Dare To Be Real





Dare To Be Real

by Olga Hermans

Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do or what causes them to behave in a certain way they do? What motivates them to achieve or accomplish things in life? These are some good questions and to answer them we have to look within.

Though many people think they might know themselves and others, we cannot see what is happening on the inside of them or us; in our soul where our will, our mind and our emotions reside or what is in our heart.

We may get to know others over the course of time in a very personal way as we share our experiences in life, our hopes and our dreams and maybe our secrets from time to time. But we will always have limited access, because in the end it is always God who can see within the soul.

It Takes Courage 

There are times that it really takes courage for us to look within ourselves and to see what is really going on; our hidden thoughts, desires and emotions that are tucked away but need to be dealt with. We might think or feel that most areas of our heart are perfectly fine.

But it really takes time to examine and reflect on the things we’ve experienced in life; we have to figure out how we really feel.

Life is a journey to be discovered and it brings a lot of change. As we go about to discover and uncover certain things about ourselves, we find out that we need to make adjustments in order to continue to grow and to become mature.

There is this continuous growth process and personal development that enables us and empowers us to be men and women of destiny and of purpose. When we discover who we really are we will experience that it liberates us to be free and to be the best at what we have been created to do here on this earth for God, for ourselves and for others.

Are You Willing To Look Within?

There is a quote from Oscar Wilde that I really like, it says: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Or Ralph Waldo Emerson, who says: “Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.” I love quotes, you? The point is that we shouldn’t try to become someone you are not. Be real. Be yourself.

Oftentimes, when we are not true to ourselves, we end up deceiving ourselves in an attempt to be someone we really aren’t. We can get so caught up in the day to day interactions with other people and the things going on around us that, if we are not careful, we end up losing ourselves in the process.

Be Authentic

The key to being an authentic individual is having a pure heart and really knowing who you are, from the inside out. We are the sum of all the choices we have made in our life; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Everything that we have experienced from childhood to the present has helped to shape and mold our personalities and identities. My own experience that has definitely shaped me is that my parents passed on when I was twenty years old. This definitely has set me apart from many other people but also in a group of many people who have experienced the same.

Looking within may require us to face some real tough issues, but as we expose and uncover them, we allow God to do a work in us. Then the experience becomes a testimony to others of the goodness and the faithfulness of God.

Why We Do What We Do

Every issue in our life stems from what is within. This includes why we do the things we do. Whatever is in the inside will eventually be seen on the outside. Whether it is low self-esteem, pride, unforgiveness, appreciation, love, commitment, or some other underlying factors, they will determine our thoughts and our actions.

Pure Motives

It is within the heart that we can find the true reason or motive behind why we do what we do. People look at the outer appearance, God looks at our hearts. Many times in life we have to judge our hearts by asking questions like: Why do I do the things I do?
Am I going above and beyond my duties at work to simply be noticed, or because I am a diligent and dedicated worker? Do I help others just to be seen or for what I can get out of the deal, or am I doing it because it honors God? Doing right things for the wrong reasons, still doesn’t make things right.

Guard Your Heart

When change occurs on the inside of our hearts, it causes a change on the outside. True change will happen from the inside out. We are instructed in Proverbs 4:23 to guard our hearts diligently. Guarding ourselves against negative talk and negative people helps us to keep our hearts guarded and free from contamination.

When we put the right things in our hearts, we will get the right results in our lives.

Are You The Real Deal?

When we have the courage to look within, it causes us to be honest with ourselves about who we are at the very core of our being and we can honestly answer questions like: what drives my actions? What causes me to behave a certain way? What are my motives?

What are the things that keep you moving in a positive direction?


  1. Olga, I have found that authenticity to be one of the most brave character traits to exhibit. It requires real strength to ‘just be’ the people God made us to be.

  2. I love this blog…. I love who I have become, and am still becoming, God is never done with us, and will take us as far as we are willing to let Him.

  3. Just this Sunday, a guest speaker at local church I attended, spoke about the value and power of being “real”. I think more and more people are “getting it”. We, together as a Body, are becoming more real!

    It takes time, but as more people speak up and get the revelation of being real, it really does make a difference!

    I agree with Matthew, it takes boldness and courage to be real! Thanks, Olga – this is a powerful article!

  4. “It is within the heart that we can find the true reason or motive behind why we do what we do!” That’s so true Olga and if I may add, It also includes what we say. Benjamin Franklin said “The heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart.”

  5. Love this Olga, “When we discover who we really are we will experience that it liberates us to be free and to be the best at what we have been created to do here on this earth for God, for ourselves and for others.”

    I agree that asking, What are my motives? is a powerful way to get to the heart of the matter. It does take courage & also it helps to have a non-judgemental person to listen & help. If we know we have a safe place to open up, we can change & reach our purest potential much faster!
    Thanks Olga!

  6. I struggled with my self-image for quite a few years and felt I had to be someone else but I am learning to be myself and embrace who God created me to be. It is actually very “freeing” to see my own worth and show the real me! Love your reference to Proverbs 4:23 – it has appeared over and over lately so I must need the reminder!

  7. Olga, what a thought provoking, soul searching article. It does take courage to really look within and wisely use what we find to glorify God. I love the quotes you shared… “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” … “Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.” These require looking within for our strengths and weaknesses. Thanks for inspiring us to search our hearts.

  8. Charles Allen says:

    Hi,Olga very nice subject a lot of times i set and try to fiqure out who i am really on the inside,often look back over my life and try and wonder why i did somethings in life not useing wisdom at all.You never know whats going on in side of a person they can be so great but on the inside there is a war going on nobody sees,all the recent shootings that have went on lately people say i never knew the man was caple of doing that.but if you notice a lot of these people are not grounded in Christ because the holy sprit controls men and we don’t think like that.I knew a man very close and he was such a good man everybody loved him but this man died with a broken heart of something happen years ago and i knew about it no one else did but he carried on a perfect front around people you would never know how bad he was hurt on the iside.I look in the mirrow some times and ask who are you and what makes you tick well Christ makes me tick so thats i don’t worry like some people do.I hope i exsplained what iwas trying to say without confusen anybody.Love all you brothers and sisters in christ Bye Bye.

