236 How Do You Demonstrate a Life of Integrity?




How Do You Demonstrate a Life of Integrity?



Let integrity and uprightness preserve me; for I wait on thee.
Psalm 25:21



We live in a fallen world and are surrounded by people who manipulate and deceive themselves and others with little regard for integrity and uprightness. There are behaviors that we know are wrong, yet we find a way to justify or sweep them under the rug because “everyone else does it” – from exaggerating the truth to cheating on an exam or in a business deal. These behaviors violate who God created us to be.

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or moral uprightness. Integrity is also the state of being whole and undivided. I really like this second definition because it is only through God that we can be whole. Psalm 25:21 attributes integrity and uprightness to our connection with God. The word translated as wait also means to hope, expect, look eagerly for or linger for.

From this scripture we know that integrity is grounded in our relationship with God. As we become partakers of our wholeness and completeness in God, we become likewise more whole and complete with ourselves and with others. But as we stray from what we know to be God’s principals, we are less complete, with ourselves and with others.

Practically speaking, what does it mean to be a person of integrity? It’s very simple; doing what is right even when it’s not convenient, popular or appreciated. It is also doing what you say you will do. When the emotion of initial commitment has dissipated, it takes integrity to follow a commitment through to the end.

When you live a life of integrity, you are honest, responsible, accountable, trustworthy and dependable. Your behaviour does not waver with circumstances. Integrity is the way you represent the Kingdom of God, because you demonstrate the character of God. That is not to say we will never be tempted to cut corners, but when we stand on the Word of God in the face of temptation, we build character and demonstrate a life of integrity. When tempted, ask yourself “Is this worth compromising my integrity?” The answer is always NO.

Without a life of integrity and uprightness, we cannot appropriate the inheritance of all God’s promises for our lives because deception will reign in our lives. Satan will do anything to separate us from God. As we experience lapses of integrity, the quality of our decisions suffers. Satan will always try to convince us that “small” sin isn’t that bad. (There are no small sins.) He wants us to make decisions that go against what God has said.

In contrast, integrity and uprightness will preserve us, meaning that they will guard us and keep us from danger. God’s favor is upon you. You don’t need to cut ethical corners or play games to gain an advantage. Walk in integrity and allow God to work on your behalf.

Will you choose to walk in integrity and uprightness? Now, that’s the choice-driven life!




Today’s Bible Reading:

Zech 2-5; 1 John 3; Psalm 93





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