You Have Veto Power Over Being Defined By Your Age




You Have Veto Power Over Being Defined By Your Age


Mention the words “peer pressure” and the picture that most likely comes to mind is that of a pre-teen feeling stressed about fitting in with her fellow middle schoolers.  And yet at every stage of life, there are areas in which we feel pressure to go along with the group and conform in order to fit in.

I’ve noticed a particular kind of “joking” that goes with the aging process.  When adults of a certain age get together there is often shared commiseration about changing eyesight or hearing.  This shared set of expectations about aging has become an accepted part of our conversations and social chatter.  Have you ever noticed that it’s a challenge to purchase a birthday greeting card without some negative reference to the recipient’s age?

Although there is nothing wrong with lighthearted banter, many believe what they say and hear.  If you don’t see yourself as deteriorating through age, it can become uncomfortable to be surrounded by friends and family who limit themselves on the basis of their year of birth.   When I’m caught in such conversations on the inside I’m saying, “No.  That’s not me.  I don’t see things that way at all.  My destiny was set into motion with God knowing my age today. I choose veto those negative things you are saying about age.”

No one can put us in “the age box” if we don’t mentally agree.  I make a motion that we veto age-related limitations on our lives by taking heart from Caleb, one of my Bible heroes.  Let take a look at his back-story and then draw encouragement from it!

Caleb:  A Man of a Different Spirit

As one of the children of Israel, Caleb was enslaved in Egypt, hard-pressed by Egyptian taskmasters until God’s miraculous intervention led them out of Egypt.  At age forty, he was appointed to go on a spy mission into Canaan, the promised land, along with Joshua and ten other representatives.  All twelve men saw same land, yet only Caleb and Joshua came back with a good report, ready to step out in faith, believing God’s promise to possess the land.  God declared that Caleb and Joshua would be the only men of their generation to enter into Canaan.  And Moses promised to Caleb a portion of the land.

Forty-five years passed.  Forty-five years of wandering in the wilderness when Caleb had tasted of the promised land.  He knew what the children of Israel had forfeited by refusing to possess the land.  Did he live those years in regret and negativity?  Most likely not.  When we next encounter Caleb, at age 85 he is not shy about reminding Joshua of the promise made to him by Moses.

Caleb says,

“GOD has kept me alive as He promised.  It is now forty-five years since GOD spoke this word to Moses, years in which Israel wandered in the wilderness.  And here I am today, eighty-five years old!  I’m as strong as I was the day Moses sent me out.  I’m as strong as ever in battle, whether coming or going.  So give me this hill country GOD has promised me.  You yourself heard the report that the Anakim (giants) were there with their great fortress cities.  If GOD goes with me, I will drive them out just as GOD said” (Joshua 14:13,14 THE MESSAGE).

Wow!  What a great example Caleb provides for staying vibrant, bold and strong.

How Did Caleb Exercise His Veto Power Over Being Defined By Age?

Caleb vetoed vacillation.  He remained in faith.  God said that the children of Israel would go up and possess the land and Caleb believed God.  While the other spies focused on the giants, Caleb focused on God’s provision.  A big part of Caleb’s staying in faith was what he spoke in faith – a good report.  I would say that the other ten spies were murmurers and the worst kind of murmurers for they infected the other people with their complaining.  During the forty-five years of waiting, it seems that Caleb looked forward in faith to the day that he would take possession of what had been promised to him.  How about you?  What has God promised you? Are you standing firm?  Do you have a reason to get up every day and fight the fight of faith?  Purpose, hope and faith will keep you vibrant.

Caleb vetoed timidity.  Caleb wasn’t apologetic about being eighty-five years of age.  No, he gave God the glory for his vitality.  Caleb believed God’s promise of the portion of land and he acted boldly to claim it.  And he didn’t take an easy portion.  No, he asked for the hill country.  And before he truly possessed it, he had to clear out those giants. Yes, the giants were real, but Caleb boldly believed that the hill country was already his.  Have you traded in your hills for a flat paved path?  God has hill country that he has promised you.  And confronting those giants will keep you bold.

Caleb vetoed inaction.  How do you think Caleb was physically ready when it came time to take possession of the hill country?  In the years he was waiting for the promise, I think that Caleb rose to the challenge of his day-to-day activities because he knew that his “someday” was coming and he intended to be prepared.  What actions are you taking to prepare for your promise?  Is the Lord asking you to maintain physical activity, so you can go on a mission trip?  Do you hear the still, small voice prompting you to start a business or take a class?  Being disposed toward spirit-led action will keep you strong.