  9. I always enjoy what you create and offer us! thank your for this great article. Being authentic is so important – people pick up on that energy!

  10. Great Post and thank you for sharing your insight. I really is about the journey!

  11. The ease in which we are comfortable enough to simply be who we are correlates with the love and acceptance we receive as children from our parents…healthy self-esteem is key! Great article! Thanks!

  12. Thanks for sharing this another great article, Olga. Indeed, life is a journey that ought to be discovered. It really does takes courage to be real and know ourselves from within.

  13. Thanks Olga, for reminding us of the importance of being authentic. It’s been a lifelong journey for me! I hope most people become more comfortable in their own skin as they mature. It can be quite awkward in the teen years 😉

  14. What an awesome article, Olga. I so totally agree with you. I have one person in my life that wants to be a mature christian but is way too lazy to do what it takes. Will not read, will not listen to cd’s, videos, sermons… Wants everything handed on a silver platter. To mature requires a willing & teachable heart; you have to be willing to do what is uncomfortable. THEN, you will grow. Jesus once asked one person who wanted to be healed, “Do you REALLY want to be healed?” I’m hearing, “or do you just want to talk about your problem…” Appreciate your article a lot. Thanks! x0x

  15. Claudia B. says:

    Great article. I try very hard to be real, but wow I’m awfully good at fooling myself!! LOL aren’t we all works in progress!!

  16. This is an awesome blog. God help me to be real at all times.

  17. Olga, I believe it takes a special courage to look past those “faces” we put up for others to see… to really look inside and get real about motivation and all that other heart-stuff. The incredible power of getting honest with ourselves, though, is that the change we only dreamed of is then actually possible. Great article!
    Ronae Jull recently posted..Free Facebook Marketing SecretsMy Profile

  18. Wonderful post Olga! It’s so important to be yourself, and yet I see so many people trying to be what others want them to be instead. It breaks my heart to see because I used to be like that too and it caused a lot of problems. Now that I am only me life is much, much better!
    Helena recently posted..Are You Giving Your Audience What They Want?My Profile

  19. I really enjoyed this one Olga. Introspection is something I practice on a regular basis. Even when I get angry I have a process of checks and balances where I look inside myself and ask hard, honest questions. It definitely makes you wiser, and just a better person in general.

    Great piece!
    Ron recently posted..Sunday Best report for 8-24-12My Profile

  20. Oh to be real. I’m afraid to be just me . I judge myself so every moment. I hide LOL Thanks Olga I really like this Post !
    elizabeth maness recently posted..Super Simple ~ How to Increase Blog TrafficMy Profile

  21. Love this comment, Olga! “The key to being an authentic individual is having a pure heart and really knowing who you are, from the inside out. We are the sum of all the choices we have made in our life; the good, the bad and the ugly.”
    Kim Garst recently posted..How To Make Your Network Marketing Profits BOOM Using Social MediaMy Profile

  22. Olga- I love this article! This is something I am VERY passionate about. You have expressed truths about pursueing personal growth as individuals while still maintaining biblical truth and giving the Lord His proper seat of authority in one’s life.
    I am excited to connect with you more… on this topic…

    God Bless

    Angie Tolpin recently posted..Utilizing the Core Values Index in ParentingMy Profile

  23. Wonderful post, Olga! My favorite part is this “When we put the right things in our hearts, we will get the right results in our lives”. I totally agree. What a beautiful, inspiring post!
    Sherie recently posted..The Shocking Truth About Making MistakesMy Profile

  24. I really enjoyed your post. Being who we really are can be a life changing experience. I have been through many changes lately and although some very difficult I feel so much better in knowing I am the one making the choices based on what it is I need and want in my life.

  25. I used to feel different and always admired others who seemed to ‘have it all’. Growing into myself and my differences I found it was the differences that made me who I am. I have embraced it, and the world looks much different in doing so…in a good way of course!
    Suzanne Jones recently posted..Getting Out of Your Funk..By Interrupting Your MindMy Profile

  26. This is an amazing article Olga. It really speaks to my heart today. I love what you say about how our experiences can be a testimony to the greatness and faithfulness of God. Sometimes going through certain challenges in life, we don’t understand the “why” at the time, but many times later on we can see how God was working to bring something good out of all of it. When we can truly be who God created us to be, and love ourselves for who we were created to be, we can move on to let God use us mightily. Thanks for sharing.
    Sue recently posted..Where to StartMy Profile

  27. For some looking within and finding the courage to change is a daunting task. I remember back to the day when it would have pushed me over the edge. However, once I made the decision to want to become who I truly am, the real me started it’s journey outward and upward. I’m excited to bring the real me to the world and hope anyone reading this will have the courage to take this journey, too. You will thank yourself for the rest of your life.
    Carla J Gardiner recently posted..Your Heart – What Women Don’t Know About Heart DiseaseMy Profile

  28. Set-esteem is my battleground. And I agree with you…It does take courage to be our authentic selves. THank you for a great article!

  29. Love this article Olga, thanks for making me think about this today ~ it’s something I think about a lot, as being real is a huge goal of mine. Unfortunately, it’s kind of counter-intuitive in our society these days. It seems like from the day you are born, people are telling you to be like the other kids and make sure you are “socially acceptable” whether it’s where your heart is or not.
    Jennifer recently posted..5 Signs That You Just Might Not Be An EntrepreneurMy Profile

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