3 Big Reasons Your Online Business Needs a Blog

This is our 3rd week of our Social Media series in August and I know that all of you love it as much as I do. Today, my friend Jennifer Herndon is talking to you about why a blog would benefit you, especially it you are interested in making an income.

She loves to motivate people to go all out on the potential that is on the inside of you. Every time I read one of her blogposts, I am impressed and always feel I have to take some action. I hope you feel the same.

I know you will like her; she is very upfront with you and I know she will show you what to do as a newbie in blogging and even as a professional blogger; enjoy her post as much as I did.

Here is Jennifer:



3 Big Reasons Your Online Business Needs a Blog

 by Jennifer Herndon

You can build an online business through social media these days. I love that fact. It really levels the playing field. No longer do you have to be rich enough to rent an office, tech savvy enough to program a computer, or fresh on the heels of a degree from the Harvard School of Business.

All you need to know is how to do social media right. That doesn’t sound too hard. Signing up for accounts with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest takes a total of about 30 minutes. And you’re in business, right?

Wrong. Yet I hear it often. People I meet on social media tell me they have an online business. But when I go to trade websites with them, it’s “well I don’t have a website yet.” And most of them have no realistic plan to get one.

Because they are building their business with social media. Which is great. But, you are making a huge mistake if your blog is not at the heart of your social media strategy. (I’ll use blog and website to mean the same thing here because in the beginning, there doesn’t need to be much on your website other than your blog.)

Your blog is in fact the motherload of your social media marketing. Why? Here are the top 3 reasons:

1. Your Blog Makes You an Expert

Yes, you can put out some wonderful nuggets of wisdom on Facebook, Twitter and the rest. But people go to these traditional social media platforms for bites of information. Social media moves quickly. They aren’t going to “pull up a chair and stay awhile” while you try to educate them on your market.

Even though Facebook and Google+ allow for blog-length posts these days, that’s not what your readers are going there for. (There are some exceptions to this when it comes to Google+).

The place to teach the masses is at your blog. Your audience expects to come there and be educated through articles containing 1000+ words, as opposed to 140 characters. And, it is in the consistent reading of your blog content that your market sees that you do know what you’re talking about.

It is your blog that’s going to establish you as the “go to” expert in your market, not the witty quote you just posted on Twitter.

2. Your Blog is Where the Money’s At

I hope the purpose of your online business is to serve others. But let’s face it, this is your business. It needs to be profitable.

Your social media networks are where relationships are built. Your blog is where the money is made. You aren’t going to build a million dollar business tweeting and posting about your products and services. You can however, build a million dollar business using social media to drive people to your website.

Once at your website, what do they find? An opt-in box, where they give you their email address in exchange for a valuable freebie from you. Now they’re on your email list and you can sell to them. Email marking works for making sales. Social media works for building the relationship necessary for people to see that they want to be on your email list because you have valuable things to offer.

3. Your Blog is Your Story

A huge part of the reason people buy from you is that they like you. And they like you because they remember you. There’s a whole lot of noise on social media, and you have to figure out a way to shine, or you’ll never catch your intended audience’s eyes.

And the place you can really shine is on your blog. Because your blog is yours. I know you paid a lot of money for that Facebook cover photo and custom Twitter background. But, do you realize most people see those once, if at all? Your audience is seeing your posts in their stream, looking the same as everyone else’s posts.

And what you are putting out on Twitter and Facebook and all the others is disappearing almost as fast as you post it. Finding it again takes some work.

Not so with your blog. YOU own your blog. And you have the power to customize it however you want. You can put the pictures of your family, tell the stories of your past, and display client testimonials as your successes. And it’s all right there for your reader to see.  All in one place, all designed by you, and all permanent. It’s like a virtual book about you. And it includes the stories people are going to remember. The things that make people like and trust you. The reasons people buy from you.

So, Get to Blogging

Your blog is the home of your online business. It’s as necessary as a building is to any offline business. Trying to run an online business using social media without including blogging as part of your strategy is akin to a dentist setting up his chair on a street corner. Don’t do it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you don’t have a blog, will you be setting one up today? If you are blogging, how important is it to your online business?


Jennifer has two passions ~ raising her children, and helping entrepreneurs grow profitable online businesses.  She has been enjoying the time freedom and financial benefits of being a work from home entrepreneur for over 14 years.