Are You Ready To Possess What God Has Promised You?

God is not checking your ID for your date of birth.  He is looking to “strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him” (2 Chronicles 16:9 NLT). In fact “the people who know their God shall be strong and do exploits” (Daniel 11:32 KJV).  Don’t go along with attitudes and words that diminish your capacity to possess what God has promised you.  The next time you find yourself being defined by your age, tell yourself  “God has promised me my portion in the land.  I am vibrant.  I am bold.  I am strong. I veto those age-related limitations.”




  1. Soooo interesting that you wrote about this! I have thought about this hundreds of times!!! Rhonda Byrne talks about this that people “program” their cells, their bodies by what they hear & say & the body responds. When I hear all of the negative things about health & aging, I simply say, yes, that does happen to others, but God has something better for me & I ACCEPT IT! THANK YOU GOD!

    AMEN! Embrace what God has given you to do & have faith & do it!

    Olga, pls speak up & DO Say what you are thinking when you hear negative, useless chatter about aging. Give people the truth when they babble!
    Jenny Shain recently posted..What Holds People Back From Getting a Life CoachMy Profile

  2. Carrie Huskey says:

    I am proud and humbled to be my age I am. Im 48yrs. Anyway im not known by my age. I am known for my relationship with the Lord.

  3. I love, “God is not checking your ID”.
    Matthew Reed recently posted..Top 11 To-Do’s to Be a Better ListenerMy Profile

  4. I usually don’t feel old at all (I’m 51)… until I started working a very physically demanding job, sometimes up at 14-hrs a day… and feeling it in my joints.

    I think I need to take a look into programming my cells, as Jenny mentioned!
    Susan McKenzie recently posted..The King is Coming!My Profile

  5. Oh this one was definitely for me. I was just talking YESTERDAY about the fact that I’m nearing 50 and starting to feel the effects. That my knees are starting to hurt, that I haven’t done much. That I haven’t traveled, blah blah blah. And yet at the same time I believe I’m on the verge of a breakthrough guys. I believe God wants to do something great through me for music ministries all over the world.
    I’m constantly seeing evidence of that. Yesterday I got an e-mail from someone who had signed up for my free course. His comment wasn’t even in English because he was from another country! But I did understand one word…thank you!
    So I’m so glad I read this this morning Olga. I was going to make my rounds after work but my spirit told me to read at least one before I leave, and yours was the one. Thank you so much. It’s time to make some changes in my thought and speech.
    Ron recently posted..New full length vocal training course to launch soon!My Profile

  6. I’ve always felt that age is more a state of mind than a number. I still feel like I’m in my 30s so it’s always a bit of a shock when I have to write the actual number. 🙂
    Helena Bowers recently posted..Is It Friday Yet? How To Motivate Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like WorkingMy Profile

  7. Thanks for a great post Olga! I’ve always felt that I’m only as old as I feel and I have never bought into the stereotypical ideas about what the numbers mean ;). I actually feel as good now as I did in my 20s and intend to keep doing so!
    Moira Hutchison recently posted..What is Life Coaching?My Profile

  8. Charles Allen says:

    I catch my self telling God every day,Lord the things you promished me i am 60 years old lord i will be to old to enjoy them.I keep telling him that i don’t think ill say that anymore to him,woe is me i am sorry.

  9. I am beginning to truly believe with age comes wisdom. I am grateful for my experiences that have created me into who I am. Thanks so much, Olga!
    Lisa Birnesser recently posted..Procrastination: Getting Around To a Better LifeMy Profile

  10. Oh , I could just hug u Olga for that Godly post. I have been given the chance of buying a business that i’ve always liked in an area i’ve always liked with people i like and free care for my bride of 42 years. Our daughter in law says don”t take this blessing from me of caring for your wife.(and 4 grandkids offered to help run it) My angel has dementia but we are more in love now than ever and God is graciously giving us precious time to hold and hug each other toward our final good bye. Sure the giants are my age of 64, Carolyns dementia,Randys doubt,moving, money but the open doors are so many I just can’t wait to take the next step into the future of His plan for us…..I just need to have the courage to “possess” it. Thanks Olga, you are a a mighty blessing

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