a great guy!”
The bible warns us NOT to marry a non-Christian. 2Cor.6:14. If you’re single or lonely, God knows. If you’re approaching a certain age, God knows how old you are. And He is not worried. The important thing is not to be married…it’s about choosing the right person to marry. And God can bring that person unexpectedly, just as He did for so many other people. We have to hold onto God’s Word, not a wish list and let God dictate our decision whether or not to marry someone.

Deception #2:” Having a Man Will Solve My Problems.”
Too often women convince themselves that if they could just have the one thing they don’t have, then they would be happy. Do you really think that loneliness might disappear and financial strains melt? Being in a relationship means trading in one set of concerns for another. I heard a marriage counselor once say “both parties need to bring 100% in to marriage”. Don’t expect that the other has to fill in your gaps!

Deception #3: “There Must Be something Wrong With Me If I Don’t have A Man”.
Within each of us is a desire to be known and loved. The bible says “It’s not good…to be alone”. Gen 2:18. Being alone can be very hard and it is natural to want a relationship so we can have companionship. The danger comes when our desire to escape being alone turns into an expectation or agenda. You can be easily disappointed if God doesn’t seem to follow your plans. Remind yourself of the truth about God’s love for you. “No good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless.” Psalm 84:11

Deception #4: “My Soul Mate Is Out There Somewhere”.
One danger of the “soul-mate philosophy” is that it’s possible to believe you married the wrong person and to think that someone else must be your soul-mate. This is what Neil Clark Warren from Eharmony says: “Soul mates are made, not born. You start with the ingredients for a highly compatible, successful relationship and you work to develop closeness and intimacy.

Deception #5: “It’s Ok To Flirt As Long as Everyone Is Just Having Fun.”
Flirting is a body language. Flattery and flirtation and whatever means of drawing attention to oneself. There is a difference in flirting and being friendly. Within the marriage or as being single; it’s quite another thing to remain emotionally pure – not to flirt with another man and become emotionally attached to him. Isa 3:16 speaks of women with an attitude of pride in their physical beauty and form, walking with necks stretched forth and wanton eyes. The Amplified says, “Undisciplined (flirtatious and alluring) eyes, tripping along with mincing and affected gait, and making a tinkling noise with [the anklets on] their feet.”

Deception #6: “The Way I Dress Is None Of Your Business.”
Like it or not, but you are being watched. People watch people. Guys particularly watch girls and women. They watch how you dress. They watch your behavior patterns. They watch any signals you send. Whether you are naive or purposeful in what you do makes no difference to the fact that they watch you. Girls who are fashion conscious but naïve to the fact that society is pushing sexual freedom could be setting themselves up for hurt and regret.

Modesty doesn’t have to mean wearing sackcloth or no makeup and jewelry. As with all other decisions, wisdom is key.
It’s all about making the right choices and The Power Of Choice; your life can be truly choice driven in every area of your life.
“Modesty is a posture of the heart.” Joshua Harris

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