As a single mom of three awesome kids (ages 4, 5 and 7), Jennifer relates to the challenges of being a full time parent and small business owner.  Jennifer specializes in working with offline experts to build a strong online presence. Her programs combine mindset with method to produce lasting results for your business.






  1. I’ve only recently started my blog and I’ve realised that it’s quite unique to any other form of social media. I love what you say about it being ‘yours’. I think being your authentic self online is important and a blog is an ideal way to show case your unique self.
    Thanks for the great post!

    • I so agree with you Carolyn, I am also so glad that I started this blog; I think Jennifer did an awesome job.

    • Thanks Carolyn, glad to hear you are blogging and enjoying it. It really is the best way to express your unique self online and to give others a great chance to get to know you.

  2. Carrie Huskey says:

    Jennifer im very pleased to meet ya. Ya had my attention thewhole time. It was very informative and very interestin. Great post.

  3. I have set up many websites in the past especially when my kids were younger.
    They were geared towards encouraging women
    That was back in the days when there werent so many!

    I eventually shut them down because they were so time consuming to keep up with

    So tell me how a Blog is different from a website and where is the best place to get started on creating one?
    And just how do you compete with the thousands of other blogs out there to make it worth your time and effort?


    • Thanks for your comment Toni. I’m a big believer in one blog in most cases. It’s all you can effectively manage by yourself. Your blog is just a part of your website. In the beginning, it’s usually the only thing on your website. As you grow, you can add other sections relevant to you business, including your products or services. As the blog is the heart of your website, most people use the 2 terms interchangeably.

      The best place to get started is at WordPress.org. You’ll need to buy a domain name for about $10 and hosting for about $4 a month, but those are your only expenses. As far as how to compete, that’s multiple courses worth of information there . . . But you start by blogging consistently, clearly identifying your market, and using other social media networks to build a reader base.

  4. I’ve learned that consistency in blogging is the largest single factor to generating followers and converting those followers into clients. One of the ‘long distance mentors’ I’ve had in launching my coaching business is Michael Hyatt. His book Platform talks about how to get your message out and build a following. He says that unless you are able to blog at least 3x/week, you aren’t going to see a lot of followership.

    • I believe that too Matthew; consistency is key when you blog. I myself don’t like to go to a blog and see look at a blogpost from a few weeks ago. I like it when there is action and good content, just like there is on yours!!

    • Me too, Matthew. Consistency is crucial to both keep the interest of your readership and of the search engines. I think twice a week is a great routine, but 3 times a week really puts you in a good position if you’re doing it right. I just started reading Platform, thanks for the recommendation, I think It’s going to have a lot of valuable stuff in it for me.

  5. So true! It’s my home away from home 🙂 Love what Jennifer said, it’s like a book about you. I am looking for ways to make it the best it can be. Good explanation.

    • I know you do Jenny, your blog looks great!

    • Thanks Jenny! Your website is beautiful, it definitely tells a story about who you are beyond just your blog. I’m with you, I’m always trying to make my blog better. I’m doing some big changes right now ~ always fun and exciting!

  6. Olga, thank you for sharing Jennifer’s wisdom and advice. I like the idea of my blog being my story… that really puts it good as far as building relationships and sharing problem solving solutions with our readers. Great article.

  7. Very good information! I am sooooo happy that I started with a blog! Hopefully, it will pay off in the long run.

  8. thanks for the great information… I love blogging.

  9. Thanks for this one guys. I’ve been blogging for just over a year now. Before I built a site on WordPress.org I had a static site. I’d say it took 6 months to a year to start seeing it in the top 5 search results. And only then if the search terms were very specific and local.

    When I put up the new site and started blogging I started seeing my site ranking in a matter of weeks. What amazes me is that people from all over the world connect with me, which is something that wasn’t happening with a static site. I blog twice a week because a business coach I follow suggested that and gave very specific days of the week to do it.

    I have yet to take full advantage of blogging but I’m still seeing some pretty cool things happening from it. One of the best things I’ve done for business so far.

    • Awesome to hear that Ron; once we grow we also will see the advantage of it in the long run!

    • I love your story Ron, thanks for sharing. It is amazing what a difference updating your site with a blog post 2-3 times a week makes. It will attract readers and the search engines! Glad to hear that you are happy with what your blog is doing for your business. Keep at it and things will only get better for you!

