The Following Prophecy Was Given By Dr. Billye Brim on July 25, 2010

“The time and purpose for all of our lives are very important and in fact, you are alive to meet those appointments, those people, and to pray those prayers. Listen and keep ever aware and alert to the voice of the Spirit and what He would have you say and what He would have you to pray. When you go around your house and you hear a word – repeat it, for it will be from Me.”

“If at the beginning of your day, you will acknowledge Me in all your ways; then I will alert you, for it is critical in this day that I have My Body speak and say what I want it to say. Know you are on call – you are on call! Give Me your all – you are on call! In the daylight hours and in the nighttime too everything is speeding up, and will until you are through to the brightness of the new day.”

“And so, this is not the time to let the enemy keep you sitting in confusion, in darkness, and despair – wondering why you are alive or why even care. But this is the time to know of your import. This is the time to know, for it is short. Yea, give Me your thoughts, your words, and do not shrink for you are on the very brink of the most wondrous days that have ever been.”

“And yea, even before the brightness of the new day, you shall see upon the Body of Christ the anointing come – the anointing of the Glorious One. And on in glory and in power you are going to finish this out, it’s your finest hour!”

“Do not center on the negative. Yea, be aware and alert and know it’s there. Focus on the light of My face and upon sureness of My Glory and My Grace. Who will begin to walk in a new atmosphere? You’ll begin to walk where things are very clear. You’ll hear a voice and you’ll turn around and say, ‘Who said that?’ It is because your hearing is tweaked in this day.”

“Those plans that seemed hard to come by and you’ve known before, now they will be very clear. It is not like it was in days of yore. There have been some key moments, there have been some key happenings, and things have stepped up. And you will see the operation of the dunamis power. Spoke I not unto you and said when Oral Roberts moved to Heaven there came a shift and there will be another. For you shall soon hear of the departure of another brother and know that when he goes, another shift will occur.”

“And it is not you that has being shaken, it is darkness. You receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken. And though all around others might see darkness, not you – you’ll see Me. Hah! You’ll get another breath, you’ll get another pick-up – even in your body, My very Queen. So, rejoice and be exceedingly glad for days of rejoicing! Praise God!

Nothing is held back that you need in this hour. Every word that has been spoken concerns every person in this room. We thank you Lord that you have the wherewithal to do it. You have time – it’s measured, but you have it.”


  1. Stephanie Justice says:

    I walk my path knowing it’s a predesigned obstacle and with the proper tools I will successfully get to the finish line. I needed to hear this, I respect and appreciate it!!!!! **Motivated!

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