162 Let’s Make a Choice To Pray For Our Leaders



Let’s Make a Choice To Pray For Our Leaders



Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions,
and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority,
that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.

1 Timothy 2: 1,2


Do you regularly pray for those in authority over you? Do you seek God’s wisdom for how to exercise the freedoms and rights of your country? It is contrary to God’s Word to idly stand by, criticizing those who are in leadership. We need to stand up, do our part, and pray so that God can do whatever He wants to do.

One of the things we can do is to cast a well-informed and supernatural wisdom-backed vote when elections are held. As a Canadian resident, is sad for me to know that so few Christians go to the polls, especially when you think about the fact that we have been given the freedom to vote. We need to go before the Lord, seeking Him for whom to vote. He knows the unique challenges our countries will face. We need to be sure to do our part to elect officials who will be sensitive to the leading of God.

When we don’t vote, we allow Satan to install corrupt people in positions of power. Satan is still the god of this world; he is in charge of this world system and He is constantly active to influence the leaders of our countries for his own twisted purposes. He has his own ways of rewarding people when they follow his promptings. This is why Paul admonishes us to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2: 1,2).

In the Western world, Christians have enjoyed tremendous religious freedoms. We want to elect leadership that will allow us to continue uninterrupted in freedoms such as church attendance, Bible possession, and evangelization.

When we fail to pray for our leaders we leave them unprotected from the devices and schemes of Satan.
It is vital for us to lift them up in prayer. It is also very important that we pray for the Office and not for the Person. This might not always be easy, but it is essential for us to know: we pray for the positions and offices those persons occupy and not for the individual in the particular position. When we pray this way, God is able to speak to the individual officeholders. He knows how to influence those leaders apart from the political doctrines they may hold.

The next time you find yourself grumbling about taxes, social services or even a parking ticket, turn that moment around and use it as a cue to pray for the leaders responsible. You will be honouring God, the offices of those in authority over you and supporting your government in prayer.

Will you choose to pray for our leaders and those in authority over us? Now, that’s the choice-driven life!


Today’s Bible Reading:

Isaiah 1-3; Matt 22; Psalm 9





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