189 The Most Important Question to Ask When Undergoing Tests, Trials, and Temptations



The Most Important Question
to Ask When Undergoing
Tests, Trials, and Temptations



Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.
Psalm 34:19



Problems can make us feel isolated – like we are the only ones who encounter tests, trials, and temptations. But the truth is problems are to be expected.

Some believe that there should be no difficulties for Christians. When problems arise, these people will deny or ignore them, choosing not to face the trials or challenges they encounter.

Other people may experience feelings of guilt, believing they have left the door open to the enemy or that they missed God. To them, the problems they are experiencing today are an indication that they are out of the will of God.

If you have been thinking this way, you need to understand that those thoughts are in error! Problems are never a sign of being in or out of the will of God. If that were the case, then the Apostle Paul must have never been in the will of God because he constantly faced obstacles, trials and petty problems. The crises of life are no respecter of persons. We ALL will experience hardships.

Rather than being a sign of an open door or sin in your life, problems come to you because there is a devil out there who hates you and wants to destroy you. We exist in a fallen world in which Satan moves about as a roaring lion. We do not have to be victimized by his attacks, but they are real. So when problems occur—and they will—don’t focus on the problem. Realize that God is never behind the problem. He is, rather, the solution. Don’t assume that God put the trials and temptations before you to make you stronger. There are no trials in heaven, why would God want you to have them here on the earth? There is no sickness in heaven, why would God want you to be sick here on the earth? That doesn’t make sense, does it? That is not His will for us.

When problems arise it is important to ask the right questions. Why is a dead-end question and will only lead to discouragement. There are no easy answers to the why questions of our problems. And dwelling in the why keeps us under the problem.

I found that who is a wonderful question for overcoming my problems. Who has helped me thus far? The Lord (I Samuel 7:12). Who is with me when I walk through the fire? The Lord (Isaiah 43:2). Who is able to make all grace abound to me? God (2 Corinthians 9:8). Who will give me rest from my burdens? Jesus (Matthew 11:28). Who makes a way of escape for me? God (I Corinthians 10:13). When we know whose we are, it opens up a way through the wilderness of our tests, trials and temptations.

Don’t hesitate. Be bold and stir yourself up to become strong in your faith. Speak to that test, trial and temptation and tell it to move in Jesus’ name.

Will you choose to move out of the why and into the who of your deliverance? Now, that’s the choice-driven life!



Today’s Bible Reading:

 Nahum; 2 Cor 4; Psalm 149





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