  10. I love what Jennifer says about your blog being your story. People want to relate in a personal way and when you’re transparent enough to share your story it will definitely draw others in. Thanks Olga for sharing this great post!

  11. Excellent article and I agree 100%. It’s a great way to get people knowing what you do and how much you know. It’s sometimes hard blogging without monetizing yet, but it’s critical to get the right audience, too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Love your blog Jessica, thanks for your comment. I have 2 boys with some special needs and a mom who is gluten-free, so I appreciated your apple crisp recipe. You are so right about blogging without monetizing. The good thing is once you get over that hump of making a little money, things start to take off pretty quickly!

  12. Yes, it is very important to get the right audience; they will come when you keep getting your personal content on there.

  13. Such a well-written and thought-out post! Thanks! The only thing I could possibly add is that blogging helps with SEO. My husband and I have owned a brick and mortar biz for 25 years and once we added a blog to the static page, we quickly dominated google in our niche and still do! Great info here!

  14. Excellent blog. Reminds me to write some more on mine. Thank you

  15. Such great advice – and yet, one thing I would add is that if your business is managing other people’s blogs 🙂 you may not have as much time to write in your own blog! I have found that the number of blog posts I write has decreased in direct proportion to the increase in my client base. So, there is probably some judicious use of outsourcing that needs to be my next action step.

  16. I agree that your blog shows the world a more in depth view of you. People want to know you not always a glimpse. Your blog allows you to let people into your life far differently than the other social platforms. When you write, you are opening up your world, your views and your business.

  17. Olga, I really enjoyed reading this post by Jennifer. I have a blog and it is integral to my business. I love being able to write and share and to get feedback. One of the most awesome things about my site is the ability to connect with people all over the world. Great post!

  18. Love, love, love this post! Yes, I also enjoy blogging…now BUT a few months back, I didn’t. I wasn’t sure how important it was or what to say. Thanks for all your share, Jennifer and Olga as well. You are both an inspiration! Great post!

  19. Great article. My blog is the fun part of my business.

  20. My blog is surely the most effective tool I have to create a meaningful dialog with people who share my interests. It gives me ample room to present my message and support it, and offers the option of a real conversation in the comments section. However, three things are critical: intent, heart and follow-through. 😉

  21. Great post Jennifer and thanks Olga for letting her post on your site. You are so right – you have to have a blog these days if you have an online business. It’s where you build those relationships with those you cannot see face to face. However, mine are never 1000+ words 🙂 I keep it to the point – if it doesn’t hold my attention, it won’t hold anyone else’s.

  22. I love business blogging (although my blogging life is a bit different, perse) but still, it helps people grow connected to you, and once people establish a relationship they want to keep that relationship cultivated, and will want to help, etc. It’s a good thing.

  23. I am the biggest fan of blogs! They are a must for business! Nice article very well put!

  24. Our blog is like our “store” and has often been called our home base. As always great content from Jennifer!!

  25. Great advice from Jennifer. Blog is an important part of business these days, and this article really explains it so well! Thank you! 🙂

  26. So on the mark. Without a blog/website, there is no online business. If all you’re doing is chatting up business on social media, you’re just using online marketing. A business needs an online home and that’s the blog. Great post!

  27. Blogging was new for me a few months ago. At first it seemed like a chore and now I am enjoying it. I am a counselor and a teacher and blogging is such a natural place for me to do more teaching!

  28. Well said Jennifer! It amazes me how many people don’t think a blog is part of social media! Thanks for bringing this to light.

  29. Great post Jennifer! I’m an old-school marketer from the days before social media and blogs, and I can remember when they first started showing up the number one cardinal rule was “own your content.” It always amazes me that so many people forget that the only place you really have control over your content is on your own site.

  30. Wonderful post, Jennifer! I especially loved #3 Your Blog Is Your Story! It is so important to be sharing with the world who we are and what are message is and stories can help to do that. Thanks 🙂

  31. “I agree about consistency,” said the woman whose last blog post was sometime in July. But I don’t know if I agree anymore with 3x per week. I think two is about enough, particularly if you are trying to create content for client blogs, it is just too many blog posts to keep up with.

  32. Yes, your blog gives your potential customers a sense of who you are and what you are all about. It establishes some credibility before you meet or talk or chat. Can’t be without one these days.
    Maria Stefanopoulos recently posted..Wrap-up from New Orleans and Authors After DarkMy Profile

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