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Our 10 eBooks, that I told you about. This is a BRAND NEW release. Each eBook is POWER-PACKED with more than 30 pages of high quality content you can consume, activate and change your life from INSTANTLY!  Read more:

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BRAND NEW Release of our Audio Book

Life is made up of seemingly endless decisions. We face decisions every day of our lives – some are as minor as what to wear or what to eat, while others may be huge, impacting our lives or the lives of hundreds or even millions of others. As Christians it is crucial that we understand Biblical principles on how to make decisions that will honor and glorify God.

It is to this subject that the Audio-Book “How to Make Decisions So You Feel In Control & Live a Life Without Regrets in 7 Easy Steps” is dedicated. Read More:

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Step Up To The Plate; It’s Your Destiny to Hit a Homerun

You were born for such a time as this! This is your time to “Step Up to the Plate” and into the life you have always dreamed of.

My “Step Up to the Plate” ebook and Action Guide feature truths and tools that will help you, once and for all, to move into your destiny. Read More:

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The Power of Effective Prayer

The truth of the matter is, no one knows your destiny except God. Other people may see your potential or have some idea about the direction you are headed in, but no one can get you there except God. Therefore, you must seek God for your predestined purpose and make your decisions line up with His will.  Read More:

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