197 It’s Time To Live In The Blessing


It’s Time To Live In The Blessing


The blessing of the Lord–it makes [truly] rich,
and He adds no sorrow with it [neither does toiling increase it].

 Prov 10:22 

When we were young we played a game with our children at our home. We would hide a toy or a candy around the house and ask Josephine and David (our children) to find it. When they came close to the “hidden treasure” we would tell them they were getting warmer and warmer until they’d be right there, when we would say or yell “You are red hot!” If they went in the wrong direction, away from the hidden goodies, we would say, “You’re getting colder. Now you’re getting freezing cold!”

If you feel that you are getting colder – you’re not growing, feeling unfulfilled, unsettled, and out of place, – it could be that you’re ready for a change of direction. How do you know that you are getting in “red hot” proximity to the place of blessing that God has for you? When you are in the “red hot” zone, it seems that opportunities find you, that God’s blessings overtake you. You know that you are “red hot” when you’re where you’re supposed to be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I encourage you to find that place.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best God has for you! You frequently can discern your place of blessing by how it feels to you. I recently joined Toastmasters, an organization for developing public speaking skills. The first time I attended, there was a knowing on the inside of me that I had to do this. And that inward knowing is the reason I joined, no other! I’ve already given my first speech and it went extremely well. I am getting very warm!

I’d like to encourage you to always move toward places that warm you, and move away from those that leave you cold. Move to the place that feels right (not necessarily comfortable) to you, and wait for the blessing of the Lord right there.

God will always lead you into blessing. How will He lead you? He will lead you by His Holy Spirit, according to the plan He has laid out specifically for your life. God did not wake up one day when you were about twenty years old and say, “I guess it’s time for me to figure out something for this person to do.” Nor did He leave you on your own to figure out what to do with your life.

No, God knew you before the foundation of the world, before you were ever born. He had a plan for blessing you, a great, victorious, wonderful, abundantly prosperous plan. His plans include a place, and a responsibility for each of us to carry out.

Will you choose the path of getting warmer and warmer until you are red hot with the blessing of God? Now, that’s the choice-driven life!


Today’s Bible Reading:

Jer 11-13; 2 Cor 12





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The Most Important Choice You Can Make: Prayer for Salvation: God in Heaven, I come to You in the name of Your Son, Jesus. I confess that I haven’t lived my life for You. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe that He died on the cross and rose again from the dead so I might have a better life now and eternal life in heaven. Jesus, come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior.
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